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In 2017, the gaming industry has reached yet another milestone in its development. Compared to the previous year, the market grew by 12%, and by 2020 it is projected to grow by 60-80% – to $ 168.8 billion.

Video games have a long way from the time of the plastic boxes to digital space. In the video game industry, the phases from the black-and-white tetris to the virtual reality were visible on today’s date. In just three decades, the video game industry has not only challenged other entertainment sectors, but is now leading them. Directly from personal computers to game consoles, from mobile phones to tablets, you will see interactive and final video games in each form. Even with obvious high demand, the video game industry faces.

A new wave of game spread came with the advent of digital space. Since many games are present on several platforms, they gain the best exposure in the market. For example, The Witcher 3, which is presented on the platforms STEAM and GOG. The market has even seen a surge in the right distribution with the digital era.

If you are an active online gamer, or you are just interested in the game, and you are thinking about how to make money, then this review is for you.

Abyss is a new generation digital distribution platform, which includes all types of video games (MMO), including AAA names, to a large global gaming community. Abyss has a revolutionary multi-level and motivational referral system that offers users the opportunity to benefit from social and gaming activities, as well as other revenues. By integrating into The Abyss, the promoters will reduce their marketing investments and will receive additional benefits from payments for referrals made in other games on the platform.

ABYSS characters are a priority within the tool for interaction on the platform (standard ERC20 in the chain of chains Ethereum). In addition, our gaming platform will be available for desktop computers (Windows, MacOS, Linux), mobile (iOS and Android) and the Web.

Abyss platform differs from other platforms in the presence of motivational and multilevel referral programs that will allow players to earn on games and social activity.

The Benefits of The Abyss for Developers

The Abyss offers developers a fundamentally new logic of advertising interaction

  • Payments are accepted both in the ABYSS token and in the currency of the currency12;
  • The minimum share of revenue from user payments on the developer platform is 70%;
  • Due to referral programs, the share of the developer can exceed 100% in total terms;
  • The developer can withdraw payments in tokens without reconciling documents and waiting for the end of the reporting period;
  • The Fiat, the least amount in the world.
  • The developer is already at the start of the target audience, including generating content;
  • The developer gains access to specialized gaming statistics;
  • Customer support is available 24/7;
  • The developer himself determines how to support his project (3 levels of integration);
  • The developer obtains a convenient and understandable mechanism for using his internal CPA network;
  • The developer receives a simple mechanism to attract traffic both within the platform itself and outside it;
  • When working with ABYSS tokens, there is no forex and refunds typical for payment by fiat methods;
  • Ability to launch own projects in alfa / beta mode for collecting, testing and understanding directions for improving the game in terms of content and monetization;
  • For the convenience of promoting the game and protecting against unfair competitors, users will be provided with compilation information, and also in the profile press and other factors;
  • Users will not be able to delete left or right comments that contain a lie or slander, after an official explanation of the situation from the developers;
  • Open to all developers rules for free promotion of games within the platform, which include, for example, getting a banner on the main page, a slot in the pop-up windows .

The Abyss advantages for players

Players The Abyss also offers a whole range of opportunities: referral payments, rewards for gaming achievements, payment for content creation and much more.

  • The player gains access to a large number of games from around the world on one site;
  • Each user has his own referral program, within which his income (paid in ABYSS tokens) is formed in a five-level referral chain from the friends invited by the user and the other participants they have attracted;
  • Earnings in ABYSS tokens on personal and shared gaming achievements;
  • The ability to monetize created content (reviews, streams, guides, comments, fan art);
  • Additional income in ABYSS tokens at the internal auction;
  • The player can be purchased by ABY tokens by performing tasks in the internal CPA network from the developers;
  • Outside of a particular game, users can syndicate and earn additional ABYSS tokens on joint activities;
  • Upon request, ABYSS tokens are output to the user’s own Ethereum-user wallet;
  • Internal overlay for communication inside the game with any platform users and quick access to its important functions;
  • Ability to view the news feed, including the achievements of friends in games, their game sessions and other information events. Individual privacy settings are available for each user;
  • Flexible individual system, through which the user sees only what he needs; The included FPS counter and data on the quality of the Internet connection will provide information on how well the game works on the user’s PC;
  • Achievements are divided into several types, reflecting the complexity of their receipt, reward for the user and the impact on the player’s rating;
  • Automatic updating of the games will allow the player to connect to low-speed connections. Auto-update can be configured on a schedule, or simply disable;
  • Hibernation mode will release the resources of the computer when the user is running in the background, or when the user is in the game;
  • The mode “Off-line” will allow the player to keep access to some platforms even if there is no Internet connection;
  • In session games, the user will be able to get data about all players with whom he interacted during the game to make new friends;
  • Screen captures and video capture of the gameplay will allow you to capture any important moments for the player. The user will be able to adjust the quality of the pictures and videos, hot keys and a place to save memorable moments with the date and time;
  • The ability to connect computers to a virtual local area network, even if they are located at a remote distance from each other (in different cities, countries and even continents). This will allow you to play with friends who do not work or access official game servers;
  • Convenient search for users to add to friends – by unique ID, nickname, mailing address and other parameters.

Next generation platform: With so many developers and a huge industry, you still need the best platform that can provide security and best value. This is possible only thanks to the blockchain technology, The Abyss – that’s it. This is a platform in which gamers can earn on their games, and even developers cut their marketing costs through a referral program, this is the ultimate solution for the effective distribution of video games. With a low initial rate, the platform even offers its tokens in order to receive greater profits and chances to reduce marketing costs, since payments are accepted in both currencies. Using the right database, developers will even have access to the right audience. In addition, players gain the advantage of finding several games on the same platform.

What is ICO Abyss?

Abyss is a new crypto, which is installed as the very first DAICO ICO. DAICO is a method of fundraising, proposed by Vitaly Buterin, which combines some aspects from the DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) with the ICO to make them more transparent and secure.

Abyss – cryptoprotective ecosystem for video games and developers. Although there are already some similar projects, I do not think that the space is too crowded.

What is special about ICO Abyss?

What sets it apart from the ICO, such as Crycash, is the fact that it’s little more than just a cryptographic platform for developers to give players the incentive to play their games. Abyss provides players with more opportunities to monetize their games, except to earn the incentives provided by the developer, allowing the player to create and monetize their videos and content in the game and providing a 5-level affiliate program. It means that getting your friends aboard the project can help you earn more money, and when they send someone else 5 levels!

Abyss applies the concept of affiliate marketing: the maximum profit is achieved by those players and designers who were the first to include users in the platform. The purpose of the system is to attract and retain the players more than any other in the field of video games.

  • Low entry threshold for the first check: options with a double currency, where all transactions can be executed using cash and ABYSS tokens, typical for the platform.
  • Convenience of using tokens: tokens can be transferred to crypto-currency accounts either manually or automatically.
  • Saving money in marketing: the internal system of promotional offers (based on ABYSS tokens) allows you to exchange traffic with other developers, receive and transfer only to the appropriate users.
  • Masnian service: well-planned syndication system.

Token Abyss.
Signs of Abyss are the internal mechanism of interaction on the platform. All profits from referral and motivation programs will be credited to these tokens, and most services will also be based on this token. In addition, when paying for a purchase in the store, Token Abyss will be given discounts.

Token price: 1 ETH = 5000 Abyss.

A total of 1.15 billion Tokens will be issued.

Token Sale will be held from February 7 to March 1, 2018. The minimum payment is 0.01 ETH, the maximum payment is 10 ETH.


1 day + 25%

2-5 days + 15%

6-10 days + 10%

11-15 days + 5%

Priority of the ABYSS token

In order to distribute ABYSS tokens, we introduce additional bonuses:

  • Payment to promoters as a percentage of payments in ABYSS tokens is made on demand or automatically.
  • The price of acquisitions in ABYSS tokens is lower.
  • ABYSS tokens.
  • All reference and motivational programs are calculated and paid only in ABYSS tokens.
  • ABYSS tokens. ABYSS tokens.
  • The trade union system is based only on ABYSS tokens.
  • The fees for creating content are calculated in ABYSS tokens.
  • ABYSS signs can be freely transferred to friends within the framework of the platform.
  • Paying for buying games using ABYSS tokens, users receive a discount at the expense of the platform. This makes the ABYSS voucher more profitable than the currency of the currency.
  • Distribution of user quotas.
  • After deducting commissions and taxes from the payment system, the programmer receives 70% of the commission for each payment.


  1. Konstantin Sefirot Boyko-Romanovsky FOUNDER. Over 17 years of experience in the video game industry. The founder of Destiny.Games. Successful blockbuster-investor, crypto expert and technological entrepreneur.
  2. Vladimir Kurochkin. THE PRESIDENT. In the video game industry, for more than 12 years, has considerable experience in the field of project development and management. Working in Destiny.Games, has passed a way from the administrator of Internet projects to the president.
  3. Artem [Shanni] Veremeenko THE EXECUTIVE MANUFACTURER. Executive Producer, a leading game developer and screenwriter with more than 14 years of experience in the video game industry. The author of the game F2P “Botwa Online”. Destiny.Games has been working since the company was founded in 2008. [Sephiroth] Boyko-Romanovsky FOUNDER. Over 17 years of experience in the video game industry. The founder of Destiny.Games. Successful blockbuster-investor, crypto expert and technological entrepreneur.
  4. Vladimir [Vampil] Martynov MAIN TECHNICAL OFFICER. He has been programming since 1987, managing Unix systems since 1993. He has been working with large projects for over 17 years and 14 years in Gamedev as a technical director.
  5. Evgeny Petrov THE MAIN MARKETING OFFICER. More than 8 years of experience in marketing and more than 2 years in the gaming industry. Prior to joining Destiny.Games, he worked for the largest Russian Group, where he participated in the launch of such projects as “Revelation”, “PUBG”, “Eternal”, etc.
  6. Virginia Lam MARKETING LEADER. An entrepreneur and a talented marketer. Co-founder and Managing Director of V Partnership and CoinsMarketing. Director of Marketing at Ensogo / BEECRAZY (in 2013, sold to iBuy Group for $ 21 million).
  7. Anton Chertikovtsev SERVICE DIRECTOR. Specialist in providing and maintaining the performance of game servers with 14 years of experience. In Destiny.Games has been working since 2010.
  8. Albert Tugushev Head of Software Development Department. More than 10 years has been developing high-loaded systems in the video game industry. Destiny.Games has been working since 2011. Over the past three years, he led the development department. Before that, he worked in such companies as and RBC.
  9. Alexei Kobelev THE LEADER LEADER, BLOCKCHINE ENGINEER. He has been developing software for over 14 years. Specializes in the development of full cycle projects. Has extensive experience in managing development teams, organizing processes and conducting projects from scratch.
  10. Stepan Leshchenko ART DIRECTOR. Designer and gamer with 15 years of experience, technical education and structural thinking. ZUK CLUB. Participating in the projects of street art in the group.
  11. Eugene Kharchenko MAIN SERVICE OF CLIENTS. More than 10 years he worked in HoReCa, where he passed the way from the service staff to the top manager. Since 2014, he heads the support service Destiny.Games.
  12. Artem Savin HR MANAGER. In the field of HR more than 6 years. He worked in such large companies as ManpowerGroup and PepsiCo. He was engaged in opening offices of IT companies with a full team selection. Has experience in project management in the field of development.

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