The Agrivita project of organic foods ICO alter system and charismatic tokenize cryptocurrency syste

In the 21st century, the modern science spared all over the world. People want to make their life easy as well as comfortable by using the modern technology. This technology also develops the agricultural system also. The scientist invents new products as well as instrument to develop the agricultural sector. So, this world is very advance to give a great facility in modern agricultural system. There are many inventions which help us to develop the system for the organic agricultural farm. Agrivita is a platform where many organic agricultural projects is planned as well as launched. This platform offers you a membership of the platform of Agrivita agricultural organic farm. They also started the ICO as well as give the maximum profit in every month. All farm products are highly qualified as well as they are certified from the European standards having the EuroLeaf sign. The ICO system of this platform is well secured as well as gives you the best opportunity. They also guaranteed to return the investment as well as profit in every year by managing a smart contract. For more information, you should visit this website- there is a lot of information about this platform.

The l main factor of traditional agricultural: there are many principles in the agricultural system. Already you know them. Now i am describing them in below:-

· Genetically modified organisms: it’s very important in our agricultural system. This technology is used to develop the products as well as this system gives you the best facility to the farmers. GMO will give you the wealthy plats which have many crops as well as you can get the best facility by using this platform. So, you can easily use this technology.

· Mineral fertilizers: this also use for the well products. By using this farmer get the opportunity to come huge crops in their home. So, they use it.

· Chemical plant protecting agents: The Chemical plant protecting agent is also the principal of the traditional agricultural system.

The project of this Agrivita platform: The Agrivita takes many project to develop as well get profit from the platform. They also allocate their funds in this project. They take Plant-growing project. They also maintain an organic agricultural way to get maximum profit from this. On the other hand there is no risk in this organic eco farm to harm our environment. So, it is very safety for us to live free in the world. They divided this project in many stage to solve the work very easily. On the other hand, the project is Cattle-breeding. Their team members are very careful to select the animal for their project. They select chickens, turkeys as well as guinea fowls. They also decide that this animals house build in close to nature.

Today Agrivita is located in Iznoskovskiy District of Kaluga Region. Their team member is very serious as well as they are very strict to select the location of the eco farm .they studied that material materials of the central region of Russia is very good and selecting the location for the Eco-farm. In below i am writing you the test key of the environmental components vale of specialized laboratories of Lomonosov Moscow State University:

· The Soil tests for main agrochemical characteristics, they realized that the presence of heavy metals as well as pesticide. In the examine, they also see that the radionuclides and chemical contaminants

· The result of Air test for carbon dioxide emission as well as pollutant carriage by air of the environment. We see that their project is very good for the people.

· Water tests for nitrates as well as heavy metals salts. The specialist tests all this components very surely. They draw the result.

The consequence of classic industrial agricultural system is following as:-

· The low quality of production as well as it facility

· It’s also has a negative effect in humans body

· The natural resource depletion

· We see that the biodiversity system loss

· The environmental pollution hard all of the human body.

ICO supply of the Agrivita project:

The Agrivita agricultural organic farm is offering ICO for making fund for the platform and making a community of the Agrivita project. Anyone can a member or community member of ICO Agrivita. This projects ICO will be occur in two way such as ICO and pre ICO. ICO and Pre ICO time line is given below:

The agrivita agricultural platform offering ICO for collecting fund on the tokenize cryptocurrency system. There ICO processing system is so easy and simple for the token user of the platform. This platforms ICO Processing system is given below:

There have many benefits of the Agrivita agricultural organic farm token. The people whose are purchasing AGR tokens for investment of this platform of opportunity are the investor of the platform. A AGR token holder will become a participant of the project and they are involving manufacturing ecologically pure products. Their investments in tokens secured with real goods that meaning organic products grown at Agrivita farm. This is the way of stable interest income. This platforms token has ability to convert AGR tokens into any cryptocurrency at any time in high liquidity.

Distribution process of collected fund form ICO program:

The Agrivita agricultural organic farm will use all fund that collected form ICO program for the development and expansion of the farm. The allocation or distribution process of the ICO fund is given below:

· They will invest of the ICO funds 16.90% in poultry purchase.

· They will use 12.1% of raised fund for poultry hose construction.

· They will use 18.4% of the fund in cow house construction.

· They will invest on the cow purchasing 15.7% of the raised fund from ICO offering.

· They will use 8.4% of collected fund in the quality control of their product.

· They will use 6.3% of ICO fund for the projects certification.

· They will invest 12.8% fund that collected from the ICO program for machinery purchase.

· They will use 9.4% fund for infrastructure of the farm.

From all above explanation, we can know all detail about the Agrivita agricultural organic farm. Their ICO processing is much profitable investment for all investor. We must buy their token to eat healthy and quality full food. We can know more detail about this project from their white paper. Their whitepaper link is .

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