The alchemy payment project through Global Cryptocurrency

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Trading on the Internet is entirely dependent on monetary organizations that fill in as instructed by outsiders to process electronic payments. While the framework functions quite admirably for most exchanges, although all experience an intrinsic lack of trust-based models. They ensure resources and set authoritative limits. They organize and confirm annal characters and events. They manage associations between countries, associations, networks and people. They control administrative and social activities. But then the basic and administrative tools framed for watching them are not yet aware of continued economic changes. They are similar to the time jams busy capturing Formula 1 racing vehicles. In a computerized world, how we manage and maintain authoritative control needs to be changed. Blockchain vows to overcome this problem. Innovations at the core of bitcoin and other virtual monetary forms, open blockchain, deliver records that can record exchanges between two meetings effectively and in a clear and lasting way. The record itself can also be customized to trigger exchanges naturally.

What Is Alchemy Exactly:

Speculative chemistry is a digital money payment arrangement and a major innovation supplier in the Asia Pacific that forces on the web and vendors to be interrupted with a fast, secure and profitable crypto-fiat payment framework and arrangement.

The vision of Alchemy Global Payment Solutions Limited (Alchemy is the brand name of Alchemy Global Payment Solutions Limited while ACH is the Token given by Alchemy, and is used as condensation below.) Is to provide open-source protocols and step-by-step item upgrading for systems biologics help them with payment arrangements around the world that are fast, secure, helpful, adaptable, and rapidly developing, given decentralization, smart agreements, and agreement instruments from blockchain innovation.

Through Alchemy’s rich meetings and accomplices in portable payment applications, the group is sure to lead the payment business innovation application in the blockchain period and to take advantage of arrangements where conventional payments are known to dealers.

Through understanding the brilliant decentralized payment agreements and motivating forces for the ability to develop various payment innovation organizations, this group expects to impose an abundance of people from technical prizes, utilize agreements to arrive at business network agreements, and guarantee direct use of standards with innovation, so that digital money can turn into a significant part of the original exchange immediately.

The quality of speculative chemistry lies in the group’s deep understanding of the payment business and operational experience. This group knows the pattern of payment innovations around the world for wallet payments, obtaining cross-outskirt, accumulation of corporate finances, gathering answers for staggered circulation and other conventional payment programs. It has a great system of technology networks in Asian payments.


Imagining speculative chemistry supported by decentralization, smart agreements and blockchain agreement systems, Alchemy will empower payment industry players to understand the new timing of payment innovation by fully using the development of open-source protocols and open R&D stages to increase cross-cross effectiveness. – fringe payment; to give dealers and clients global payment arrangements that are faster, safer, more profitable, and more adaptable.


The goal of Alchemy is to plan payment protocols through network agreements, to create a decentralized framework controlled by trust, to accelerate the infiltration of digital currencies into our daily lives; and especially to return payment rights to shippers, clients and the market.

One of the most important problems of the customary payment system is that the legal FIAT monetary standard is an elite alternative to exchange. At this point it is possible for joint organizations to take control of clearing and settlement forms.

As a decentralized open biological system, the Alchemy payment system provides access to a variety of resources that can be sold, including but not limited to different cryptographic forms of money, tokens, credit payments and the needs of specialist credit organizations, various types of computer resources, and monetary standards fiat; ultimately opening alternatives to exchanges and not holding them to one type of cash. We accept clients and dealers who have the privilege to choose which cash will be used for payments and payments.

Technical Features:

Speculative chemical payment agreement protocols can be delivered consistently on various open blockchain to empower recognition of all forms of digital money.

An adjustable payment model that can be accessed to help industry needs, including PULLPAY (senders to check clients) to fulfill a variety of membership-based and recurring payment requests.

Improve scaling arrangements, for example, Lightning Networks, Raiden Networks, Country Channels Networks such as Cross-Chain Payments.

AI and AI to reduce the danger of misrepresentation and improve system security and dynamic procedures to fence off the danger of damage to the cost of cryptographic money.

Q1-Q3 2019

  • P1: Smart POS integration to accept payments in digital currency
  • P2: Receive payments on the MVP Lightning network
  • S1: stand-alone payment receipt solution for cryptocurrency
  • S2: POC trading to accept payments offline

Q4 2019

  • P4: Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Opencart, Zencart и т.д.
  • P5: PULLPAY V0.5
  • Q6: APPLICATION for Purchasing Bitcoin P2P v0.5
  • S3: Trading POC for online payments
  • S4: Online Digital Entertainment Solution v1.0 Released

Q1 2020

  • Q7: Alchemy Hub v0.5 released (Raiden Network and State Channel support)
  • Q8: Alchemy Hub APP V0.5 application released (Raiden Network and State Channel support)
  • Q9: Bitcoin P2P Purchase Application v1.0
  • Q10: PULLPAY V0.8
  • C1: Aligned Alchemy Protocol Community Working Group is created; C2: Alchemy Aligned Protocol v0.5 released

2Q 2020

  • Q11: Alchemy Hub v1.0 released
  • Q12: Alchemy Hub APP v0.5 application released (PULLPAY support)
    Q13: PULLPAY V1.0
  • S5: PULLPAY Online Entertainment Digital Subscription Solution
  • S6: POC Merchants for PULLPAY Digital Entertainment Digital Subscription Solutions

3Q 2020

  • Q14: Alchemy Hub v1.5 released
  • Q15: Alchemy Hub V1.5 Application Released
  • Q16: PULLPAY V1.5
  • S7: Multinational Solutions for Centralized Payment Acceptance

Q4 2020

  • Q17: Alchemy Hub v2.0 is released
  • Q18: Alchemy Hub APP v2.0 application released
  • Q19: PULLPAY V2.0
  • S7: Alchemy Consensus Protocol v1.0 released

Q1 2021

  • Collaborate with business development, continuously repeating related products, solutions and the Alchemy Consensus Protocol


  • Patrick NGAN: CEO
  • Bean LIU: Partners / Project Management
  • Janet KIM: Partners / Strategies
  • Sean SHI: Partners / Products
  • Lance XU: Partners / Operations

Technical TEAM:

  • Chuan Liang: Director of Payment Technology
  • Huarong NIU: Director of Communication Technology
  • Kai WANG: Blockchain Technology Director
  • KT SOH: Singapore Technology Team Leader
  • Ryan TIPONES: Head of the Philippine Technology Team
  • Kim Aung Gan: Head of the Thailand Technology Team

Business team:

  • Judy L.I .: Director of Strategy and Operations
  • Erica LAM: Director of Business Development
  • Angie L.I., Head of North Asia
  • Glen LEONG: Head of Southeast Asia
  • John TAN: Main Account Manager

Consultants and investors:

  • Justin Jean: Big Data and Cryptography Scientist
  • Sean MOSS-PULTZ: Blockchain Security Scientist
  • Yang Mu: famous businessman
  • Sima Hinda Johnson: Blockchain Security Scientist
  • Natasha L.V .: Senior Compliance Specialist
  • Alan TIEN: Innovative Product Specialist
  • Kai Yee GOH: International money transfer expert
  • Lin L.I .: Strategic development expert


Based on the data and facts seen by Alchemy, it is very good to review and invest. This is based on the reality for now, many projects are not good, and makes all those who invest a lot of questions about their certainty and truth, so if you want to invest in this project, you should read all about the article that I made, so you can find out more about this project from them.

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