Hello everyone here, as I always do I welcome you guys once again to my little world that I always used to share my views about blockchain projects and startups. In this post, the project that I will be sharing with you guys is ALIVE CASINO and I will try all my possible best to summarily share what you guys ought to know about this project. There’s no time to waste, let’s ride on.

Since Cryptocurrency came to the existence of in 2009 until today. Since it has been very volatile in nature. Have a lot of people who have started to know and understand about the need invested. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, anonymous and electronically. The world crypto lovers very happy to be know’s and assume that it’s the right way to investment in the future .. even they called as money in the future.
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The first online casino online casino offers VR-gamma, now there is an opportunity to consider that you are considering the possibility of opening exclusive initial private sales. Virtual Reality Casino Advanced VR technology provides maximum experience. Don’t have a headset? We are designed for many games without VR! Our distributor has our domain.
What is Alive Casino about?
Alive Casino is an ambitious project, built by a team of innovators it sole purpose is to create a online gaming platform that give players a state-of-the-art gaming experience that inculcate the best of online casinos with the charm and interactivity of physical ones by integrating the smart contracts and VR (Virtual Reality) technology.

Alive Casino Ecosystem Structure

The Alive Casino has three major, mutually dependent pillars:

· Virtual Reality–Enabled Gaming bring out the game alive via 3D technology.

· Integrated Social Networking to give a real life experience to it players.

· A Blockchain-based Secure Payment System to ensure security and transparency.

The platform will be an ecosystem that allows multiple currencies in other to allow currency wise gambling flexibility from its players.

The player’s account will be directly link to their wallet in order to allow easy betting and to also be able to process their payout.

The benefits of Alive Casino

Virtual reality on line casino
One of the best VR technologies will supply gamers the revel of an actual casino while not having to go away the comforts of his home. If you don’t have a headset, we’ve got tons of non-VR games too!
Own dealers
Alive casino dealers will be just right for you! The community of token holders and gamers will be in complete touch with our in-house team of dealers and their managers. Amusing, safe, and transparent interactions are guaranteed.

The symbol is Al;
Soft Cap – $ 10 million;
Hard caps – $ 30 million;
Problem – 1 billion AL;
Specifications – ERC 20;

Token delivery

70% or 700 million will be sold publicly;
5% or 50 million will be provided for further research;
4% or 40 million people have given the prize requirements of project participants (bonus, tournaments, jackpot etc.);
15% or 150 million people are reserved for the project maker (frozen for one year);
3% or 30 million tokens are reserved for fees and legal consultation;
3% or 30 million will be given
Distribution of Collected Money

33% will be allocated for further product development;
Within 20% of the VR, blocking system, payment system etc.
The team will be given 6% to maintain efficiency;
30% will go on the marketing platform and publicize it for the public;
7% will be spent on acquiring a new license, terminating the partnership agreement, and the cost of collaborating and communicating with potential clients;
4% token, audit, advertisement etc. will continue to sell.

category. M-2018 – Market analysis, design for projects, website creation
category. M 2018 – Construction of the site for the sale of software development, partnership agreement, Whitepaper release tokens.
category. M 2018 – The beginning of the sale of closed tokens, and for individuals, the initial development platform, the establishment of beta hold wallet.
category. M 2018 – Starting from the initial general sale token, testing operational platform capabilities, launching public tokens, issuing multi-wallet workers
category. M 2019 – Official launch of Elive Casino platform, listing on the exchange, developing new games for VR.
category. M 2019 – Production from Dopet Tahan, Distribution of accumulated wealth, introduction of the Live Games Studios
category. M 2019 – The establishment and integration of live sports studios, invitations and supportive training.
category. M 2019 – The last step to create a Live Games studio, an invitation for new employees.
category. M2020 – New game testing for Elive Casino
category. M 2020 – Integration platform with ultimate profit distribution, Multi Wallet.

The possibilities participating in the project
Each project participants will be blessed with different types of crypto currencies. This will allow faster transaction processing through the block. Each user’s certificate will be directly related to their wallet.

The developer is responsible for the security of depositing money in his pocket and transaction.

During the platform trial period with the support of VR games, each participant will be able to get the project token for free.

All games are unique and only available on this.

In all games, AL Token will be the only mode of payment, and this will increase the price

This project will lead to further development of the whole ball. Apart from this, I just have to mention that this project is already a finished product that in turn motivates belief.

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