The aQuest platform

Many of you have in all likelihood already paid attention to how a long way at the back of the improvement and quality of service, the classical banking system. The historic conditions of interaction ar being replaced by means that of latest prospects and technologies so as to unravel the current issues.
In fact, the banking machine has a lot of problems, and now we will talk about them a little. First, the banking form itself spends a large quantity of money for its improvement so as to preserve a large range of branches in distinctive regions of our USA and its borders. Moreover, for his or her services banks typically don’t price tiny fees, and currently and once more they attain such extraordinary sizes that you simply begin to assume involuntarily: “and don’t Rob you in huge daylight”?
As a rule, this form of scenario is common and that the most offensive humans do no longer have too long to choose. The only alternative they will create is to select one amongst the lesser evils, that is, the Bank wherever the Commission are going to be tons less. But again, the rules ar dynamical and what accustomed be yesterday, nowadays will already price double the maximum amount. It seems that a person or lady isn’t blanketed from such pressure majeure things and he will solely look ahead to the high-quality times to come back.
I will be glad to tell you that such instances have already come back, due to advanced applied sciences and in depth journey of the cluster of specialists within the banking sector. Today, they’re able to offer the globe with their project, that intends to unravel all the higher than issues.
About the aQuest
aQuest could be a vast decentralised application which will pay you for finishing a positive trip. Clear as that. It is being made by methods for Enkronos. Its exceptional contrivance is beginning at currently tokenized on a non-open report and it’s a typical guide among most of the problems coursed in its stage. The last objective is to urge AQU token as its within fuel, creating AN open record blockchain essentially primarily based aQuest prepared.
At present, gathering data regarding customers could be a framework that’s difficult ANd an more than extravagant. Note that a conclusive don’t pay through get-together customer data, which is the reason they are hesitant to supply their own unique information and offer their perspectives.
The reaction for this circumstance is one another stage insinuated as Aquest, which can provide customers the danger to really share their own exceptional knowledge, strengthen trademarks, and get money related prizes.
Sharp contracts organizations are quintessential to building dApps. A Smart Contract could be a unfolded code set, set away on a blockchain organize. Its usage wishes no executives or a lone doled out the server. The code is finished logically once begun by ways for pre-balanced events. Our originators accumulate codes Smart Contracts the utilization of the Ethereum frameworks.
The half that contains the preoccupation focus of the current Token Generation Event. It will be on-line begin from twenty seven March 2019, the utility tokens of aQuest Platform used in all trades related to outperformed on credits on the stage itself. AQU searches for after ERC20 token limitless on the Ethereum blockchain.
AQU will be the most ideal approach to manage use aQuest Platform, beside ENK. Its regard are going to be basically phrasing of the estimation of the complete stage. The stage will give get right of an area to a number uses for different modernized assignments, from net primarily based lifestyles association with studies and customer factor responsibility from showing at Airdrops, just to title several points of view.
The aQuest utility can no impotence facilitate people in making seem with the help of cloud gadgets that ar ingenious and might be seen instinctually. These contraptions are reachable from all instruments. Thusly, the board and creating searches for ar principals and have the bulk of the possibilities to be done from any area. All pursuits ar unfree with the Enkronos programming and raise the gathering of a celebration of purchasers. Missions are an uncommon strategy to help make customer bunches in the Enkronos application, while your hoarding of purchasers is being framed, you will in all respects likely attract the for purchasers World Health Organization ar relative to preventative functions that sketch to manufacture correspondence among purchasers and your image.
About aQuest token
aQuest tokens (AQU) are the utility tokens, utilized for activities on aQuest compose.
aQuest offers its makers to have a go at publicizing tries that emphasis on reimbursing its people. People to a mission ar needed to finish AN assignment to be possessed all the required qualities for a bequest partition toward the fruition of a voyage. An enterprise could be a fastidiously checked development that a shopper is needed to end thus on sufficiently take AN avidness to a voyage (Examples: Survey, Facebook Like).
– Enkronos Apps joining
– Robotized site
– aQuest can be anything
– Secure
– Available
– Versatile

The aQuest Features

Security — AQUEST is based over the Enkronos programming and uses shrewd contracts to modify journeys and whole them;

The Enkronos programming itself gets new approvals and new clients with each organization;

The absence of KYC and different confinements makes AQUEST more noteworthy close by for tremendous use.

Portable approach — the client can do all developments the utilization of a cell gadget, which straight away disentangles the principal contact with another client.

AQUEST is a bound together stage, so you can area on it each an abundance organization, and set up the Pokemon Go application and trap Pokemon.

Clients can get grants as in ERC20 tokens. What’s more, later on, we graph to present PayPal and other advanced property

With aQuest you can attempt bewildering propelling undertakings that compliment on compensating its people.

People are required to complete an unmistakable undertaking to be possessed all the necessary qualities for a protected reward parcel. Obviously, you as an affiliation can gather urgent information on your clients and lift your image attestation.

About aQUEST token :

Token Name: AQU

Pre Ico Price: 0.003 ETH

Price Ico : 0.006 ETH

Platform : Ethereum

Softcap : $ 1 Million

Hardcap : $ 39 Million

Pre Ico  : 2019-01-24 –  2019-02-21

ICO : 2019-02-25 – 2019-04-09

Token Distribution 






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