The atomic wallet is a blockchain based decentralized platform that empowers the clients of the stage to manage their crypto asset viably. The platform is consolidated with various highlights to tackle every issue that can be experienced during the time spent regulating crypto assets. This gives a ground-breaking, sought after administration that empowers clients to diminish the exertion spent on supervising crypto assets and makes it straightforward and solid.

The Atomic Wallet will make an extraordinary apparatus for financial specialists and brokers in the cryptocurrency showcase. It offers facilitated apparatuses to manage the need of individuals and associations that require proficient and straightforward administration. The platform utilizes an interface that will allow basic administration and capable security for the majority of your crypto assets. The clients of the Atomic wallet will have the ability to get crypto assets, work a protected wallet and import old wallet with their private key.

Atomic Wallet is accessible for all major Operating Systems. The following is the download interface:






This wallet is 100% secure and has full and free encryption, clients can make sure that that they will have the most surprising conceivable dimension of security by using this wallet. The assets of the clients are just controlled by them and nobody else on the planet and the organization is allowed to transmit your private keys.

The essential component of this wallet is the decentralized Atomic Swap Exchange, which can allow cross-chain swaps and keep away from absolutely the dangers that utilizing outsider programming can pass on to you. This allows the ensured trade of assets between two clients. The standard brought together trade will require center men for such exchanges, however this has been overpowered with the atomic swap. The clients included need an agreement to be made. Let say Daniel (initiator) need to swipe coin A for Ubachi (member) coin B. The initiator which is Daniel should allot the measure of coin A to the agreement made on the stage.

Atomic Token

The Atomic wallet will use AWC for all of the exchanges on the stage. AWC is a blockchain based stage that will be used for the posting of different coin and installment of costs on the stage.

Token Detail

Name: AWC

Type: ERC20

Token Full name: Atomic Wallet Coin

Acknowledged Currencies ETH

Reward Program Private deal: 0.3 USD

Open deal: 0.4 USD

Add up to supply: 100,000,000

AWC Contract Address: 0xad22f63404f7305e4713ccbd4f296f34770513f4

Token Distribution

40%: Initial liquidity for market making

30%: Software advancement

20%: Marketing

5%: Legal and operational

5%: Unexpected expenses

Project’s roadmap

April 2018 MVP discharge: Ethereum and Bitcoin asset the executives, ERC20 tokens bolster, Integrated moment trade benefit.

May 2018 Beta discharge: First match for Atomic swaps, Litecoin asset the board.

June 2018 QTUM swap: 10 new assets in the wallet, Custom token, Market value arrange, Atomic Swap UI upgrades.

July 2018 3 new assets bolster: Auto reaction on swap demand, Swaps, and request book steadiness enhancements, UI Improvements, Errors log document.

August 2018: Notification about new form BTG, TPAY, DOGE in the wallet, Instant Exchange refresh.

September 2018 Instant Exchange History: 6 new assets in the wallet, UI/UX upgrades, Buy crypto with a card (alpha).

October 2018 4 new assets in the wallet: Buy crypto with a card (discharge), Instant Exchange execution enhancement.

November 2018: Mobile wallet for Android – alpha discharge, 4 new assets in the wallet, Built-in Portfolio.

December 2018: Mobile wallet for iOS – first form, 4 new assets in the wallet.

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