The Beauty Of Idap Ecosystem

IDAP, which stands for International Digital Assets Platform, is a new ecosystem that is very attractive for cryptocurrency derivatives trading. This ecosystem consists of exchanges, derivative trading instruments, and sophisticated desktop trading applications. Derivative markets are very popular for traditional trading instruments such as stocks and bonds, but so far cryptocurrency derivatives are very difficult to find. IDAP aims to be the most widely used market for crypto derivatives. Derivatives are a very important part of trade and risk management. IDAP plans to offer futures, options, swaps, spreads including calendar spreads and butterfly spreads, and the crypto index. Their trading platform will have the advantage of very low latency and institutional quality order systems. Combine with high-tech analytic tools and diagrams,

I will now discuss some of the proposed trading products in more detail. Contracts on major cryptocurrency will be offered for three months, and the aim is to increase the number of contracts over time. Margin requirements will use Bitcoin, and requirements will vary depending on the futures contract. All futures contracts will be paid in cash.

IDAP will also offer calendar spreads and butterfly spreads. I think this is amazing. Using this kind of spread is a way to reduce risk when compared to holding futures directly. Calendar spread is when you have one short term contract, and the other length is the same as a longer expiration date. The spread of butterflies will include three different expiration contracts. You will buy one month, sell the second two months, and buy one from the third month. This creates a very neutral position.

The options offered on the platform will be an American style option, with the possibility of adding European style options later. IDAP will also offer derivatives based on the crypto index. This is good if you want to trade to the market as a whole.

Derivative Product Ecosystem to Crypto Asset Market

  • Derivative instruments: Single click trading interface to protect & speculate through live futures, calendar spreads, butterfly spreads & American options
  • Product Offers Extended: Crypto pairs, couples crypto / fiat, perpetual swaps, index crypto, venture funds and loan ICO P2P
  • IDAP Matrix & Spreader: View and trade multiple futures contracts, exchange synthetic quotes and spreads
  • Institutional Level Matching Machine: Supports DMA, CLOB & RFQ scenarios. – FIFO & Pro-flat matching algorithms, support multiple conditional & implied commands. Advanced risk control
  • Advanced CSO & SOR: OMS with FIX interface. Order routing to multiple exchanges, ECNs, third-party trading systems
  • Low Latency & High Availability: Servers in several regions, active geo replication, 99.99% uptime guarantee, FIX 4.2 / 4.4 protocol for HFT
  • Security & Compliance: CCSS (Level 1) Cold wallet management, insured heat Wallet, OWASP & EU GDPR compliant
  • Token Utility: Zero trade costs for ICO contributors. 50% discount on trading fees if paid in IDAP tokens. Listing and management fees in IDAP tokens
  • Customer oriented: Easy to use UI, feedback driven product enhancements, detailed FAQs and tutorials, 24×7 support.

IDAP’s main feature
IDAP is a new step in work with crypto currencies. The new ecosystem makes it easy to trade digital assets on the market through the use of various financial instruments, the key of which is derivative. IDAP offers traders full freedom in managing a diversified portfolio and hedging for profitable trading in crypto currencies.

Benefits of using IDAP
At the heart of the work platform lies block technology, which offers high-level data protection for its users. The absence of a single database makes IDAP not vulnerable to hackers. By making transactions using smart contracts, traders will accept transparent and profitable transactions without increasing commission fees. Project architecture is built using TOMS API technology and trade order management systems.

IDAP actively practices crypto-trading futures contracts. Cryptotrading using calendar spreads allows to reduce risks in trading and provide benefits through the use of low volatility products.

On platforms, trading contract spreads are also available, which means buying one contact and selling another. In this case, the risk is much lower and liquidity is higher than in spot trading or trading through direct futures contracts.

IDAP will be the first decentralized platform that will offer users working with American options. Their advantage is the possibility of execution at any time throughout the option life, as opposed to Europe, which can be carried out only when the option is completed.

IDAP traders will also receive the opportunity to work with kriptoindeksnymi derivatives intended to hedge kriptoportfeley and allow it to benefit from price changes in the digital asset market.

Advanced IDAP range tools also include undated swaps, spot and OTC trading, P2P loans, work with stock investment funds, creation of ICO business funds (to generate their cryptocurrency), development of ICO incubation (support of the Kraudseyla stage of the project is very interesting).

If there are difficulties, highly qualified customer support services will always help with non-stop advice. Despite the large selection of tools, the IDAP platform has a fun and functional interface, making trailers work very comfortably.

Idap Token
Features of IDAP Tokens

Zero Trading fee for ICO contributions
This is a special feature of IDAP that adds value to its customers. This feature has been introduced for the first time in the crypto exchange domain. Stating that IDAP will not charge transaction fees for our ICO participants who buy 20,000 or more tokens.

Trade and Management Costs
IDAP will charge a simple trading commission. Our tentative fees are as follows:

  • Spot trading costs 0.05-0.10%
  • Derivative trading costs 0.015 -0.03%
  • P2P loan service fee 7.5 * -15%
  • ETF There is no entry fee, 2% of the cost of exiting
  • 2% ICO venture fund Management fee
  • 50% discount using IDAP Tokens

IDAP tokens can be used to pay trading commissions as well. A permanent discount of 50 percent will apply to fees paid for all transactions through IDAP Tokens. Also, promotional discounts will be in addition to the 50 percent mentioned above.

Buy IDAP Tokens
IDAP will remove 20 percent of all IDAP tokens from circulation received as trading commissions and other platform fees and will continue to burn these tokens until the total IDAP token supply reaches 500 million.

Token Details
Token Name: IDAP
Token Type: ERC 20
Token Price: $ 0.03
Pre-Sale: June 25 to July 24 2018
Crowd Sale: 7 August to 30 August 2018
Soft Cap: 200,000,000
Hard Cap: 750,000,000
Amount of Supply: 1,000,000,000
Pre ICO Date: 2018/06/25 – 2018/07/24
ICO Date: 2018/08 – 2018/0830

Q4-2017 to Q1-2018

Idea & conceptualization of IDAP ecosystem
Detailed research and analysis carried out
Core team built
an advisory board is formed
Strategic partnership made

Launch of the website and release of Lite Paper Release Paper
White Development
IDAP ID platform development
Registration Company in Estonia
IDAP demo platform release
Procurement of licenses for derivative trading and asset management
General voting for coins / tokens that will be listed on the direct exchange
Start selling tokens

Development and testing of product architecture
Establishment of banking partnerships for fiat integration
Derivative market products test
Advanced API integration and testing
IDAP Exchange marketing
Alpha release

Trial of platform features
Beta release from the platform
Exchange IDAP is launched, supports desktop, web & mobile applications
List of selected top coins / tokens on IDAP Exchange
Gathering from ICO Venture Fund

Integration of extended product offerings
ETFs that are integrated into the IDAP platform,
P2P lending functions allow
Crypto index is integrated into IDAP platform
Collection and analysis of customer feedback

IDAP ICO incubation service launches
New cryptocurrency added to the exchange list
New, improved and improved product offerings based on customer feedback
Integration of direct news tracking and analysis tools



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