The best and secured way for security through blockchain technology


well to me in short form it’s the ideal way which an each individual will anchored and selfgaurd his or her framework from robbery or from outer assault. in this cybr beseech to improve give a security and best to approach to ensure contraptions through cybr ventures.

the video bellow gives the comprehensive explanation about cybr ventures.

CYBR Mission

There is a squeezing need to significantly lessen the normal time of location in recognizing and fighting dangers. Without this, the reception of DLT remains in a critical state. The execution of a proactive guarded and in addition preventive way to deal with cybersecurity is painfully ailing in the space. CYBR looks to take care of that issue.
CYBR’s central goal is to give a consistent continuum of risk security and build up a gold
standard of cybersecurity on the blockchain.

To condense, CYBR is a progressed digital security arrangement that conveys its exclusive programming, BlindSpot and layers it with a far reaching information feed to proactively distinguish programmers.


CYBR Ecosystem and Cyber Security Utility Token

The CYBR Ecosystem is a comprehensive, digital security answer for the blockchain which guarantees secure keen exchanges happen by means of an entryway intended to give constant shields, countermeasures and danger insight to the CYBR people group and in addition other crypto substances and trades who depend on our digital security arrangements.

CYBR biological system is fueled by BlindSpot, an exclusive, great CYBR security motor which recognizes and upsets terrible on-screen character and related unlawful document movement that tries to influence the classification, respectability and accessibility of crypto keen contract exchanges.

CYBR markets and adapts rising danger insight by transforming the information into noteworthy knowledge. CYBR clients are remunerated with CYBR tokens for their immediate risk insight commitments to the CYBR biological community.


CYBR Portal

The CYBR Ecosystem joins a web-based interface where CYBR clients (the network) login to guarantee secure brilliant exchanges happen. The entrance offers various capacities including danger alarms, address and site confirmation, sending/accepting of tokens, BlindSpot downloads, and bolster including a FAQ, and access to the exclusive CYBR database of present, known and developing dangers. This entry gives ongoing protections, countermeasures and risk insight to the CYBR people group and in addition other crypto elements and trades.


CYBR is a regularly extending abridgment of data joined with programming that will be enhanced for the blockchain. CYBR is a security arrangement that will attempt to anchor wallets, shrewd contract exchanges and related exercises that happen in the blockchain space. CYBR biological community is controlled by BlindSpot, a restrictive CYBR security motor which recognizes and upsets awful performing artist and related unlawful record movement that looks to influence the secrecy, honesty and accessibility of crypto savvy contract exchanges.

Keep in mind that our bounty program as of now running you can take part and compensated with our token for the task done, bounty program as follow:
For the Bounty Campaign a total of 2.5 million CYBR have been allocated that is equivalent to $200K.
⚈ Signature Campaign ……………. 15%
⚈ Facebook ………………………….. 10%
⚈ Translations + Moderation ……… 25%
⚈ Video Creation …………………… 15%
⚈ Video Translation ………………… 15%
⚈ Blog ………………………………… 20%

CYBR Token

CYBR Tokens are designed to incentivize and provide functionality for the three-pronged CYBR solution. Subscription services and the provision of blockchain related services will be solely transacted utilizing CYBR Tokens. Rewards for CYBR community members will be a determined allocation of CYBR Tokens. CYBR is a standard ERC20 smart contract-based token running on the Ethereum network and is implemented within the business logic set forth by the Company’s developers.

Funds distribution

• CYBR has a total supply of one billion (1,000,000,000) tokens.
• The softcap is set at two million dollars (US$2 million) with an associated
hardcap of fifteen million dollars (US$15 million).
• The CYBR token is priced at eight cents (US$0.08) per token.
• The TGE is slated to commence in October 2018.
• Founders’ tokens will be locked for one year and large investors’ tokens are locked
for a minimum of six months.

Our partners

CYBR is the one of the major way to secure and safeguard your system from internal or external attack through the aid of blockchain tech i implore you to visit the accompanying details to know more about the CYBR ventures including Roadmap and how to purchase your token and Team Members, NOTE this is just a summary about this venture

Telegram: http://tg//join?invite=IpnOJQ6irqRQU3RpE414lA




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