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What is Bitcomo?
Bitcomo is a decentralized affiliate marketing network. The new paradigm provided by blockchain technology is ideal for online advertising, as it lets companies better analyze the data collected from web users.
This gives them the opportunity to precisely target a large audience at a much lower cost than traditional marketing tools.
Bitcomo is designed to help businesses reduce advertising costs while increasing their impact. We not only know how to use blockchain technology to the fullest,
but we have developed an infrastructure that will make the process as smooth as possible for businesses. We have concluded that the fairest funding model for creating Bitcomo networks is crowdsale in the form of ICO.

Bitcomo Objectives:
Our goal is to create an affiliate marketing network that is truly self-
completely resistant to ad cheating and payment issues. Bitcomo’s business model is anchored by blockchain technology and the irreversible evidence and transparency it provides. This ensures the security of each user’s data, while simplifying the interaction between the two.
Bitcomo affiliate marketing CPA network is fully performance-based. This means that advertisers only pay when they see the results and internet marketers are rewarded for each visitor or customer earned through their own marketing efforts.


How Bitcomo Uses DAO Technologies?

Bitcomo does not follow the traditional centralized business model, which we believe to be outdated and ineffective. Our affiliate network forms a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This is a radically new approach based on blockchain technology which disprupts the normal power structure and system of governance. Bitcomo is a self-sufficient community of advertisers and publishers where users can interact and conduct their business without the involvement of centralized forces. Instead of a Board of Directors, Presidents and Vice Presidents, Bitcomo has token holders. DAO technology is focused on smart contracts and value rather than people and roles. Thanks to this, the flexibility and agility of the platform increases significantly, promoting innovation.

The whole exchange cycle, from publisher to advertiser, is completely transparent. Users can track every click and every action taken by a potential client thanks to the blockchain. This approach virtually eliminates the possibility of fraud. Bitcomo encapsulates two innovative concepts: on the one hand it is an ICO and pre-ICO project which offers fixed price payments for specific user actions towards an advertised product (product, registration, deposit). On the other hand, it is a network that enables publishers to advertise anything from anywhere in the world in accordance with the demands and preferences of their target audience and the nature of their traffic.


During the ICO phase, users will have the opportunity of investing in Bitcomo. We will use the Ethereum and Waves platforms. The launch of the ICO is scheduled for October 15, 2017 and it will run until November 29, 2017. The initial value of the token will stand at $1 = 1BM. The value is based on minimum token values of other CPA networks throughout the world. A bounty program will be offered for the first 20% of investors whose purchases will be increased by 20%. The bounty paid to the next 10% of investors will stand at 10%. The minimum amount (soft cap) that we are seeking to raise at the ICO stage is $10,000,000 and the maximum amount (hard cap) is $30,000,000. If the specified minimum is not raised, funds will be returned to investors.

Distribution of Funds

Development and organization of the network’s core resources — 50% Security audits and information security — 10% Managing legal issues — 10% Hardware upgrades after alpha testing — 15% Marketing — 15% Rules for ICO:

  • Investments coming from crypto exchangers will not be accepted
  • Individuals can use Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies to purchase tokens in the token store.
  • Investments are accepted strictly for the duration of the crowdsale period.


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