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Requirements for the rise of such a venture seemed some time in the past. As you probably are aware, numerous suppliers of news content about blockchain are one-sided and give such data that is proposed to push the peruser or watcher to specific activities. These activities may even clash with your very own examination and plans. What’s more, above all, what is out of line is that these news figures charge a high expense for distributing articles. Numerous beginner crypto fans can not completely tell about their new undertaking since they need to pay huge cash for it. The new organization Blockchain Media Group chose to put a conclusion to this and become an answer for this developing issue in the blockchain segment.

The Blockchain Media Group organization makes such a target stage where news substance will be distributed deservedly and equitably. The organization as of now has such models, where progressively gifted tasks because of the way that they couldn’t pay, stayed in the shadows and needed to advance and battle less commendable activities that essentially paid. The motto of the organization are unambiguous words, for example, quality, straightforwardness and morals. The Blockchain Media Group endeavors to give us full every minute of every day media inclusion of the blockchain part through Blockchain Media One . Blockchain media onecapable of accepting TV, radio stations and different stages. To evacuate the over the top charge for news inclusion, the organization chose to make its very own media system and its own token, BCMG, which will be the fundamental installment technique for publicizing and media administrations.

The Blockchain Media Group will likewise build up a portable application that will enable clients to get to news and data whenever, in a manner of speaking, in a hurry. TV news will be communicated every minute of every day . Furthermore, there will be a 24-hour radio station and fascinating digital broadcasts included. Promoting charges will be founded on a sliding scale. The scale will be resolved on a case-by-case premise with the goal that all tasks get a reasonable shot.

How about we talk a little about the BCMG venture token . The token itself was made by the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum stage. In the event that you are an ICO part , you get an opportunity to get tokens before any other person. Particularly in the main phase of the three, a markdown of 10% is advertised. At each stage, 3 million tokens will be sold. The BCMG Token will be utilized to purchase publicizing, to pay for the makers of news content, to back the further advancement of the Blockchain Media Group stage . The BCMG token will be appropriated as pursues:

Now we will complete the survey so as not to haul out much time. So as to get familiar with the undertaking and find every one of the solutions to the inquiries that have emerged during the examination, I leave all the significant and vital connections beneath in the depiction. From myself I need to include that the venture of the Blockchain Media Group isn’t straightforward and did not emerge by some coincidence. There was an extraordinary interest, yet tsk-tsk, there are not very many offers today. What creative task can carry benefit to its clients and financial specialists soon?

Token sale information

Title: Blockchain Media Group
Symbol: BCMG
Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Public sales: 45%, 9,000
Private sales tokens: 10% 2,000,000
Content Download Tokens: 20% 4,000,000
Budget Gift Tokens: 5% 1,000. 000
Team Token and Development: 10% 2 000 000
Sales Bonus Tokens: 10% 2000000 Token
START SALE: June 20, 2019
END OF TIME: August 1, 2019
STAGE 1 TOKEN COST: .10 cents (USD) per token
PERIOD: June 20, 2019 -4 July, 2019
STAGE 2 COST OF TOKEN: .15 cents (USD) per token
PERIOD: July 5, 2019 – July 18, 2019
STAGE 3 COST OF TOKEN: .20 cents (USD) per token
PERIOD: July 19, 2019 – August 1, 2019



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