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There is no explicit description of the blockchains in the cited applications. But the blockchains of cryptocurrencies are well understood. As Satoshi Nakamoto writes, they are needed to enable “electronic transactions without relying on trust.” A complete, immutable public record of transactions is not a design goal in cryptocurrencies (Nakamoto, 2008).

Nakamoto wrote that “To accomplish this without a trusted party, transactions must be publicly announced.” (Dai, 1998). Blockchain promises to solve this problem. The technology at the heart of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. The ledger itself can also be programmed to trigger transactions automatically. Bitcoin is one of the best samples but has some disadvantages. Those are Turing incompleteness, value blindness and verification time. Turing incompleteness is simply the inability to use the while and for statements.

Initial token offerings (ITOs), also called initial coin offerings (ICOs), token launches or token generation events, are one of the latest trends in financial services. ITOs have emerged out of the increasing use of distributed ledgers and blockchain technology, the software that underpins cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

However, are ITOs just another buzzword or fad in the Fintech sector, or are we seeing a new method of investing emerge?

If you are still hazy, Tokens (or coins) are a virtual form of investment, which have been created using blockchain technology. Some start-up technology companies are “issuing” tokens as an alternative means of raising capital by using an existing blockchain platform, such as Ethereum, to create and record the distribution of tokens as a form of investment in the start-up.

With all that being said, The heart of the Collective ecosystem is a community management company dedicated exclusively to the incubation and management of Initial Token Offerings.


The Collective is a Guernsey-based Fintech company working on CDEX, a decentralized marketplace for Ethereum-based tokens and TraderOne – our centralized exchange. TraderOne will be a robust trading platform for all the different types of digital assets. Additionally, we are proud to bring you The CollectiveGO game. The CollectiveGO Will be an augmented reality experience powered by our native token, and monetized through various digital currency advertisers.

The heart of the ecosystem is a social management company dedicated to the most incubation and management of Initial Token. CDEX, a fully functioning mass decentralized bazaar for Ethereumbasedtokens, is also presented.

Next comes the centralized exchange TraderOne. TraderOne will become a reliable trading platform for trading all kinds of digital assets. The team is still happy to assume for you the game CollectiveGO. Collectively, this is a skill of augmented reality based on their native token and is monetized through all sorts of advertisers of digital monetary units. In the end, the creators proudly announce the intentions of a collective mass initiative.

The collective global initiative embraces all core values of developers, while providing creative ways to unite the economy of a concert, create best practices for the entire industry, and protect team communities, providing reliable outlets for everyone in a crypto space.

The Mission

The Collective is the voice of the people. It’s you and it’s me, and together we intend to help shape the future of good projects and the blockchain space by giving everyone a platform to be heard. Bring us your projects that you love. Bring us your ideas and your hard work, and your amazing team. Become part of a family of projects that lift each other up. No one project by itself can hope to reach mass adoption, but by banding together for a common purpose, with a growing list of useful ideas created on the blockchain we can reach everyone.


The CDEX’s Vision: Not Just An Exchange

The intentions are to bring listing and liquidity back into the hands of the community instead of leaving the decision making up to people with only their own interests in mind.

The Ecosystem – How CDEX will be used

THE COLLECTIVE – The token may be used in exchange for our services, to pay up to 20% of the total price.

THE CDEX DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE – Users receive a 50% discount on transaction fees for holding the CDEX token.

TraderOne CENTRALIZED EXCHANGE – CDEX tokens paid as a 1:1 loyalty reward on trade fees to active traders

The CollectiveGO game – All advertising within the game will be paid for using CDEX tokens.

The Collective Global Initiative – The CDEX token will remain the native ecosystem token as we expand our framework.


CDEX is the decentralised exchange section of the ecosystem. It holds a capacity that all the transfers and commerce are being done by the P2P policy so there isn’t any go-betweens and third-party tools. This is the speciality which takes the protection measure of the exchange to the level which could be as high as practicable now. Furthermore, CDEX exchange has a free listing chance for The Collective customers. Additionally, many conventional wallet systems such as Metamask, My Ether Wallet, My Crypto and Ledger are held. A fully convenient way to be integrated in common market.



TraderOne is an exceptional, effective, scalable and conveniently safe crypto exchange The Collective presents. Holding 97% cold storage based solid infrastructure, high-level safe technology and 2FA opportunity makes the TraderOne one of the finest. Plus, TraderOne is devoted to improve liquidity and offer a handy interface and leverage choice which are surely in help for an enrichment of user experience.

TraderOne has besides offered such as;

Basic & Advanced Trading Options
High Level of Security
Theft Insurance (Unique in the sector)
Stable Coin Pairings
Advanced APIs

The CollectiveGO

The CollectiveGO is an augmented reality practice powered by platform’s fundamental token and monetized by numerous digital currency promoters.

The Collective Global Initiative

The Collective Global Initiative consolidates all of the necessary benefits while performing prolific techniques to connect the gig market, set common best applications for the entire business and support the communities by offering safe outlets for everyone in the crypto field to enjoy the time.

The Advantages

In one place will be concentrated a large audience that wants to take an active part in the development of a promising project;

Thanks to the team analysis of the Collective developers, the audience will be able to be confident in the reliability of each proposed project in the system, without fear for their investments and their possible loss. I certainly do not claim that there are no risks of loss at all, since the topic of investments and risks comparable to it has always been, is and will be. But here at least they will be minimized;

The Collective platform intends to offer a number of other functions and tools in addition to the already described features. Thanks to which the client will have access to various social networks, and will not be limited to the creation of any information content about a particular project;

The Collective team consists of experienced and highly qualified people who have rich experience of promotion in social media;
fifth, The Collective is able to provide professional support to any ICO/STO project, from the inception of the idea to the implementation of the finished project.

About The Community Development Exchange Utility Token (CDEX)

The Collective offers us its own token – Community Development Exchange (CDEX). This token has an ERC20 standard and will be issued in a maximum amount of 8 billion units. The initial cost of which will start from 0.01 US dollars.

Token Details

Token type: ERC-20
Token name: CDEX Token
Token ticker: CDEX
Token price: 0.01USD
ICO Goal: 20,000,000USD
Max supply: 8,000,000,000
Tokens for sale: 2,000,000,000
Tokens for bonus: 1,000,000,000
Tokens for marketing: 800,000,000
Tokens for partnerships: 800,000,000
Tokens for founders: 800,000,000
Tokens for trade rewards: 2,600,000,000

The distribution of tokens is as follows:


Token Sale





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