The complete Bcnex ecosystem platform for exchanges and electronic money transactions

Warm regards to my friends, back with me, Anakcikal and this time I want to discuss one of the cryptocurrency projects which is of course very extraordinary, namely BCNEX

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Bcnex is a platform with a complete ecosystem for exchanges and electronic money transactions at the base of the blockchain. It is built on a service architecture that will fully meet the needs of all user-oriented needs. This is also an important detail to show that this is a user-centered, transparent and safe platform.

The BCNEX exchange platform will be the best platform among all other electronic money exchange platforms because its features include GOOD SECURITY SYSTEM, GOOD TECHNICAL SYSTEM, HIGH MARKET PAYMENT, GOOD GOODS SUPPORT. A good security system is BCNEX’s top priority because the BCNEX group has seen what traders and users are experiencing in the hands of a secure electronic money platform. BCNEX is designed with advanced security tools that will enhance platform security. Using blockchain technology will also help secure the platform because there will be complete platform automation, which means that third party services will be deleted.

Exchange Bcnex will officially release the token sales and exchange platform in the second and third quarters of 2019, which will be introduced in the road map below. BCNX, used in exchange, is used for cryptographic transactions, sales and purchases, and you can receive incentives up to 75% by paying commissions.

Bcnex works with a default token called BCNX. Exactly 200 million BCNX will be issued and the amount never increases. BCNX is the ERC223 standard token released in the Ethernet block chain.

ICO Platform: Bcnex supports successful fundraising through personal sales, angel funding rounds, or ICO / STO specifically designed by the company.
The Bcnex trading platform allows the government to manage corporate funding issues and individual investment activities. You can calculate and collect taxes through the trading platform.

This is also designed to improve security with the ERC223 standard and to limit total supply through burning tokens. I think that the possibility of damaging the value of a small token.
The announcement on March 2 showed that angel investors had invested so far to collect $ 1 million and end the session on March 2.


Tough architecture
According to BERNXX, a powerful exchange feature is done on request at the same time as the options I made.

To impose an overload system and make transactions, what’s worse is because they will buy and say whether to ask in a different place. For example, it can be approached to ensure that there is high demand, and therefore said this is achieved by compromising on stability or because of that too.

From реrѕресtіvе ѕесurіtу, thе exchange ѕауѕ That has bееn еngіnееrеd frоm thе grоund uр іn іtѕ ambitions tо асhіеvе “bаnkіng іnduѕtrу lеvеl аudіtіng and security compliance.” Rоbuѕt firewall and anti-rejection оf service tооlѕ that соmрlеmеntеd wіth uѕеr аlеrtѕ whеnеvеr аbnоrmаl activity іѕ determined on the account. Meanwhile, 98% of the possibilities were destroyed because some cold wallets were released from the start, which meant they were immune to several attacks.

Reread a few new items
Spot transactions, more trades, futures trading and 100% automatic anonymity, and mostly make up the first few failures on the BBC’s agenda. Separate pairs with, ether, USDT, and because BCNX is not BCNX which will be available at the right time. The choice says BCNX can be used to buy and also cryptocurrency, as well as close payment transactions. A “careful place of review” will be used to ensure that only tokens are reliable with strong and more liquidity being used because most of them are planned.

Some people will be able to access BECEN in WALL, on a Windows PC and through several applications made for Android, and if they prefer. This exchange will begin in the UK and Japan, with several choices for China, Korea and Japan to be followed because the exchange seeks to become multilingual.

Since the first coin offer began on May 3, and he must settle on June 27. However, it is also possible to launch it on the same platform at the same time.

This year, the target is to open the prospect of creating several startups to help new startups. So, at the very beginning of 2020, the Bcnex team plans to enter a larger trade after starting to decipher the testing site.

Deciding to decide the right way, the team found: “To do, the market is really limited and difficult to use. We truly believe that more people must be able to participate in this and make the economy chaotic.

Partners Bankex:



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This is one of the exchange that is able to compete with the existing Exchange. So, for those of you who have not signed up for this exchange. Just click the following link:

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