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At the present time, Blockchain technology and the emergent cryptocurrency industry is standing up for a bold and exciting reinvention of online gambling, built on transparency, security, and anonymity. Blockchain-based casinos are on the rise, creating profitable investment opportunities with an estimated growth of 292% last year only. Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the online gambling industry by providing transparency to all transactions, extremely reducing house edge and taking down transaction costs, ensuring anonymity of participants and security of all exchanges.Notwithstanding this, blockchain casinos have only served to complement the traditional online gambling. This stems from the fact that most blockchain services cannot compete with the efficiency of centralized systems when it comes to settlement of values. Decentralization always comes at a cost.

As a solution of this problems, Sp8de is a next-generation, blockchain-based gaming ecosystem developing a revolutionary protocol for online casinos.

What is SP8DE?

Sp8de is a protocol for decentralized blockchain based platform with multiple features that are essential for the growing blockchain gambling industry and whose solid implementation is lacking in any of the currently existing projects in this space.Spade is designed to suit the purposes of all the actors comprising the online casino landscape and as such represents the new breed of digital institutions, a distributed intermediary.

Additionally, Sp8de is the new-generation blockchain-based gaming platform aimed at all the participants of contemporary casino ecosystem. The company call it “new generation” as Spade satisfies all the aforementioned conditions of a ‘proper’ blockchain casino.

How Sp8de provides an environment for the design of gambling applications which are characterized with:

  • Close-to-absent transaction fees and Proof-of-Stake powered scalability that is beyond the reach of any other on-chain casino protocol currently in existence;
  • A mechanism to generate decentralized established uniform randomness at arbitrary time-spans;
  • Provides rich Smart Contract functionality that allows for creativity in game design that is bounded solely by the fantasy of the developer (and the demand for the resulting product of course)

    Token Proceeds Utilization

    The proceeds of the token sales as well as the tokens that remain in possession of the team will be used to promote and develop the project as outlined in the Road Map section of this paper. In the figure below, I will show how the proceeds will be utilized. As we have shown earlier Spade is development intense, therefore we allocate the majority of the proceeds to development and operations as we believe that proper management and highly skilled developers are in the core of the success of this project. Furthermore, when needed the tokens allocated to the Spade Foundation and the team might be used for further promotion and as part of an incentives scheme

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    • Team & Advisors
    • Alexey KashirskyCEO& Co-Founder

    CEO and Co-founder . IT Mining Engineer graduate the Moscow State Mining University MBA program of Mining Nitu “MISiS” Adviser to the General Director of NP “Miners of Russia” and an adviser to the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, in the association “Industrial minerals”-

    an assistant to the president.

    • Mikhail KrapivnoiCIO& Co-Founder

    CIO & Co-founder ex Ceo of Man & Machine A robotics research Company. Multi Entrepreneur. Champion in Online Poker and Chess .Member of the AI Research Association Blockchain Evangelist And just a cool guy.

    • EvgenyBorchersCVO& Co-Founder

    A visionary, experienced business expert focused on cryptocurrency investing, Fin-Tech, and affiliate marketing since 2013. Co-founder of a number of Fin-Tech projects, the most recent one of which DCEX,

    a digital currency exchange.

    • Alexander BaykievCMO& Co-founder

    Responsible for the digital marketing, media communications, and creative content development to develop and sustain the brands of a number of businesses.

    • Sergey NovomlintsevCBDO

    A cryptocurrency evangelist, experienced virtual assets trader, and highly passionate about business development in the Blockchain Space. 8 Years of experience in Business Development.

    • ZhusupBolotbekovBlockchain Developer & Gaming

    Highly-specialized senior blockchain architect with over 3 years ofexperience in developing distributed systems, secure multi-party protocols, and provable security. Issued during the first financing round). Has deep knowledge Solidity, Ember.js, and PostgreSQL and others.

    • Dmitry LipnikovBlockchain Architect

    Highly-specialized senior blockchain architect with over 5 years of experience in developing distributed systems, secure multi-party protocols, and provable security.

    • Renata Galikbarova.Marketing

    Social Media Marketing guru. With 8 years of experience. Copy writer email marketing

    • RadionMartynshSales Manager.

    Radion has 7 years of experience as a salespersonhe was selling sotware for major Corporations on Russia and Kazakhstan. He is an huge believer in

    Bitcoin and Crypto

    • LyubomirSerafimovOperations Advisor

    Served as a risk manager in a number of firms in the financial services industry, built risk systems and processes supporting the liquidity provision of cryptocurrency exchanges, and developed arbitrage trading strategies. An economic advisor to the Open Trading Network project and a Chief Strategy Officer at a digital currency exchange — DCEX.

    • Alexander UglovMarketing Advisor

    Blockchain-evangelist, visionary.Has experience staging ICOs in several projects (SONM, Humaniq, etc). CEO of the Russian Media digital agency.8 years’ experience in Internet marketing and creating web services.

    • ArtemyZorinGraphics Design Advisor

    Interactive designer user interface and visual and visual style for web and mobile applications. Visual design and branding manager, head of design department, „Yodiz“ studio. Cool Dude. Loves Blockchain.

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