The creators of trading platform Arbidex announce a Tokensale

Developers of the trading platform on the blockbuster Arbidex announced the beginning of the main crowdsdale, which starts January 23 at 17:30 UTC and will last until February 15. The project has already pre-sold the tokens, during which $ 6 million was raised from institutional and private investors.

The Arbidex platform provides the ability to integrate crypto assets from multiple exchanges into a single terminal. Its interface allows you to professionally trade crypto assets in a “single window” with the option of automatic arbitration.

Tokensale is held to expand the client base, raise capital for further development of the platform, as well as access to international markets. The product is already implemented technically and is a working MVP.

The financial goal of the Tokensale is $ 10 million. The purchase of the tokens will be possible through the personal cabinet under the link.

ABX-token works on the standard ERC20-protocol, the code is publicly available in the white paper of the project. 40% of ABX tokens will be available during the token, the rest will be distributed as follows:

29% – for private investors;
11% to the team;
10% – to the advisers and participants of the bounty program;
10% – in the reserve fund.
The main goal of the ArbiDex project is to build the first trading platform that will make trading on the crypto currency market more comfortable and profitable for each participant. For example, each transaction for the purchase of any traded crypto active can be executed at the most favorable rate, proceeding from all exchanges connected to the platform.

Thus, the platform will aggregate in one terminal crypto assets and liquidity from all key exchanges in the world with the ability to search and technically implement arbitrage opportunities. At the same registration and verification will only be needed on the ArbiDex platform. According to the developers, this approach reduces the transaction costs several times.

The platform provides margin trading, social trading and other tools needed by certain categories of traders. The internal ABX token provides access to premium services and reduced commissions, and also entitles users to participate in the development of the project.

As the CEO of the project Kamil Arslanova told, Arbidex is called upon to solve the main problems of the modern market of cryptotrading, providing a full-fledged professional interface of the new generation.

More information about Arbidex and forthcoming token is available in the Telegram project and on the Youtube channel.

The fundamental target of executing an ICO is to make and build up a stage for proficient merchants that permits to exchange crypto resources from various trades through a solitary interface, to associate proficient apparatuses, (for example, MT4) to give astounding administrations low commission rates.



It is utilized for information stockpiling, exchange cash, confirm the exactness of data. Not at all like digital currencies, for which numerous nations, including our own, haven’t chose to let it out or not, the blockchain specialists bolster obviously. The innovation without bounds. Will drastically change the arrangement of installment exchanges. Everything will be speedier, more secure. Blockchain conveys us to another period of computerization, the formation of quantum PCs.

Arbidex will be the world’s first stage that will incorporate both liquidity over all key crypto-trades with the capacity of building discretion chains. That is because of this capacity she can break down thousands digital currency matches so as to locate the best arrangement adding up to 4 percent of the cost benefit with each transaction.This venture to date is working with capital with an aggregate an incentive in overabundance of $10 million on crypto-trades. Begin of advancement of an innovative base intervention was started by the group in mid-2017 from its own assets.


The key element of the stage is the computerization of the between trade intervention process methodology, which enables stage clients to make benefit by utilizing stores to wipe out non-advertise productivity, ie arbitse circumstances. Arbidex is expanding income from:

The commission profits by the arbitse technique up to half of income from a fruitful arbitse chain.

Commission from execution of requests in various trades amid normal exchange operations.


•Arbidex is a trade stage integrator that permits to exchange through single interfaces in various trades, including the arrangement of MT4 and other programming for proficient dealers.
•Arbidex is a chance to get the acknowledgment of intervention methodology with no hazard by ethicalness of the arrangement of specialized arrangements coordinated into the stage.
•Arbdex is a chance to purchase the most similarly beneficial swapping scale resources in view of conveying incomplete obtaining specialized calculations on different trades and utilizing the exchange chain.
•Arbidex gives a lower commission rate to proficient dealers with top of the line administrations and specialized support of exchanging operations.
•Arbidex is a liquidity aggregator and instrument to diminish the instability of cryptomarket, which over the long haul will streamline the combination of cryptoasset into society and make the market more receptive for more develop institutional financial specialists.



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