Cryptonity is the combination of two words: Crypto and Community.
Simple, but strong and meaningful, our goal is to be an exchange respected by the Cryptocurrency community. We aim to provide the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative trading platform on the market.
We want to bring good vibes to Crypto World, breaking with the “profit only” policy of most exchanges.


Cryptocurrencies are virtual means of exchange created and used by individuals or groups. Since most cryptocurrencies are not regulated by national governments, they are considered as alternative currencies – means of financial exchange existing outside the limits of the monetary policy of the states.

Bitcoin is the pre-eminent cryptocurrency and the first to be widely used. However, hundreds of crypto-currencies exist, and more each month earlier.

Cryptocurrencies are also marked by decentralized control. The supply and value of cryptocurrencies are controlled by the activities of their users and by the very complex protocols embedded in their master codes, and not by the informed decisions of central banks or other regulatory authorities. In particular, the activities of miners – cryptocurrency users who use large amounts of computing power to record transactions, receive newly created cryptocurrency units, and transaction fees paid by other users – are critical to stability. and the smooth functioning of currencies.

Most importantly, crypto-currencies can be traded for currencies in special online markets, meaning that each has a variable exchange rate with the major world currencies (such as the US dollar, the British pound, the European euro and the Japanese yen). Cryptocurrency trading is somewhat vulnerable to hacking and is the most common means of stealing digital currency by hackers and cybercriminals.
Speaking of cryptocurrency exchange, there are many platforms that offer cryptocurrency exchange services easily and cheaply.

Many less used crypto-currencies can only be exchanged by private-to-peer transfers, which means they are not very liquid and difficult to measure against other currencies – cryptographic and fiduciary.

The most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ripple, are the subject of special secondary exchanges similar to currency exchange exchanges. (The now-extinct Mt. Gox is one example.) These platforms allow holders to exchange their cryptocurrency holdings against major fiduciary currencies, such as the dollar and the euro, and other cryptocurrencies (including less popular currencies). In return for their services, they slightly reduce the value of each transaction, usually less than 1%.

Exchanges of cryptocurrencies play a valuable role in creating liquid markets for popular cryptocurrencies and defining their value against traditional currencies. However, the exchange rates can still be extremely volatile. The exchange rate of the US dollar in bitcoins fell by more than 50% as a result of the mountain. The collapse of Gox, which was then multiplied by ten in 2017, with the explosion of demand for cryptocurrency.

And this is the realization that the CRYPTONITY platform wants to achieve. A simple but solid and meaningful trading platform, our goal is to exchange what is respected by the Cryptocurrency community. We aim to provide the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative trading platform on the market.

Cryptonity Solutions

A complete “cryptosystem”

  • Provide our users with the most ergonomic and efficient trading tools.
  • Users who own our Cryptonity token (XNY) will receive the lowest fees on the market.
  • We plan to develop our own Blockchain and a decentralized exchange with the participation of our community through an award-winning program.

Security and insurance

  • Providing our users with the most secure platform trading, working with top security experts of the market, audited twice a year by independent security companies.
  • First crypto-exchange to provide insurance to reimburse our users in case of losses.

A trading platform centered on the community

  • Involve the cryptographic community in the evolution of the platform to meet their needs and demands: features to develop, parts to list, etc.
  • Responsive multilingual customer service, low fees and a completely transparent policy.

The Forks, Airdrops, Staking Rewards and Masternode functions must be implemented.

Sale Token

Token symbol: XNY
token type: ERC20 Availability
total token: 100,000,000
token price: $ 0.23
Minimum Transaction: 0.05 ETH
minimum Objective: $ 500,000
maximum Goal: $ 20,120,000
Public Sale 1 Start: October 31 2018
Public sale 1 End: 30 nov. 2018
Public sale 2 Start: 30 nov. 2018
Public sale 2 End: 14 dec. 2018
Public sale 3 Start date: 14 dec. 2018
Public Sale 3 End: December 31, 2018

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