The Curaizon platform eliminates the lack of commitment by changing mindsets

The main theme at Eyeforpharma in Barcelona in 2019 is how to deal with non-adherence to medical treatments, and one of the key points of the conversation will be whether behavioral science can eliminate this problem.

The question is whether psychology and behavioral science, in particular – which looks at how people behave, their emotions and their ideas – can be used to improve outcomes for patients and the health care system. Studies involving long-term circumstances suggest that non-compliance is linked to uncertainties about the personal need for treatment and concerns about possible negative outcomes for use as recommended. In simple terms, it explains that the patient’s motivation to start and continue prescription drugs is influenced by the way he or she is judged by his or her personal need for medicines (beliefs of necessity), for their concerns about potential adverse effects.

Access to patients is now seen through technology, the best way to change behaviors and change results. Curaizon, a UK-based healthcare technology company, is working to keep this in mind. On the patient’s side, reminders will be issued to patients to take medication on time and according to prescription. Hence, its medical compliance technologies use artificial intelligence, automated learning, and massive data to develop unique, standardized, open source data sets that medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies can easily use. Enhanced and standardized data analysis tools can be effective in areas such as predictive medicine, patient relationship management, health care management and measuring the effectiveness of certain treatments. The use of these new technologies will increase the focus on preventive health solutions and patient intensive care.

Through its data analysis tools, Curaizon solutions aim to improve the quality and availability of real-time information. Their platforms will establish commitment data sets based on large, anonymous data using their technologies to facilitate data integration between Parties, collaboration among different actors in the health care sector, and predictive modeling of the efficacy of different drugs to enhance the efficiency of clinical trials.
Next, data and information collected in real time will help caregivers deliver the right messages to the right patients and provide personal care. This patient-centered approach ensures that patients receive appropriate care, needs, preferences and individual circumstances as they participate effectively in the treatment process – thus providing optimal care.

This data is stored outside the series in the AES 256 digital cloud in an appropriate geographical range with the storage blockers and access and usage databases. All this becomes part of the CuraData ecosystem. This ensures the security, transparency and consistency of medical records because access is restricted to special rules and storage points on the ecosystem. So that the only way medical researchers can access Curaizon’s invaluable data is to participate in the ICO process in September by purchasing the CuraTokens platform currency, which is symbolized by CTKN.

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