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Greetings to the whole community, I am passionate about the crypto coins and a follower of good projects like TCAT. In this new publication I would like to present the TCAT project. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrencies, ICO… but TCAT blockchain is the coolest, and for more details we’re going to the following topics:

If we observe how society has evolved, from tribal societies we have moved to a different social structure in the modern world where people work in a specialized way and can do so in a global environment, from anywhere in the world due to the advent of technology and Internet. TCAT is a social media platform with blockchain-based financial investors.The TCAT social network will be one of unique and crypto social networks that will find cryptographic enthusiasts on a common platform and allow them to spread the appeal of information, including financial information, without missing any important updates.

It is not easy to get the signals about the crypt money you will invest in being aware of the financial developments in the world instantly. It is perfect that we can see the advice of other investors. It is up to us to trust and trust not with other investors, but at least we can have an idea of how things work on the market.

Traders, Sellers, Asset Managers and Investors. TCAT will enable all these participants to interact in real time with no problem by publishing updates, blogs, images, analyzes, personal situations, video channels and anything else that could be important.


TCAT is a Google-verified media platform and community comprised exclusively of the latest stories from professional writers that value ethical, authentic journalism.

We believe that good journalism comes from good journalists. The digital media outlets of today allow payments for stories or publish authors that are agents for businesses. Agents supplant stories with a hidden agenda other than to write real news.

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the token of the future. The current crypto market is worth a whopping $221 billion and Bitcoin is predicted to rise up to $125,000 by 2022. However, the crypto market is slightly complicated. An aspiring investor must keep himself updated on the latest discussions on the blockchain scene for an informed investment decision. But there is a catch. Most of the crypto news reports and articles we find today can’t always provide us “authentic” data. And that’s dangerous for investors banking on them for their investments.

But here comes a good news. Leading online Crypto resource The is all set to solve the glitch with its new token “TCAT”. How? Well, the post below sheds light on the significance of TCAT today and why you should invest in it.


Individuals are losing trust in the media at a more rapid rate now more than ever. Nearly 70% of people believe that news stories are being planted by oppositional parties, according to Statista.

Perhaps even worse, Statista also pointed out that more than 20% of people selected that they “never” trust online news sources, and an additional 20% expressed that they “rarely” trust online news sources.


TCAT is on the mission to prevent victimization of investors by misleading information circulated by regular news resources. Most of the Crypto news we find today looks similar. It’s because majority of the news portals are only rewriting the same news day after day and republishing them under a different name. These regular news sites don’t even bother to take the effort to update themselves with latest information. As a result, viewers visiting these sites are simply left with dated useless news which is misinterpreted as “current”. Worse, many of these regular news sites misguide viewers towards dangerous investment mistakes with inaccurate and biased views.

But TCAT is aimed to power up The into the most trusted Crypto news portal, equipped with pro writers only. All the funds generated from the token will be utilized to hire the best reporters and real journalists who are extremely particular about updated and authentic news reports. So, when you invest in TCAT, you will be taking an active part in the circulation of most accurate and current crypto information. It will consequently enable you to avoid the costly mistakes and make highly profitable decisions with your crypto investments.


There will be 400 million tokens issued. 1 TCAT = 0.1 USD

You can purchase TCAT if you want to buy ad space or publish news on TCAT can may be purchased directly from with ETH/ BTC, as well as on other major exchanges in the future.

TCAT is a cashback token. When purchasing TCAT on The Currency Analytics platform, you will receive an amount of TCAT that is of a comparable dollar-for-dollar value as the token you are paying with. Once the total number of TCAT tokens are sold, then the network will only accept TCAT as a form of payment.

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