In the digital age now we can see the development of Google, Facebook, Twitters this thing we can realize why they can grow very quickly in just a few years. this is due to a network of connections between innovators and investors are very wide open. Any good idea is easy to get initial funding to grow the startup business to the next level. Want to borrow money easily. Now no more complicated because it is difficult to find a loan. I will introduce to you all one of the largest financial companies in the world at this time providing money loans. The Deal Coin is one of the business incubator containers that are able to accommodate creative ideas and investments so that both can work together.

The Deal Coin Platform vs Traditional Banks

  • Lenders will be able to make much better profits and return than they would see from any bank. They will give cash directly to a borrower instead of making a blind contract with banks.
  • Borrowers will get rid of many procedures and paper works associated with banks. They will avoid from all unfair restrictions and regulation limits.

The Deal Coin Crowdsale Details

  1. Token Symbol : DLSD.
  2. Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 DLSD.
  3. Pre Sale Date : March 26, 2018 – April 9, 2018.
  4. ICO Date : April 16.
  5. Price : $0.1 / DLSD.
  6. Accepted Currencies : ETH, BTC and FIAT currency.
  7. Soft Cap : $5,000,000.
  8. Hard Cap : $50,000,000.

ICO Deal Coin

Bank business development

This type of business does not require special financial investments, while providing quick investment resource turnover and good development dynamics. It also provides an opportunity to introduce innovation and accomplish major tasks with unemployment. Bank loans and financial assistance from the state are the main resources to finance this business entity.

After conducting a full analysis of the current and current conditions of financing for small and medium businesses, it can be argued that the main problem of their development is the lack of bank support. All this is explained by the fact that loan and credit refunds are not guaranteed. To be honest, not everyone can use this help and ask for state support, for various reasons.

Administration & Repayment

DLSD manages loans, ensures all requirements, loans and interest are met, Can be called smart insurance, arbitration process or debt collection loan is not met.

Borrowers, upon reaching the end of their contract deal, pay the final amount to Dapp, converting their local currency into a token deal. The Deal Token is then transferred via DLSD to confirm the terms, the contract has been fulfilled before it is released to the lender. In the DLSD ecosystem, protocols are in place to protect creditors against volatile currency activity.

The Deal Coin Solution

In the event of fluctuations, investors may choose to reinvest their Transaction Tokens to other borrowers, or exchange the FIAT or crypto currency they choose.

The Deal Coin Platform vs Other Lending Platforms:

  • Created with a combination of financial experience and decentralized blockchain technology.
  • Provides a platform of more profits and less restrictions kicking all traditional middlemen in financial ecosystem.
  • Totally transparent – all transaction processes will be clearly recorded on Ethereum blockchain.
  • Aimed to fund at the most competitive rates in P2P lending market. Lenders will be able to generate much better returns than they would see from any other platform.

When will Airdrop DEAL COAL be started?

The date when you will start receiving DEAL COIN – if you qualify – is during or after our ICO which begins on March 26, 2018 and finishes on June 4, 2018. Follow us on Telegram for an announcement about the aerial bridge.

The token distribution process may take up to several weeks to be completed due to the speed of the Ethereum network and the number of people at the point of air drops.

Distribution of ICO Fund Allocation

The allocation of ICO Funds is planned to be distributed into four parts :

  1. 10% for Legal & Compliance.
  2. 25% for Operational Costs (inc GDCP).
  3. 30% for Marketing.
  4. 35% for Platform Development.

The Deal Coin Allocation

The Deal Coin will be distributed as follows :

  1. 4% for Bounty Program.
  2. 6 % for Advisors.
  3. 10% for Development Team.
  4. 15 % for Founders.
  5. 65 % for Crowdsale.

The Deal Coin Allocation



The Deal Coin Team

The Deal Coin Team

The Deal Coin Team

The Deal Coin Advisors


Deal Coin is a large-scale project that not only helps small and medium businesses around the world get cheap and affordable money, but also can engage in the life of the cryptocurrency market. So this platform is not only able to bring money to investors and creators, but also significantly affect the crypto market and the economy as a whole (for the better).

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