THE DEAL COIN – Eco-System Financial Supported by Future Peer to Peer Lending

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Next generation
Eco-System Financial Supported by Future Peer to Peer Lending

The Deal Coin Blockchain Lending Platform
The next generation in decentralized lending platforms, combining blockchain expertise with real-world financial experience. Our goal is to be a real nuisance in the marketplace, the platform of choice for millions of investors looking for better deals and connecting them to companies that want faster and fairer access to finance, regardless of location in the world.

Transaction Coins Solution

  • Borrower & Investor
  • Funding Loan
  • Administration & Payments

The borrower completes the application form through our Decentralized Application (DAPP), providing additional information to ensure compliance with our KYC & AML policies.

DAPP connects securely to the Lending Solution Solution Solution (DSD), where the information provided is processed and triggers a number of pending tasks.

Initially this request will be visible to complete the following tasks;

  • Verify assets and tokenisasi
  • ensuring that the assets are valid and valuable against the lending potential through our asset-to-market partners.
  • Underwriting Application / Contract
  • Smart insurance that ensures that apps and contracts are protected.
  • Identity Verification
  • Confirm KYC information provided by the borrower.
  • DAPP has the ability to work with a number of partners either through blockchain or traditional API connections.
  • Once all the returned assignments are verified, the borrower will be notified and the application is listed in the DSD and displayed through our DAPP for ease of use for potential investors.

Users who intend to lend on the platform must first complete the KYC information to participate in the DSD Ecosystem, once the information is confirmed as a verified task, the creditor has the ability to view and communicate with the borrower via DSD.

Users of platforms that connect seamlessly with borrowers globally, can discuss levels or conditions that both parties can accept.

Companies from around the world will be able to improve finance for all types of funding needs, these include;

  • Short Term Cash Flows
  • Property development
  • International Trade Finance
  • Financial Assets to buy machines
  • Technological Innovation
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Green Energy Project
  • Waste Disposal into Energy
  • Medical Innovation
  • Vehicle Financing Company

Why participate in Coin Deal Solutions?
The Deal Limited is a unique business, targeting the global financial market of $ 13.2 trillion.

In 2018 a new company has been established in Gibraltar to launch the Coin Deal platform worldwide

We envisage that in the near future all businesses connected through the supply chain will seek to adopt and trade The Deal Coin, building an eco-financial system that will grow exponentially through global community adoption, Work Better, Together.

With your contribution in The Deal Coin [DLSD] Token Sale aims to succeed and pioneer the next level of the peer to peer loan platform.

Offer a Token Coin Deal
We raise funds through Token Sales and allow contributors to participate before The Deal Coin is listed on various exchanges.

  • Deal Coin Price – 1 Deal Coin [DLSD] = $ 0.10 US or equivalent BTC or ETH.
  • Payment methods accepted – Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Fiat Currency.

  • 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) from Deal Coin will be produced
  • $ 5 million Soft Cap
  • $ 50 million Hard Cap

Deal Coin is based on the new Ethereum ERC827 protocol, a distributed blockchain based computing platform, all the coin excess will be stored in the treasury for future growth.

ERC827 is one of the latest token standards and improvements to ERC20 in the Ethereum network. ERC827 is 100% compatible with ERC20

The token sale is not an offer of securities or promotions, invitations, or solicitation for investment purposes.

Therefore, the terms of the contribution are not intended to be a financial service offering document or prospectus. the token offering involves and relates to the development and use of software and experimental technologies that may not achieve results or achieve the goals specified in the white paper. Token purchases represent a high risk for any contributors. Tokens do not represent equity, shares, units, royalties or rights to capital, profits or income in the network or software or in entities that issue tokens or other companies or intellectual property associated with networks or other public or private enterprises, corporations, foundations, or any other entity in any jurisdiction.

Allocation of Token Allocation Fund

  • 20% Legal Compliance
  • Operational Cost 25% (inc GDCP)
  • 20% Marketing
  • 35% Platform Development

Global Coin Deal Partner (GDCP)
We have higher operating costs associated with domestic development for each jurisdiction.

We are actively seeking a global community of thoughtful people to become The Deal Coin ambassadors and lead their domestic operations under and with the full support of The Deal Limited.

Coin Deal Allocation

Team Coin Deal


Michael Morrison
Michael has held the role of Senior Director at UK Blue Chip company, such as BT PLC. He also runs a successful SME business alone for over 15 years responsible for over £ 75 million in sustained annual income. He is one of the Founders Together We Fund Every Deal, focuses on developing his strategy and is very excited about the future blockchain that is presented to the global financial markets. “Working for over 25 Years with SME Business and through my own experience in creating business out of inspiration, I really believe there are so many untapped potentials waiting to be made and with the right funding they can change the world.”


Nassim Taleb
Nassim is one of the founders of the We Fund Any Deal since its inception, he has also run a successful UK SME Business for the past 7 years. He qualifies with BA Hons in Mathematics and Business Finance from Leeds University. “My view of blockchain and how the world will change for the better because it comes from my love of mathematics, the global economy of fiat can change as quickly as a country decides to issue more notes or coins, the notion that intelligence and mathematics are constants in creating and developing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that illuminates a bright flare for the future. “


Tarlock Singh
Tarlock has held an accounting position throughout his life in ftse 100 companies. Since qualifying as a certified accountant (ACCA) in 1997, he has helped build many SMEs for major turnover and profitability including his own accounting practices related to more than 600 SME businesses. As a professional accountant with a BA in Economics, Tarlock has helped deal SMEs with complex financial and business issues and has a good track record of working with many major banking institutions in the UK. ‘Through my own experience in the financial world, I truly believe Deal Coin can penetrate the boundaries even further and help create next-generation eco-financial systems.


Rajat Jain
Rajat is an entrepreneur with expertise in information technology and outsourcing business. He has more than eight years of roaming, IT product strategy, P & L management and outsourcing / outsourcing experience. He has consulted with Fortune 500 and the same small company on how to start and operate offshore-based shipping capabilities. Prior to founding JARS Services, he was a strategy consultant for HTSL, a subsidiary of Honeywell, which focused on cost-saving opportunities for software companies funded by venture capitalists. Rajat holds e-MBA in general administration / finance from Arizona University, AZ. and Six Sigma Black Belt Certified. He is also on the board of Jain & Associates (Construction Unit), Manipur Tea and Marketing.


David Mowatt
David has over 15 years of experience in Commercial and Consumer finance. After starting his career in debt and bankruptcy, he quickly moved to the lending arena in senior management capacity, managing and developing the sales function of one of the largest sub-prime lenders in the UK. Recently David has an integral role in the growth and development of large commercial business lenders, developing their complete brokerage channel and representing the business needs to the FCA. David has been a key business leader and has developed a major commercial strategy to enable business growth and profitability. David has great confidence in the power of blockchain technology and great potential for the financial industry.


Sofiane Taleb
Marketing – Social Media
Managing the delivery of brand strategy includes the development and embedding of promises and core brand strengths. Manage the delivery of Brand Campaigns across core communication channels and social media to meet agreed business objectives. This includes creating content and media plans and working with internal stakeholders and agencies and ensuring that activities are delivered on time and within budget. Sofiane has also created her own online clothing business,


Chris Jones
Chis has worked in commercial finance for the past 2 years, although his background is Accounting, software and sales. Having spent most of his career with leading Accounting software vendors and top 100 companies, Chris also runs his own Financial Brokerage business dealing with anything from loans to growth, refinancing, bridging, development, property, and Investment. He has been heavily involved in crypto for the past 2 years and recognizes the true value of our blockchain lending platform will provide businesses and investors worldwide.


John Taafe
Qualified Surveyor House with lots of experience in commercial finance. Specializing in Bridging, Commercial Loans and Development Finance. John has run his own Commercial Brokerage in the past. John is very enthusiastic about the future of blockchain technology and its impact on the global financial industry.


Ian Mackrell
Non Executive Director – Corporate Finance and Structured
Ian is a former merchant banker, with more than 30 years of experience working in senior positions in the Credit Risk, Management, Foreign, and Investment departments for many major financial institutions. Since leaving the bank, he has been advising and helping clients around the world to improve finance for infrastructure projects.


Paul Manning
Non Executive Director – Global Financial Investment
Experienced executives with more than 20 years of global finance & investment management and business development experience create a growing portfolio of millions of pounds. In his current role with Harcourt Developments, he was instrumental in the construction of £ 200 million pounds at the Liverpool Titanic hotel and conference center. Another major development group, Paul has held senior positions in it including Fraser Group Dubai, Helios PLC Group, Panceltica PLC and Texas Group PLC.

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