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Currently, economic development priorities are aimed at accelerating economic recovery along with poverty alleviation and rising unemployment, and enhancing business competitiveness. Small and medium enterprises. This is stated in Long Term Development Plan Long, a policy to strengthen domestic regional-based competitive advantage through competitive advantage. In economic history, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the largest group of economic actors who can deliver them
a significant contribution to the national economy and has proven to be an economic buffer. The Government believes that the successful development of SMEs will strengthen the economic foundation of the community, because what SMEs do is generally based on local resources, regardless of imports. Precisely because it is based on local resources, then the products of SMEs in this region have a great export opportunity because it has its own uniqueness that characterizes the product.
Double spending allows one to increase crypto inventory and make money out of nothing, with no social or legal consequences. The belief in crypto derivatives stems from the ability to prevent them, and smaller cryptoes are not as safe as larger ones for various reasons.
Blockchain is an annoying ground breaking technology that has made a wave of the many advantages and scope of industrial use today. Our The Deal Coin based company has merged to create p2p solutions based on blockchain. Fundamentals of the solution The Deal Coin is an independent body governed by the Foundation Board. our solutions have been empowered to create a worldwide digital service network that includes alternative work models with traditional peer-to-peer networking models.
The alternative working model of peer-to-peer networks must be within blocks and in accordance with crypto technology that is convincingly known as future technology. Everyone has some data to keep including movies, personal data, medical data, bank records from government confidential data and others. the business world also needs to store large amounts of data of all types that require high security and confidentiality but all existing online storage solutions such as Google Drive Dropbox Alibaba cloud one drive are based on a centralized server that technically means your data is not one hundred percent guaranteed but we are subject high premiums, and if the storage space is hacked, our data may be in danger. So how to avoid all this? I introduce it to you.
About The Deal Coin
The deal coin is the online online marketplace of the world’s first online blockchain online and automated administration platform for Financing that connects borrowers and investors, enabling them to configure and automatically create each contract of the borrower in real-time. Our Platform allows borrowers to create smart contracts that are fully customized and simplified in the Unmarked Ethereal Block, for each contract We create a brainless financing for borrowers and investors.
Our technology platform supports this innovative market / administration model for effective connection and processing and capital provisioning. Our platform also eliminates the need for physical infrastructure delivery ease and complete automation, improve efficiency, reduce manual processing and improve overall borrower and investor experience. Coin deal is the world’s first block building, based on the online market and automated administration platform for financing, By linking borrowers and investors, enabling them to customize and generate each contract in real time.
The Deal Coin network is the first market for financial content among co-workers. It deals with investors, providing a vision of the future about inefficiencies and market opportunities. Content creators can with money. As investors compensate creators, their ranking increases, giving them quicker access to more actionable information in the future.
Product advantages The deal coin
With data security being one of the priorities for ensuring security, the deal coin is built on a decentralized and decentralized peer-to-peer communication platform that uses blockchain technology. With this technology, we allow to split our files into many small parts which are then distributed to multiple terminal nodes as backup so as not to be hacked. In addition, this platform will ensure coin deal is always online.
Borrower & Investor
The borrower completes our Application Decentralization Application (DAPP) application form, providing the Know Your Customer information and fees paid at The Deal Coin.
Dapp connects securely to the Transaction Settlement Solutions Database (DLSD), where the information has been verified.
  • Verify asset and securitization – assess the borrower’s assets against the value of the loan.
  • Underwriting Application – protect contracts with smart insurance.
  • KYC – Identity Verification.
  • Once verified, the loan application is registered in the DLSD.


Investors complete KYC information to view and connect seamlessly with borrowers globally to discuss levels or conditions acceptable to both parties.
Funding Loan
Lenders exchange Coin Agreements for their Token Offer, internal tokens for DLSD, Deal tokens embedded 1: 1 coins to GBP.
The Agreement Tokens transferred through DLSD is fully integrated with the Transaction Agreement as a legally protected agreement and is secured by the blockchain & cybersecurity blockchain protocol.
These include but are not limited to;
  • Application of the borrower;
  • Knowing the Customer Debtors Information (KYC);
  • Smart Insurance Policy;
  • Asset securitization;
  • Reference credit;
  • Lender Know Your Customer (KYC) Information;
  • Level of Agreement;
  • Frequency of Repayment;
  • Terms of Loan Agreement;
  • Borrower’s Legal and Borrower;
  • Arbitration process;
  • The term debt collection.


Proof of offer is released and converted into local currency of the borrower.
Administration & Repayment
DLSD manages loans, ensures all requirements, loans and interest are met, Can be called smart insurance, arbitration process or debt collection loan is not met.
Borrowers, upon reaching the end of their contract deal, pay the final amount to Dapp, converting their local currency into a token deal.
The Deal Token is then transferred via DLSD to confirm the terms, the contract has been fulfilled before it is released to the lender.
In the DLSD ecosystem, protocols are in place to protect creditors against volatile currency activity.
In the event of fluctuations, investors may choose to reinvest their Transaction Tokens to other borrowers, or exchange the FIAT or crypto currency they choose.


Investors can save significant labor costs related to contract administration.
  • Access to innovative asset classes;
  • Good credit experience;
  • Customers are more satisfied;
  • Interesting earnings;
  • No maintenance fees;
  • No upfront costs.
  • Access to Affordable Credit.
  • Superior Borrowing Experience.
  • Transparency and Fairness.
  • Lowered Transaction Fee.
  • Fast and Efficient Funding.
  • attractive contract.
  • Self-service.
The deal coin marketplace is for participants of the Financing industry and the core benefit to our users will be the ability to search and match the various needs as a borrower or investor.
  • Small business (SME) borrower. Get a loan or lease to finance the needs of the organization.
  • Personal borrower. Get a loan or lease to finance the needs for personal use.
  • Personal investor. Lend to individual or SME to take advantage of direct investing.
  • Institutional investor. Lend to individual or SME based on portfolio interests and risk profiles.
  • Brokers provide tailormade advisory and other services.
In order to do certain things like listing of Financing requests, a Know-Your-Customer KYC process will be in place.

Credit Repair By applying credit enhancements, The Deal coin Network will fully neutralize the credit risk of the lender and, in case of default, provides the loan rate for the insurance to cover possible losses. With reduced risk, the lender has peace of mind and the interest rate for the borrower is lowered.

Immaculate Development Unique smart contracts are automatically created and used by The deal coin Networks to obtain an approved real-time loan to provide a durable, unchanged, and unneeded arbitration archive. This is made possible with our no-code development technology.
Open the Ecosystem, In addition to simplifying the loan application process through instant matching, The Deal coin Network also provides self-service options for debtors and access to third-party agents.
On a coin platform security agreement, speed is a spectacle word, since data is decentralized, unchanged, and operating time is almost guaranteed.
Individuals and small businesses can access affordable credit is essential to stimulate and maintain a healthy, diverse and innovative economy.
The deal coin platform offers a transparent and open market with automated administration that can completely divert existing capital resources trapped within the banking system.
Individuals can transact business in a highly efficient, secure and consistent manner with easy access to valuable historical data and market insights.
Coin deal allows borrowers and investors to configure and automatically make each contract the borrower in real-time.
Our technology supports this innovative market and administrative model to efficiently link and process capital demand and supply. Our platform also eliminates the need for physical infrastructure and brings ease and total automation, improves efficiency, reduces manual processes and enhances the experience of borrowers and investors.
Information detail ICO
Deal Coin Crowdsale – Starting March 2018
Pre-sale starting March 26 – Our whitelist list now.
We raise funds through token sales and allow investors the opportunity to purchase The Deal Coin before listing it on various exchanges.
  • Deal Coin Price – 1 Deal Coin [DEAL] = $ 0.10 US or equivalent BTC or ETH.
  • Payment methods accepted – Currency Ethereal, Bitcoin and Fiat.
  • 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Coins Deal will be produced.
  • Soft Cap $ 5 million.
  • Cap Hard $ 50 million.


The Deal Coin is based on the new Ethereum ERC827 protocol, a distributed blockchain based computing platform, all the excess coins will be stored in the treasury for future growth.

Pre Sale Week 1

20% Bonus
  • 1 Week

Pre Sale Week 2

15% Bonus
  • 1 Week

Pre Sale Week 3

10% Bonus
  • 1 Week

Public Token Sale

0% Bonus
  • 8 Weeks
If the minimum goal is not reached at the end of the Duration crowd, all supported Ether will be flagged for a refund. Anyone who contributes, including those who buy tokens on presale, will be able to withdraw their Eher from a sales contract.
ICO FUND Allocation
  • 10% Legal Compliance25% Operational Costs (inc GDCP).
  • 30% Marketing.
  • 35% Platform Development.
The Deal Coin Allocation
  • 4% Bounty.
  • 6% Advisors.
  • 10% Development Team.
  • 15% Founders.
  • 65% Crowdsale.

 So, Where Borrowers Get Funded Within Hours? Don’t worry, We Have THE DEAL COIN!

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