The Deal Coin ICO Reviews #1 – Making Business Loans Easier for Anyone

For many businesses especially those in small and medium scales, obtaining loans from investors is such a complicated, expensive, and difficult process. The process disadvantages both borrower and lenders as it creates a gap between them. The Deal Coin born to give an effective solution to the problem.

The Current Problems

Many businesses find it difficult to access finance because the access is restricted. People also consider it as unfair. Lots of small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) indeed need finance to develop their business both in short or long term. This finance is used for various purposes depending on the business need. Some businesses may require finance to purchase stock while some others need to buy property or build infrastructure. All of these are aimed at growing the business or at least to keep its existence.

The different country set different finance rates. In the US the rate is 3.51% while in Brazil the rate is very big up to 50%. These rates can add 10 to 15%. The rate already includes legal, admin, and intermediary fees. The question is why a powerful business based in Brazil with the lowest credit risk is restricted to access capital which is less expensive if they were based in the US? This is only one example. In other countries which lower interest rates, the application process in burdensome, time-consuming, and is usually restricted to certain lenders. Many SMEs also find it difficult to global trade finance as well as accessing supply chain finance. These problems become the main issues in proceeding the loans.

The other problem is related to the investors’ access to lending to blue chip globally is also complicated and restricted.

The Deal Coin solution will be a way out for all of these problems. It will change the ways for raising funds and locating them transparently in order to gain maximum returns both for lenders and borrowers with a minimum transaction fee.

Solutions by the Deal Coin

The Deal Coin solution is presented by the Deal Limited. It is a lending platform empowered by blockchain technology that forms a hybrid decentralized system. The blockchain technology will enable the platform to establish better transparency and security. It will solve problems related to finance in the global sector. The interest for bank loans to businesses has exceeded 10% consistently. The vision of the Deal Coin is to provide a better deal for lenders and borrowers through working together in eliminating the gap between them.

This solution will definitely disrupt the marketplace, enabling businesses especially SMEs to manage their savings and investors to gain maximum returns. This can be done through eliminating the complicated and cumbersome procedures and a high cost of the set by global finance institutions.

Why you should join the Deal Coin

The main reason for participating in the Deal Coin solution is that the solution offers an exceptional opportunity in the industry. Moreover, the Deal Coin is supported by an experienced team that is able to provide a worldly recognized P2P solution. This solution is attempting to provide participants of the DLSD ecosystem with healthy stakeholder benefits. The benefits are produced by incorporating financial experience with blockchain technology.

The solution of The Deal Coin can disrupt the traditional marketplace as the platform can give lenders a better deal and assist them in dealing with a business that expects fairer financial access, wherever they are. The founding team has agreed to lock the token after 18 months and 33% of the coins will be released in every 6 months. The cliff period can maintain the platform stability to encourage participants’ self-assurance in the Deal Coin Solution. The process of the token sale will involve KYC and AML procedures and only those who pass the procedure can participate in the sale.

In the next article, you will read the details of this lending platform. For example, you will learn about the roadmap that will inform you about the plans that are going to achieve in particular period of time. Besides, you will also meet the team of the project. Knowing who works behind the project is important to help judge the prospect of the project. A project handled by experienced people, of course, will have a bigger possibility to be successful in the future.




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