The Deal Coin is a platform for direct lending!

Any new project begins with an idea and its implementation requires money. This situation is not limited to newly established companies. Many existing enterprises need funds for their further development and modernization.
The easiest way to get them is to take a loan. Banks and credit institutions are engaged in this. Interaction with them becomes the provision of a large number of paper documents and financial reports.
These same banks take deposits from the public and organizations at a lower percentage than give enterprises. And if you look at the situation globally, the rates in different countries are very different. In other words, in the USA it is 3,5% and in Brazil – 50%.

The developers of the The Deal Coin platform offer to create a level playing field.

The Deal Coin will provide favorable loan terms for everyone.

With the creation of blockchain technology and smart contracts, it became possible to use automatically executed contracts. This simplifies many of the issues between the parties, enables them to save time and money.
The developers of the Deal Coin has decided to use these technologies to facilitate obtaining loans. At the same time investors are winning as well.
First of all, the project is focused on lending to small and medium-sized businesses.
Using a decentralized peer-to-peer platform, members can directly borrow from other ecosystem members. Such an operation will take place in the shortest possible time and the lending conditions will be at the level of average rates on the platform, and not in the host country of the business. Given the global scale of the project, it will be profitable deals.

What will the lending process look like?

By offering better terms to all participants in the process, the project hopes to reformat it or at least have a serious impact on the terms of loans.
The Deal Coin intends to involve in cooperation reputable companies that are engaged in financial management, credit insurance, risk management related to credit operations, as well as firms specializing in the verification of personal data.
And this is no accident. In addition to the reliability provided by blockchain and smart contracts, the platform introduces the mandatory KYC (know your customer) procedure.
The digitization of the borrower’s assets guarantees the return of funds, simplify their evaluation and usage in the credit relationship. Assets are assigned a rating that speeds up the search for those who will be ready to provide funds for this business.
According to the developers, the procedure of obtaining loans is very simple: you need to register on the platform, apply, pass KYC verification. Then, investors are selected who offer the best conditions; the smart contract is finally agreed and completed according to the existing template. After simple automatic procedures, the money is transferred to the borrower’s account.
So the motto of the project is realized: “Show the one who needs money, and we will find the one who will give them”.

The use of crypto signs.


The platform will use crypto coins and tokens. Deal Coin will provide interaction participants outside the platform, and Deal Token – inside.
Deal Token is a means of payment for all interactions in the system. In that currency are issued the loans and paid the interest, in them are valuated the assets.
Deal Coin is used for depositing and withdrawing funds. They can be purchased on exchanges or exchanged for tokens at the end of the deal.

Will the project succeed?

The project belongs to the jurisdiction of the UK and fully complies with the requirements of its financial regulators.

  • The borrower contributes its assets to guarantee loan repayment.
  • Insurance is created simultaneously with the loan contract.
  • The loan rate is significantly lower than that offered by financial institutions.

ICO details

The first week of the Pre-sale started on March 26, 2018 on the Website.The ico will end upon reaching $50 million or, if the team fails to achieve it, 10 Jun 2018.
The value of the token and coin is the same and is equal to $ 0.10 US or the equivalent in BTC or ETH.
Payment method – ether, bitcoin, ripple and fiat currencies.

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