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About The Deal Coin

Nowadays the financial world will be spoiled by the newest technology that is Blockchain Technology. Blockchain Technology is a future solution especially in the financial sector of recording transactions integrated with modern technology, which has a unique code that can not be changed (eternal) that revolutionize the workings of the internet, banking and other things.
Lending and borrowing systems in business are often done. However, not all things in borrowing-loans run smoothly. Many investors are often injured before, between the borrowers and the lenders do not go according to an agreement. Therefore The Deal Coin is present to help solves the solution so that no one is harmed by any party
Blockchain Technology that is peer to peer in the adoption of various platforms of financial transactions lending and borrowing. The Deal Coin Solution will enable borrowers and their assets to be identified, verified and authorised for funding, creating a financial eco-system like no other in the world.
Through Blockchain Technology, Data delivery occurs instantly and efficiently. All transactions and data storage are secure because they are replicated across the Blockchain network. The Deal coin using of Smart Insurance and Smart Legal Contracts, then all deals will be registered on the decentralised ledger and transparently recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain and therefore fully protected for re-payment.
The Deal Coin is dramatically lowering the cost of finance and make it fairer, faster and easier for businesses to access funding wherever they are in the world, whilst ensuring and enabling an improved and secure return for our professional investor community.
Certainly investing through The Deal Coin will make it easier for the borrowers and the Lenders, Why? Because The Deal Coin has been created allow business from around the world to apply finance from a global network of lenders and By investing in the Deal Coin ICO, you are investing in an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated company who will revitalise the peer to peer lending market.
One type of Financial Technology that is believed to change the future of the global financial industry is Blockchain Technology Although it is transparent and open, blockchain remains a secure technology because it applies cryptographic-based digital signature technology in every transaction. Each time a transaction is about to be made, the blockchain will authenticate the data of the related parties in real time before authorizing the transaction.
The vision of The Deal Coin wants transactions between the borrower and the lender to be made according to the agreement so that no one harms each other.

About Token

Pre-sale begins on March 26th – Register on our whitelist now
Symbol Name: DLSD
The Deal Coin Price : 1 Deal Coin [DLSD] = $0.10 US or equivalent BTC or ETH.
Payment Accepting: Ethereum, Bitcoin and Fiat Currency.
1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) of The Deal Coin will be produced
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap:50,000,000 USD



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