The Deal Coin – The Platform that presents the limitations of financial procedures

Along with the development of the era, various kinds of breakthroughs and innovations from the financial world is now getting easier and integration between various systems. It started with the development and expansion of blockchain technology that is widely used by various countries in the region of Europe. Many platforms offer IT support for financial transactions supported by this amazing system. The Deal Coin was introduced as an alternative financial transaction solution, in the form of shares, assets, and investments that have transactions and administrative fees are fairer to the user for services provided in the business and increase financial assets within minutes of registered blockchain technology.


As we all know that the world of banking today does not have justice to its customers around the world. Where in many countries the interest rate is low to attract customers to lend funds, but in the process of long and long implementation, in addition, to fund borrowing must see the level of inter-country grade.
The Deal Coin comes as a platform that presents the limitations of financial procedures that bind international investors. The Deal coin presents a powerful platform using token utilization as access for all users to service applications that have services: Smart insurance contract, smart legal contract, debt collection & credit referencing. Where all the user databases and all administrative support profiles are incorporated into The Deal Coin Lending Solution Database (DLSD).
Screenshot-2018-4-5 The Deal Coin
With DLSD, securing user information assets in blockchain such as:
• Loan Application
• Customer Profile Information
• Anti Money Laundering
• Smart Insurance Policy
• Assets
• Credit History
• Loan Agreement
• Arbitrage process
• Billing Fees
• Loan Value


The Deal Coin is created to facilitate transparent worldwide business transactions to business people who want to make financial loans to donors who are affiliated and registered in a blockchain, with the concept of mutual benefit of each party. The token technology developed by Deal Coin performs complex data presentation while maintaining the confidentiality of identity between parties, only borrowers and donors are able to see profiles of each other. So the concepts of encrypted securitization will prevent money laundering through the anti-money laundering feature.


The Deal Coin was formed by adopting the Ethereum ERC827 protocol platform, well known as the standard digital development platform. Based on the adopted technology, the concept of a smart contract which became one of the advantages of The Deal Coin can be implemented perfectly with securitization is very safe. Smart Contract based on ethereum is proposed because it is opensource in cryptography grip which is already recognized by the world financial and digital institutions such as JP Morgan and IBM.
The Deal Coin develops a platform system whereby the system can detect who in the event of fraud by adding critical events to the platform subroutine platform. So the slightest violation can be known early before the progress of the stage continues until the transaction. ERC827 is the latest token standard developed on the ETH20 protocol on the Ethereum Base Network. So the ERC827 token as 100% Deal Coin platform securitization is compatible with ETH20 Protocol.


Screenshot-2018-4-5 The Deal Coin(1)


Team :

  • Michael Morrison – C.E.O
  • Nassim Taleb – C.I.O
  • Rajat Jain – C.T.O
  • Sofiane Taleb – Marketing Manager – Social Media

Advisors :

  • Paul Manning – Global Finance Investment Manager
  • Jason Patterson – Senior Associate
  • James Eastwood – Senior Associate
  • Mike Kessler – Commercial Advisor
  • Kunalan Sivupuniam – Property Developer & Investment Manager based in Singapore
  • Ian Mackrell – Corporate and Structured Finance Banker – ex AMEX Bank
  • John Taafe – Development
  • Darren Magee – NHS Head of Medical Physics and Engineering
  • Chris Jones – Sales
  • David Mowatt – Compliance
  • Nick Kurat – Advisor

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