The Decentralized Investation Platform For Supporter of Good Impacts

Hello, I am Mairiri, here I will explain Faba

Our world is filled with problems. Whether it’s social, political, economic, health, education, and so on. We see with our own eyes that ourselves and others are affected by life problems. Unfortunately, we are always in a position where we cannot do anything for others. The point is, our own lives also have had many problems. Really confusing.

That’s how the world works. Sometimes, so busy with our own problems, we have difficulty helping other people. But there are things to remember. If we just stay quiet, then this world will not be a better place to live.

Therefore, how should we behave?

For those of you who are still struggling with life problems but still have a sense of caring and empathy for others, congratulations! You can still help others while overcoming your own problems.

With the help of blockchain technology, a platform named Faba will realize your passion. Faba is an investment platform aimed at companies that spread positive impacts on others.

There are several fields that are the focus of Faba, particularly:

So, if you invest and buy tokens at Faba, it means you have contributed to helping other people in these fields. You only need to set aside a little of your money to invest, then go back to dealing with problems in your life. Yes, you don’t need to take much of your time to help other people, just need a little money.

Interestingly, you will get the fruits of this kind of investment. After the Faba partner company makes a profit, you will also get a percentage of that profit. Very cool, right? So, not only planting goodness, but you will also reap goodness.


1. Using blockchain technology

Faba connects traditional venture capital with blockchain technology. It will make it easier for cryptocurrency holders to invest in Faba. The use of blockchain greatly influences the ease and transparency of transactions.

2. Support companies that have a positive impact

This is an important point from Faba. By buying Faba tokens, we can invest our money in companies that have a positive impact on the environment and the world. So, indirectly, it can be said that we play a role in making this world better.

3. Getting inner satisfaction

The investment you make will be a good habit for you. Imagine, you have helped develop various companies in the field of FoodTech, BioTech, AI, Robotics and other sector agnostic opportunities. These fields are very important to overcome problems in this world.


Fabe Token is in the form of ETH (Ethereum). In the first round ICO, the value of the Fabe Token is $ 1. Meanwhile, in the second round ICO, the value of the Fabe Token rose to $ 1.3. The percentage of tokens distributed in the general public is 40%.


Fabe is the right platform to invest. If you are a supporter of good impacts, that is more appropriate. So even if you are working, you can still help expand good impacts by investing in Fabe.

So what are you waiting for?



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