TV-TWO is an all new ‘open content platform’ for individuals who are looking to amalgamate their regular television experience with that of “personalized video streaming” options.

The current Television Ecosystem is broken. TV networks around the world are abusing their market power as gatekeepers to increase prices for advertisers, lower payouts to content creators and drive up subscription costs for onsumers. They actively hinder innovation in content delivery and advertising technology in order to sustain their oligopolistic position and benefits. Many consumers are rightfully frustrated with the state of broadcast television. They enjoy the lean-back nature of a fixed program schedule, but would like to see more premium content personalized to their viewing patterns and interests. At the same time, tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix are looking to build their walled garden around the television ecosystem, eager to acquire more power through data and access to consumers.

TV-TWO offers the community a solution in form of an Open Platform for those who are curious about cutting the cord.

This includes:

First, an application for Connected TVs that blends traditional television with a personalized video stream offering premium content at no subscription costs. The video stream can always be opened with just one click of a button. Second, the Token for Television (TTV), an ERC20 token that administers the exchanged value between consumers, content providers and advertisers. We propose a new ecosystem, where the trustless nature of the Ethereum blockchain makes it possible for market participants to interact directly without having to rely on middlemen. Consumers get to watch curated videos while receiving TTV for choosing to see sponsored messages from advertisers. Content creators are rewarded by users with TTV for their quality productions. The Token for Television will be offered to the community in a crowdsale. We will employ the new and improved standard of the Interactive Coin Offering as proposed by Jason Teutsch and Vitalik Buterin in order to guarantee a fairer and more transparent assignment process. The TTV crowdsale is especially relevant for advertisers that are looking for sponsored reach on the Big Screen. The Network Utility Expansion Mechanism is inherent to our model. Since no additional coins will be issued after the Interactive Coin Offering and each token has the reserved right to show ads to a fixed portion of the TV- TWO user base, each consumer that comes to the platform boosts the utility of the token.

Value Proposition

TV-TWO will bring the digital age to millions of living rooms around the world. We offer the community:

  1. An application for Connected TVs that blends broadcast television with a personalized and ad-supported video stream offering premium content on the Big Screen. While watching linear television through TV-TWO, the video stream can be accessed anytime by pressing Enter on the remote control. The application establishes a new standard for TV advertising. Consumers are empowered to share data with advertisers on their terms. Advertisers can utilize user data and usage insights to reach consumers with more personalized and relevant messages that result in higher user satisfaction and return on ad spend.
  2. TheToken for Television (TTV), a token that administers the exchanged value between consumers, content providers and advertisers. Advertisers give tokens to users for watching sponsored videos and sharing anonymous user data. Content Providers get tokens and insights from users for offering premium video content. Consumers accumulate tokens that they can store in their wallet and offer on exchanges. We aim to establish a direct relationship between consumers, content providers and advertisers (see Figure 1). The individual players are empowered to pursue direct interactions on the blockchain, decentralizing the ecosystem as well as disarming oligopolistic TV networks, broadcast providers and tech giants, as they are actively hindering open innovation. In section A.1, we validate our claim that TV networks are organized as oligopolies. Based on learnings from the programmatic advertising space that is plagued with fraud, limited viewability and brand safety issues, we will leapfrog TV ahead by building transparency right into the core of the model.

TTV Ecosystem

The Platform
TV-TWO offers regular consumers of broadcast television an easy way to transition into a world with a personalized video stream.

TV-TWO Smart TV App
While watching broadcast television through TV-TWO, users can start a personalized video stream offering premium content at no subscription costsThe video stream acts as an additional channel and can be opened by pressing Enter on the remote controlBased on in-stream behavior, preferences in linear TV, surveys and other data, a supervised learning algorithm selects suitable videos from a broad selection of high quality contentThe following video categories exist: Movies, Music, News and Politics, Travel and Nature, Food and Beverages, Fashion and Beauty, Sports, Cars, Technology, Gaming, and Education ,The Blockchain TV networks and broadcasters exploit their position as middlemen

We encourage direct interactions between consumers, content providers and advertisers


Get to use a platform that blends linear TV with a personalized video stream curated by a supervised learning algorithm, enabling more organic content variety and relevance without having to pay a monthly subscription feeExperience the freedom to skip videos and ads as well as the chance to select ad frequencyReceive rewards for watching relevant sponsored messages as well as sharing anonymous data with advertisers through the TTV.

Content Providers

Receive the chance to generate reach on television sets without having to sign a contract with a TV network, giving small creators that focus on quality videos an equal share of voice as determined by watch statistics instead of clicksGet full transparency on watch statistics for their videos without having to trust a single centralized platformCan refinance their content more easily by profiting from high media spends that go towards TV.


Receive targeting and attribution features as well as the automated media booking on TV that they know from digital advertisingGet per user reporting on ad engagement and organic video context without falling victim to fraud or non-transparent KPI reportingCan address users on the basis of their first-party data without having to hand over data to TV-TWO or a third-party.

The Token


The TV-Two platform will be employing the use of a token called TTV for conducting all business operations within its ecosystem.

In all, there will be a total of 500,000,000 that will be made available during the sale period. Additionally, there will be a soft cap of 2,500 ETH, and a hard cap of 50,000 ETH in place.

The sale is due to commence on the 24th of February, 2018, and conclude on the 24th of March. In terms of the pricing of TTV we can see that 1ETH = 10,000 TTV.

Token Distribution Scheme

As per the official company whitepaper, the allocation of tokens will be done as follows

75% of all TTV will be made available to investors via the token sale.

15% of the currency pool has been set aside for use by the founders of TV-Two.

6% have been reserved for the core development team.

The remaining 4% will be used for promotional campaigns and incentives.

Allocation Of Funds

60% of all collected revenue will be used for further platform development and engineering.

14% will be used for marketing purposes (so as to increase the widespread appeal of TV-Two).

20% will be distributed among company partners, as well as to cover for legal expenses.

The remaining 6% will be reserved for the creation of a contingency fund (in case of any market crashes, emergencies etc).

We redistribute the $180 billion television ad cake of networks and broadcasters

For their Road map check:


Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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