Blockchain technology has come to stay. It has slowly revolutionized many industries and have positively affected them. Blockchain advancements enables faster transactions worldwide. With blockchain came cryptocurrencies, starting from Bitcoin down to many new cryptocurrencies that emerge everyday. Most of these Cryptocurrencies are being traded on exchanges. The problem with these exchanges is that most of them they lack security and have in the past encountered several security issues which have made traders lose trust in them. Many exchanges have encountered loss of funds arising from theft by cyber criminals and most times these exchanges do not refund their users who fell victim of such accounts. Well the good news is here, ProBit is here to make a change.


ProBit is a decentralized peer to peer exchange built on the blockchain technology for traders who wish to make use of digital asset exchanges. Probit aims to provide a platform where traders can filully explore the potentials of trading their digital assets.

Probit is a global exchange built by seasoned professionals as a secure market place where traders can trade and exchange their cryptocurrencies.


The ProBit platform doesn’t not only offers exchanges of cryptocurrencies but it guarantees user funds security. Even in a case of hack or security breach (which has about 0.5% chance of occurrence), every uses fund will be safe because 95% of the funds traded on the exchange are stored offline to guarantee its safety and the safety of users.

Probit is no ordinary exchange platform, it is different and sophisticated. In the near future after its launch, it will become a hybrid exchange which will offer Coin-to-Coin (c2c) exchanges which is a major area that is lacking and desperately needed in the cryptocurrency market.

Probit Will also offer a world class standard trading engine that allows for fast transaction processing speed of 1,500,000tps.

Lastly, ProBit in its professionalism offers traders an easy to navigate user interface and a customizable dashboard in which traders design their dashboards to suit their trading needs.


1. SECURITY: As loss of funds on exchanges are on the rise, traders need a solution and a solution to this is ProBit. ProBit is the most secure exchange to trade on. With ProBit, traders can be at rest that their hard earned funds are safe.

2. HIGH LISTING AND TRADING FEES; To list your cryptocurrency on some changes, you have to empty all your pocket and life time savings. Here, ProBit offers free listing of coins that are worth it.

3. SLOW PROCESSING SPEED; Many exchanges have caused traders to lose large amounts of funds because of how slow it processes transactions. ProBit will offer a high processing speed of 1.5million tps.


ProBit takes security to be a priority thereby ensuring that all users of its platform and traders have their funds kept safely.

ProBit also encrypts users data using encryption algorithm technology.

ProBit offers an easy to use and seamless interface which can be used by all level of traders.


The ProBit token (PROB) is the utility token at ProBit Exchange. PROB provides benefits for traders including trading fee discounts, voting rights for listing of new tokens, increased referral bonus, and early access to new features on the platform. PROB is currently in the Pre-Sale phase where participants can get a special 10% bonus upon purchasing the ProBit Token.

The PROBIT TOKEN (PROB) is a utility token which will serve different purposes on the exchange. PROB would be used as trading fees for traders who use the exchange to carry out trading transactions. The PROB TOKEN would also be used to pay users who refer other people to use ProBit exchange.

The TOKEN SALES; Pre-sale and Private sales round of the ProBit token were very successful. ProBit Exchange has currently scheduled its one day Main Sale event for the ProBit Token (PROB) which will take place on the 11th of December, 2018. The ProBit Token would be sold to buyers at just 0.2$ per token during the main Sale period. Participants will not get any bonus as the Pre-Sale round has offered 10% to those who purchased Tokens. If you would like to make a purchase, kindly visit

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