Decentralized Exchange platforms are online marketplaces where crypto enthusiasts trade cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies have become one type of investment aside bank investment and the vast majority seem to appreciate the exceptional yields on Investment despite its unpredictability. Cryptocurrencies was first generated by Satoshi Nakamoto as another medium through which people can pay for exchanges conducted aside the use of fiat currency and other electronic payment methods. The increase in the every day use of cryptocurrencies and Beginning Coin Offerings of blockchain projects have led to the development of many decentralized exchange platforms.

The greater part of these platforms are not secured enough and likewise they have a very poor working trading platform making exchanges very moderate on the platform. Among the rundown of countless exchange platforms that are in the crypto network, Probit Exchange platforms is one of the best and secured exchange platforms that any crypto enthusiasts can ever trade on.

Probit Decentralized Exchange platform has been designed with the very best of trading engine to ensure a very quick trading platform where crypto enthusiasts can direct their trading activities. The greater part of the times, leading trading on some prominent exchange platforms is very time devouring and in such a volatile universe of the crypto network timeliness is a very essential factor. In view of that, the developers of Probit Exchange platform has designed the platform to the extent that around 1,500,000 exchanges can be conducted in a second.

This is an astounding development which I have not seen among existing exchange platforms. The days where sometimes crypto enthusiasts pass up some quick siphon in prices of cryptocurrencies are over with the development of Probit Exchange platform.

In terms of security, Probit exchange platform is among the best as it has set up several security measures to ensure that the assets of its users are kept safe and free from theft. The security set up by the team to safeguard the assets of members on the platform includes the use of chilly wallet to move about 95% of the assets on the trading platform to the cool wallet. This system to keep the assets safely in an offline wallet to prevent hackers and other cyber fraudsters from approaching the assets of users in case users mistakenly share their sign in details with others.

Investment into cryptocurrencies have gone viral over the previous year and such a significant number of investors are going ahead board when it comes to cryptocurrecy investments.

The vast majority of these people are crypto noobs and hence don’t have in-depth experience in the trading on exchange platforms. However, most existing exchange platforms have quite an advanced realistic user interface which makes it quite troublesome for these crypto noobs to interact on the platform.

Probit sets the difference by designing a trading platform that has an essential and simple user interface which the average crypto enthusiasts can familiarize himself with. To make things simpler for its members, the Probit Exchange platform has been designed to enable users customize their dashboard to suit themselves.

Many exchange platforms pursue the ordinary the present state of affairs of utilizing only Bitcoin and Ethereum as the available trading pairs. This limits other traders who are holders of other significant cryptocurrencies like EOS, USDT, Ripple etc. Probit exchange platform enables its members to trade in several pairs of cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, EOS to prevent the extra expense of converting one cryptocurrency to another equitable to purchase tokens.

The instability of cryptocurrency requires a regular check up with exchange platforms yet most decentralized exchange platforms must be accessed on the web platform. Probit decentralized exchange platform is additionally compatible with both Android and IOS devices to ensure that crypto enthusiasts can engage in trading activities wherever that they are.


The native cryptocurrency for Probit Decentralized Exchange platform is the PROB Token and this token would be used to pay for posting fees, exchange fees and withdrawal fees. The total measure of PROB Token that would be ever generated is 200,000,000 and investors who invest into the buying of the PROB Tokens amid this ICO phase are being awarded with a reward package.

The Probit Team increases the liquidity of the PROB Token by permitting project managers to purchase the tokens and submit it as posting fees. With the consistent obtaining of the PROB Tokens its value would increase as there would be a steady demand by project managers who seek to list their tokens the advanced trading platform of Probit.


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The team members behind every project is a very key factor upon any investment in the crypto network. The team members behind this project are very well-experienced people who are very talented and able in their field of disciplines and with their dedicated sprit, they are committed to making this a project a very successful one. Below are some of the team members, please refer to the website or whitepaper to see the entire team behind this project.

Probit Decentralized Exchange platform offers greatest security to ensure that the assets of its members are not stolen by hackers as we hear happen on other exchange platforms which have even led to the collapse of the greater part of them. Moreover, it additionally offers the very best of trading platform in terms of user interface and quick exchanges. I encourage project managers of the numerous ICOs that are springing forward in the cryptospace to look no where other than Probit Decentralized Exchange platform to have their tokens listed. Potential investors should likewise come on board and partake in the progressing Private Sale of the PROB Tokens.



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