The ELIXIR is the Platform Providing amusement engineers ,decentralized and straightforward Game isn’t only for excitement, yet it is a human need now, in light of the fact that many advantages are acquired when we play the diversion. The present amusement advancement is extremely quick. Maybe we are not comfortable with computer games yet, which is played just in reality like a diversion traditional. Solution’s birystem stage for amusements are considered in mid 2016 to Provide diversion engineers and gamers that are protected, helpful, and stage and a decentralized economy. Concentrating on creative thoughts, the stage will work to enable diversion designers to transform their gaming idea into reality As a reliable gamer, some studios are beginning to lose their imposing business model on this industry. Autonomous engineers with incredible diversion ideas and leap forward thoughts are by and large held just for absence of assets and Support. Mixture’s essential objective is to democratize the gaming business by aiding autonomously designers free themselves from these snags, accordingly guaranteeing that the gaming business can accomplish the decent variety and amusement esteem expected of the computerized future. The advancement of diversions can be extraordinarily enhanced by utilizing more straightforward techniques and by advancing more noteworthy group engagement. The Elixir subsidize bolster stage will work to guarantee the best of visionaries, from young people beside skilled groups Insanely free, all got a similar opportunity to do their idea amusement to the world and get much supported, in this way understanding his fantasy of distributing their own particular titles. Solution will principally be a stage supporting the horde of gaming ventures that will enable the amusement thought to work out as expected reasonably and productively. Solution won’t just do it give speedier and more helpful smaller scale bargains amusement money however will likewise give full framework and diversion economy for use by distributers, studios and free engineers. At long last, totally The conferred group of Lixcoin does not require another billion dollar spending plan creating and dispersing amusements is only a thought. Not just that Elixir will trigger amusement economy by giving a stage to make and oversee diversion resources for be enlisted on decentralized blockchain. Once enlisted in blockchain, taking an interest amusement clients can exchange resources either in-diversion or through wallet trade. The worldwide gaming business sector will achieve USD 108.9 billion universally by 2017, with an expanding offer of autonomous engineers and specialists. Cases of in-amusement resources that will be exchanged the genuine economy will be gold mint pieces, arrive and property, weapons, collectibles, and different things. Players will have the capacity to swap weapons in diversions, currencies, merchandise, accumulations, calfskin traditions, and adjustments and different things in a decentralized market and through trade wallets. The diversion thing itself will be a benefit on blockchain. They fill in as a standard resource in blockchain, with particular esteems in-diversion portrayals as amusement resources or monetary forms that will be effectively exchanged on the load of the wallet without the requirement for outsider trade. Lix tries to enable players to trade amusement things outside the diversion condition and reality. This will make an extra income stream for each kind of substance makers who partake in the gaming business. From an innovation point of view, Lix is based on LPOS waves. Settled supply: In-diversion things or uncommon collectibles. Inexhaustible inventories: Items that can be expended, for example, sustenance and assets. Cost to issue resources: At dispatch, 2 Lix coins. Stock Inventory: Fixed and not settled. Resource information: Hash stockpiling, reminder ID, and content information. Working calculation Leased Proof-Of-Stake (LPOS), Elixir system will be secured by a disseminated hub arrange, and the client’s wallet. Because of the novel idea of the system, it will enable amusement designers to do token or resources that likewise work in light of Proof-of-Stake (POS), to take into account swelling arrangements that might be required in bigger diversion environments, for example, those on the Eve Online scale or Second Life. Coin name: Elixir/Lix coin Ticker: LIX Algo: LPOS Supply: 100,000,000 Full Nodes: 10,000 RoadMap Allocation of Token ESCROW Funds made amid ICO will be held in the magazine’s multi-signature wallet which might be discharged from accounts with 2 of 3 marks.

Fellow benefactor – CEO – Yogesh Panjabi

Yogesh is a worldwide serial IT business person, having run organizations everywhere throughout the world with a
lone ranger’s in equipment building and an ace’s in frameworks administration. He has been a digital currency examiner and financial specialist since 2014, and is responsible for the fundamental operations for the

LIX Platform project.

Prime supporter Chief of Marketing – Gaitchs Gangmei

Author of the LIX Platform project, Gaitchs holds a graduate degree in human science, is a sound build by calling and a specialist amusement developer in C#. He holds immense experience working with the Unity diversion motor and has likewise been working all day in piece chain innovation since 2015.

Fellow benefactor CTO – Alessandro Sanino

Alessandro hails from Italy and is an ace in Golang Cloud Services and cloud security. Alessandro is responsible for all parts of Technology and Security for the LIX Coin venture. He is additionally a glad open source adherent, with a considerable measure of github commitments.

Fellow benefactor – Chief of Community – Adarsh Singh

Adarsh is the entrepeneur and visionary behind the ADAM Project. As a graduate in mechanical designing from the Rajasthan Technical University. He is as of now a full time cryptographic money merchant and started exchanging 2014. Hitherto his exchanging comes about have been marvelous. He is moreover the originator of the best exchanging slack on the web which as of now has near a thousand individuals.

Senior Consultant – Saint Kamei

A storied graduated class of Hewlett-Packard’s Consumer Strategic Center, he has 10 years of involvement in Business Development. He is right now working as methodology and arrangement specialist.

Head of Marketing – Miguel Azevedo

Miguel began in the computerized advertising space in 2011. He likewise began at Microsoft and after that relocated to the quick paced business of versatile execution advertising. Around here he begun as an entry level position and climbed to Product and Design group administration propelling imaginative items and ideas.

Lead Graphic Designer – João Vicente

Working with versatile execution showcasing and various application ventures since 2012. Fixated with dispersing, text styles, and arrangements. No plan goes live if it’s not pixel culminate. Works quick, finds the issues, offers arrangements. Venture Manager – Jason Chadwick Examined brain science at University of Stuttgart. Have a 20 year foundation in protection industry as a product mentor, showing peace promotion classes, later on went to a lower administration position that additionally includes venture administration for an assortment of tasks in an operational condition, and substance distributing.


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