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Hello, my value readers. today we will talk about a new project. I have always expressed my belief in real-life projects based on real problems.only problems need solutions, Cryptonity aims to be an exchange that many Cryptocurrency and useful users will respect simultaneously providing a platform in a comprehensive, safe, transparent and the most collaborative market in the world. I wish you pleasant readings.

What precisely is CRYPTONITY?

Cryptonity is presenting an exchange that gives a whole game plan of mechanical assemblies and features is an extensively simply more troublesome desire. At Cryptonity, we know about the time, self-adventure, vitality and persistent work an assignment like this solicitations. Regardless, we do assume that the present exchanges, including the people who have been in the market for a long time, can be upgraded from various perspectives. Perfection is hard to reach, anyway we attempt to gravitate toward to it, as much as we can.

In perspective of our experiences in cryptographic cash as intermediaries and excavators who have been dynamic customers of current stages, we do assume that we have the learning and the capacities anticipated that would make the advanced cash exchange you’ve been sitting tight for.

Cryptonity Token will be an utility token and its cost will hence mirror its utility. An eminent component of having Cryptonity Token is the proprietor will get a lifetime rebate of half on Cryptonity Exchange expenses. Notwithstanding that the proprietors get the benefit to partake to particular highlights, for example, the vote in favor of the “Coin of the Month”. It is the need of great importance to dispatch such exchanging trade where it is open for everybody. Each dealer was searching for a trade that is straightforward and advantageous and above all safe and straightforward. What’s more, in increments dealers like lower exchanging and withdrawal charges.


The motivation behind this type of Cryptonity is to mean to be a trade that numerous Cryptocurrency and valuable clients will regard.

The Cryptonity stage likewise intends to give a stage in an exhaustive, sheltered, straightforward and the most shared market on the planet.

Obviously, you can guarantee that this stage is prepared to be utilized by Cryptocurrency clients from amateurs to the individuals who as of now have involvement in the field of Cryptocurrency. in this way, for fledgling clients you never again need to stress over extortion, and in addition the learners can likewise ask the accomplished with the goal that you can additionally grow assist about cryptographic money.


They give clients most ergonomic and performant exchanging instruments like;

security instruments

coordinating motor

fiat stores and withdrawals

verification of-stake wallets, staking and masternode

forks and airdrops

examination and technique devices

Points of interest of Cryptonity Exchange

Cryptonity shows up, with the purpose of giving the most aggregate, secure, clear and shared exchange arrange in the market.

The exchange is basically confined by a social affair of a couple of shippers and excavators who are specialists in their different fields and have strong data and aptitudes to build the exchange arrange. By then the objectives include:

Outfit the most secure exchange arrange with the best known social event of security authorities in the market, survey two times each year by a get-together of self-sufficient associations and disseminate audit results on the site to take care of straightforwardness.

To set up an assurance approach for clients if there ought to be an event of mishaps if the excahnge has been appropriated by some anonymus gathering.

Check the aggregate relationship with the customers through a couple of correspondence channels and get the clients to partake in a prevalent headway of the phase by taking emotions on various purposes of interest.


The token to be passed on is called Cryptonity Token, with the ticker XNY.

The Cryptonity Token will continue running on the ethereum Blockchain, with the course of action to develop a Cryptonity had Blockchain soon in which work will start totally on after token arrangement.

Cryptonity Token will be an utility token and its esteem related to its utility. The token will yield its proprietors a lifetime discount of half on Cryptonity Exchange costs.

It will similarly enable its proprietors to share to specific features, for instance, the vote for the “Coin of the Month”

Token Sales

Token Symbol: XNY

Token Type: ERC20

Total Token Supply: 100.000.000

Token Price: 0.23 $

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