Alive Casino is the first cryptocurrency casino in the world to offer a virtual reality gambling experience.

Introducing Alive Casino

Alive Casino is an online gambling platform explicitly designed to integrate Blockchain and take advantage of the latest developments in VR technology. Alive has developed several partnerships and adopted the technology needed to provide a variety of player opportunities, including VR games that will be played starting on the first day. Thanks to the 360º view of this virtual casino, players will feel as if they are in a real 3D casino where all players will be able to play reels and find genuinely interactive slot games.

Not only that, but the VR experience also continues with the possibility of players to enjoy live dealer games that are seamlessly integrated into VR Casino. And players will not only be able to interact with their dealers in real time but can also chat with them.

The goal of Alive Casino is to be able to provide the latest gaming technology experience that integrates the best online casinos with the charm and interactivity of the physical. According to Alive Casino, social experience is a priority, and therefore social networking features have been integrated into casinos at every level.

The combination of social interaction, meeting new friends and communicating with the dealer itself will bring social experience to the next level. Through the integration of proven social-media features, proven games, and cutting-edge VR technology, Alive strives to provide an exceptional playing experience.

Therefore, Alive Casino will give you the opportunity to visit a land-based casino without having to leave home. After VR Casino is set and launched, all players get a 360-degree view of fully interactive slots, direct dealer tables, sports bars, and exciting skill games. In addition to VR Casino, the plaque will also provide all types of traditional games, including sports with more than 55,000 pre-match events each month.

Main Function of Alive Casino

Among the many functions offered, here are four main functions that can be enjoyed by people who participate.

  1. Payment
    Alive token holders will be able to store their tokens together with cryptocurrency and other files to be ready to start playing during the initial stages of the placard. Token Alive will be useful to be able to access exclusive token holder features just like early game releases and special events.
  2. Profit
    Among the many tokens out there, token Alive (AL) is the most profitable. Every three months, 40% of Alive’s casino profits will be distributed among token holders who have their tokens stored in the Alive’s Hold wallet.
  3. Payments in other cryptocurrencies
    Because payments in some cryptocurrencies to placards will be accepted, profit distribution will be made in each of these currencies, proportionally. BTC, ETH, USDT, and AL tokens will be distributed quarterly to each token holder.
  4. High demand assets
    Token Alive will always have a high demand for exchanges. As a rule, every three months, the Alive internal token engineer will burn 5% of all AL tokens that the house produces every quarter, thus reducing the supply of tokens. This is also to make higher volume, and token requests, newly developed virtual reality games will only be accessible with Token Alive.

This article is a brief introduction to Alive Casino. You can read the full explanation on the Whitepaper or visit the official website at

Alive Casino Team and Community

Alive Casino is happy to invite everyone to join them through social media on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin

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