The First Islamic Crypto Money Exchange: AdabSolutions


AdabSolutions is a venture planned by an accomplished group with the end goal to react to an essential need of vast masses. The point of the task is to make the primary crypto cash trade that is perfect with the good and social qualities ​​of the Islamic world, as the crypto-cash stages in which crypto-cash resources are assessed can’t meet the desires for the Islamic world.

ADAB Solutions is developing the FICE – First Islamic Crypto Exchange, in perspective of the gauges of Shariah. In this way, the execution of the ADAB Solutions undertaking will make an overall establishment, that chips away at the principles of Islamic back, and the system that coordinates the headway of Islamic crypto-budgetary viewpoints.

Why AdabSolutions?

Novel venture. The main crypto cash trade as per the Islamic back standards of the world. This makes an open door for the Islamic world to enter the crypto cash trade. In the event that we discuss the figures, the yearly budgetary development rate of the Islamic monetary world is 12% and resources surpass 2 trillion dollars. You will approach the crypto-cash stage of such a rich and expansive capital.

The expense of the token is just 0.1 dollars and there is a sensible and unsurprising development intend to build its esteem.

FICE (the primary Islamic Crypto Money Exchange) is the main crypto cash trade in its structure with the Islamic Finance and Sharia Advisory Board. It is completely extraordinary for this crypto advertise.

Notwithstanding citizenship and/or religious relations, everybody can be potential financial specialists

As a result of the equity, genuineness and built up principles realized by Islamic gauges, a stage will be made where everybody can pick up a solid wage.

About Adab Solutions

With the ultimate objective to ADAB Solutions as a computerized cash undertaking to be Halal, it is expected to realize the going with measures:

The change of the endeavor will be established on the creative undertakings of the facilitators and their work. According to the gauges of Islamic ethics, it is right that the wellspring of wealth is guarantee work inputs and the spearheading attempts.

First Islamic Crypto Exchange will thoroughly keep away from the probability of hypothetical trades, edge trading and exercises that don’t measure up to Shariah. This will dismiss the Gharar and Maisir and Riba from created by the Exchange.

Points of interest of tokens

Coin Name and Symbol: ADAB

Coin unit cost: $ 0.1

Least reserve required: $ 2,500,000

Greatest finances that can be gathered (hardcap): $ 18,700,000

Speculation sum requirements: Minimum $ 100

It is delivered as per ERC-20 guidelines in the square of Etherum.

More information about the project can be on the links provided below:


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