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Cryptocurrencies are becoming a global phenomenon amidst talk that they can replace fiat currencies in the nearest future. Cryptocurrencies adoption continues to gain momentum in parts of the world’s progression towards a cashless society. The fact that some people nowadays, transact through electronic money continues to affirm suggestions that cryptocurrencies could be the currencies of the future. Even with people adopting and accepting cryptocurrencies in transactions and also as part of them, only few people know the difference between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Fiat currency and cryptocurrency are opposite of one another. While fiat currency is cash money mostly issued by government and controlled centrally by central authorities often acts as a ledger tender and not necessarily backed by a physical commodity instead based on the credit of the economy. Cryptocurrency on the other hand is a cashless, digital system whereby transactions are either done virtually, digitally. It serves and acts a medium of exchange between two participants or among traders/exchangers not controlled by anybody be it the government or any central authority of such. It is not influenced by the law of demand and supply. No one can change or manipulate it unless certain conditions are met and often times, it’s Blockchain and decentralized, meaning it is totally secured and information’s are securely stored.

No doubt that the digital currency is superior over all aspect when been compared to the fiat currency. And this was why in 2017, the world had a mark in history when Bitcoin rose and made lots of people millionaires and later that year, it depreciated. But nevertheless, its benefits are superior to the later as it is void from central authority, secured fast transactions and most importantly it has lower transaction fees. Still, cryptocurrency has its flaws. Some of which are it is so difficult to understand as most people have very little or no knowledge about it, slow means of transaction, high fees rates, security, and volatility. With this, different cryptocurrencies started sprouting up with the aim of making a difference. But 95% of them were not actually for the people, they were created for their own gains. While some came and stayed for a little while before it collapsed, others were either not secured, had high transaction rates, very slow in transactions/trading, does not support multiplicity in trading, low market liquidity, bad interface, poor customer support services, not reliable and trusted. All these are problems that face the cryptocurrency world today. 
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In a bid to solve these gigantic problems, a great team of intelligence and innovative mind decided to create one encompassing platform that can help to solve the problems that are in existence in the crypto world today giving them a wonderful and best experience. An experience such that even when been compared with other platforms, they can see the difference and still choose it over and over again. This platform created is called BCNEX. For more understanding, I would want to explain what Bcnex is and why it’s so different from the rest.
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BCNEX is a decentralized Blockchain platform built on Ethereum made in Vietnam and registered in Singapore with the sole purpose of eliminating the problems that seems to excavate in the crypto world today. Bcnex is an incubator of Blockchain technology startups. To stand out and to bring out the best, it has a very strong technical architecture from high performance web application development to a more reliable, trusted and fast API function. Thousands of bots are been deployed into this platform which makes transactions and trading super fast and swift all counting and delivering within seconds unlike other platforms which takes time which may sometimes lead to failure and cancellation or often times results in double charges. Its architecture uses micro services which makes transactions very fast and also enable and make the division of services possible into different data base which allows easy modifications and scale when needed without compromising the whole system.
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Bcnex is an international trading platform that is widely recognized and gives users the opportunities and the options to choose from wherever way or means of digital assets they want to make transactions with. Transactions and trading has never been made easy with accessibility, one can easily make use of this awesome platform with a desktop as well as with any mobile mobile phones s it supports all kinds which is very easy to understand, operate and trade with.
bcnex image3.jpgBcnex has a wide variety of digital assets around the world which makes exchange and trading in Blockchain token fun with wide varieties of digital assets one is willing to trade with. Bcnex is highly secured and very stable as users/investors information’s are highly tucked in because the system is built on micro service architecture, dividing the services and information’s. it is also Blockchain meaning, all information’s are linked and saved. It also has a user-friendly interface which makes operating and trading fun, and also has a good and quality customer support system which supports and helps any users that maybe in need of any assistance always available 24/7.
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Bcnex is a trading breeding platform where any cryptocurrency digital users from all over the world irrespective of the tokens or coins one want to trade with, can join and be active. It supports wide varieties of mainstream cryptocurrencies which will further be expand. In other to be supportive of the system, Bcnex will constantly expand their offering with quality tokens. Bcnex further eliminates intermediaries and emissaries as transactions will be dealt with first hand and encourages peer-to-peer transactions making transactions not only smooth but fast and less costly.
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The unique vision of Bcnex is to be an outstanding ecosystem of trading that seeks to give users the best experience while trading by eliminating the problems that’s seeks to be in existence in the world.


The aim of Bcnex is to maximize customer value and to give hem the best experience , far better than any other platform.
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 Fast
 Accurate in transfer
 Decentralized
 Blockchain technology
 Easily accessible and easy usage
 Secured
 Stable
 Reliable
 Transparent
 High liquidity with quality sources
 Best price possible
 Maximization of users profits
 Time and friendly customer service support
 Inter and intra exchange
 Very simple and cost minimized
 Multi-language
 Ability to trade with any digital assets without any barrier
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Token name: BCNX token
Symbol: BCNX
Token type: ERC23
Total supply: 200,000,000
Country: Belize
Minimum investment: $100
Public sale: 100,000,000
Token price: from $0.15 to $0.45
Additional tokens: No
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USDT, BCN
Soft cap: $2,000,000
Hardcap: $30,000,000
Token distribution: 15 days after the end of the ICO
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Public token sale: 50%
Founders and ad visors team: 38%
Angel investors: 5%
Bounty and incentives: 2%
Token reserve: 5%
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Public sale: 50%
Team and advisor: 38%
Angel investors: 5%
Bounty program and incentives: 2%
Future use: 5%
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Platform development: 40%
Branding and marketing: 40%
Legal, confidential and auditing: 10%
Reserve fund: 10%
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Marketing research, Blockchain trading platform conceptualization
Talent and key personnel recruitment
Design system architecture finalize basic functions of the platform

Continue to upgrade the system, develop the Bcnex trading engine
Conduct legal formalities and finalize the whitepaper
Angel funding round

Legal and market plan for Bcnex token sale event
Token sale event launch, Bcnex trading platform officially goes live
Develop the initial idea of Bcnexstartup ecosystem

Experiment and proceed to introduce margin trading
To be announced
To be announced
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This awesome project was created and developed by a team of innovative ideas meant to make a difference from the rest of other cryptocurrencies. As shown below, these are the team members that made it possible.
Ngo Hoang Quyen: CO-Founder & CEO
VO Tuann Anh: Co-founder and CFO
Pham Van Phuong: Co0founder and CTO
Nguyen Hoang Lien Son: Product director
Nguyen Dinh Huan: Product manager
Nguyen Quang Trung: Front-end lead
Nguyen Minh Hoang: Back-end lead
Ho Van Hien: Senior developer
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Tran Quang: Angel investor
Nguyen Anh Dung: Angel investor
Hua Xuan Bao: Angel investor
Ha Quoc Cuong: Angel investor
Truong Thai Nguyen: Angel investor
Nguyen Cong Dung: Angel investor
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From above one can see its architecture are best models which helps bring Bcnex to life and differentiates Bcnex from every other services or platform because it brings the best experience to users and lovers of cryptocurrency. It has a stable system built on micro services architecture, it has a order matching system, a multi-layered security system, a well structured wallet for users optimization and a friendly users interface. This is an awesome project.I implore you to please be part of it. Please kindly visit any of the links below for more information’s.

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Written by: Ogkendra

Bitcointalk url:;u=2561447
Wallet address: 0x86AA07965B08a0D1C7a633C808d4461Be956e1bc
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