The GSC Platform Review

I’m back with another astonishing review still on blockchain you know ever since the invention of blockchain technology, blockchain has face alot of challenges which alot of visionaries and analysis and different developers around the globe have put in their efforts to tackle this problem but it seems the more they put in their efforts the more complicated issues keep surfacing on daily basis, but the main reason for blockchain invention was to solve problems and to save humanity from some unnecessary stress and hand them a decentralized platform where transparency is achieved, blockchain also offer fast transaction speed while increasing the trust between dealers (the buyer and the seller)

And so far so good blockchain has been able to tackle and transform the payment system in most part of the world and still moving (decentralized payment system) but after many years of research by MAXIME LEGROS

He came up with a problem that needs to be solved and it can only be solved through the help of the biggest revolution of our time BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY… Provided with more than 7 years of experience as a purchaser in the

aviation industry, Maxime Legros has noticed that tools and communication channels

available do not fit, leading to a deadweight loss for their company. After discovering

blockchain technology in 2016, studying technologies such as Ethereum, Maxime sees,

via blockchain, the ideal solution to improve purchasing processes.

“GSC ERP 3.0 will surely fit in to any company or organization no matter how big or small the company or the organization is the aim is to fasten and improve the level of transactions it going to improve purchaser’s efficiency.

GSC Platform : features : IT Platform regroups the

whole data cluster needed by the buyer

and supplier to manage the entirety of the

supply chain process:

System of alert.

Data analysis and supplier performance



administrative data and

accountancy storage

The whole supply chain follow-up is made by the tool IT Platform: process stages are chronologically

listed on the user’s personal dashboard and alerts can be sent.

ź The buyer, supplier and transporter are ensured to be delivered or paid on time, in accordance

with the smart contract managed inside the blockchain.

This blockchain ERP is compatible with any standard ERP (Oracle, SAGE, EBP Gescom, SAP, etc)

and creates interoperability between them.

Supplier’s ID index cards

Discovering suppliers is the longest and most tedious work

for the buyer, in terms of research, data compiling and sorting. It is how-

ever a critical stage since it allows integrating new suppliers, deemed

more innovative, faster, offering better quotes compared to the rest

of the competitors. Those ID index cards show all necessary details

to the buyer so that he has a global vision of each supplier. They can be

found on the user’s dashboard (IT Platform). The aim of this process is

to significantly reduce the discovery time so that a buyer can focus on integrating new supplie Gcs

Users are serene as their purchases are automatically managed by the blockchain. In just a few

clicks, they can add or change details on their dashboard. This aims to reduce their spending,

securing their internal process and protect them from industrial es


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