The HAI Project: Creating Intelligence available for all

A new era has come Technologies are changing the world. What previously seemed to be impossible, today is already the reality. So,let us understand what project HAI is all about.

HAI project is the first Hybrid Artificial Intelligence to combine 3 critical sectors that rule the economy of our environment even though we can’t see it so clearly.

The main purpose of HAI is to provide the chance to small business owners to compete against big companies with millions of dollars destined to market research and marketing, have the chance to do profitable trading and finally to protect themselves and their business from criminals of all over the world.

Creating a powerful Hybrid-AI combined with an ecofriendly infrastructure there are no boundaries, providing the opportunity to operate this HAI system through the use of the block chain technology (ERC20 tokens & Smart Contracts) all users with HAI tokens will be able to benefit from the project.

A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks (the most recent transactions) are recorded and added to it in chronological order, it allows market participants to keep track of digital currency transactions without central recordkeeping. Each node (a computer connected to the network) gets a copy of the blockchain, which is downloaded automatically.

Everyone wants to be financially free.

HAI projectis the newest sector, the biggest opportunity for small business owners and even titans in the industry, a way to know exactly what your potential customers want, who are they, where can you focus your attention and many other questions a business makes before even creating a product can be answered by the study of massive information, known as Big Data but applied to what many business owners need Business Intelligence.


Traditional AI systems are very expensive and not available to normal users, with HAI game changes, providing a cheap and powerful AI capable of:

1 – Market Prediction

In order to have a successful trading experience, hours or even days of research is needed to decide when to trade, normal people do not have the time, you do not have that time.

HAI does heavy lifting so you can spend time doing what you really love, but if you are deep into HAI market research can help you make better decisions, 1 HAI and 1 brain is better than just brains.

2- Hunting Threats

Attackers become smarter and increase the complexity of their tools, it is HAI that will protect you and even your business these criminals, using threat hunting, malware analysis, and behavioral analysis techniques.

3 – Decision Making

Business Intelligence can help small businesses to increase their sales by providing a robust analysis of possible scenarios, market research, and product development. Just because we do not start with a lot of resources, that does not mean we can not do it competing with bigger competitors, HAI provides cheap research and decision making a helper platform for you and your ideas.

Market opportunity

The three sectors chosen to be the core of the first HAI have grown very rapidly in the last decade because globalization and technology are very helpful providing more data and analytics tools as well we are in an era of specialization where we have more workers prepared for complicated tasks , but, with a crazy growth rate, chances for something bad happen to increase.

 HAl Token and ICO details

To attract holders of HAl, Smart-Contract platforms will be released that allow users to lend their HAl tokens to other users who want to use HAl for personal / business purposes. Loan Percentage increases up to 10% of total Loan token value, each token It will be taken from exchange with the most volume to take Liquidity as a factor.

The profit from the Loan program will be released at the same time as the HAl token. Each Smart-Contract created from our platform will differ according to the requirements of each user, referring to: Duration, Number of HAl required, and Option to extend the duration or / and amount required, Lend with purchase options and so on. Customization comes from both sides of the application, which previously was from the buyer’s point of view, as for the token adjustment provider comes with the Loan preferences eg desired loan rate, loan processing duration, options to sell, the option to extend the Loan time and other options.

At the very beginning the HAI tokens will be issued using the Ethereum Platform, creating 70,000,000 HAI. Once the ICO is over and the main block chain is launched a token swap

is planned, migrating to an independent network with no congestions, big fees or scalability


Many AI systems are owned by big companies; HAI Project is meant to be owned by the people and aims to become the first public AI service at anyone’s disposal using tokens ascomputing power as described above.

Token Supply & Sale

The implementation of the tokens will be through a Smart Contract which is going to generate tokens according to Pre-ICO and ICO orders the rates specified below

There is a tokens had cap of 100MILLION HAI tokens


Bonuses : 5%

Research : 5%

Team : 5%

Advisor : 5%

Pre-ICO : 15%

ICO : 56%

6,000,000 HAI

Total Tokens for ICO

15,000,000 HAI

Tokens for Pre-ICO:

35,000,000 HAI

Tokens for ICO Phase

30,000,000 HAI

Tokens for ICO Phase 2

TOTAL TOKENS:100,000,000 HAI


In case the ICO process doesn’t reach the hard cap the remaining tokens will be burned giving a higher value to bought HAI tokens in the Pre-ICO and ICO phase since HAI Project is public and open to the funds allocation will be too, the main plain for the funds is for research hardware operations and marketing.


In order to hit the business sector in HAI’s large corporate physical examples will be provided to be connected within the corporate network, allowing HAI to shine in cyber security that works as a sheriff inside the network that acts as

almost every security network. devices commonly found within the network as well as for the financial sector, the same HAI box can be used, but with benefits, examine the daily actions of brokers and results that provide

more accurate predictions in the future, but not the HAI examples can work as well in research work by an authorized agent.

A HAI Box is a physical device with the ability to run local instances of HAI (internet connection required) as it will act as an extension of HAI with a simplified dashboard and customized according to the client’s requirements. From a more technical perspective, each HAI Box will uniquely use normal computer components with a dedicated Linux distro created to interact with the main HAI network and with a limited set of capabilities to run only the activities specified in service contracts signed with clients to protect the borrower us and avoid network abuse.



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