The HERO Token ICO by a Company Backed by Alibaba and Softbank


The ICO market today is very crowded, this we already know. It is hard to pick out the good signals out of the bad ones. Given the hype, I am now looking at projects that are being started by teams that have built successful projects before. Why? Because it reduces the speculative elements. If the team is good and can execute on their vision, then they automatically are much better than a completely new team because you’ve reduced your investment risk. Irrespective of the idea, it is the execution that is very challenging. How many people had come up with ‘social media on blockchain’ type ideas before Steemit actually built a product? Those are the kinds of projects I am looking to back in new ICOs.


Enter PawnHero. It is a company based out of the Philippines and creates an online pawn shop, so that anyone with a smartphone can pawn any asset that they have by shipping it to one centralized location. This drastically reduces operations cost including paying for the pawn shop rent, security, management, inventory, etc. In fact, the company has been so successful to scale that they charge around half of what traditional pawn shops charge, and have assets ranging from gold and diamond jewelry to scooters and paintings. All with the help of the mobile phone that is growing rapidly in Philippines and the surrounding areas of South East Asia.

PawnHero is backed by some of the largest companies in the region, including China’s Alibaba and Japan’s Softbank. I hope my readers know both these companies – the former being the largest ecommerce site in Asia and the later being one of the largest conglomerates in technology throughout the world. These are big players with serious ambitions. They are not interested in just a more efficient pawn shop (although the market can be surprisingly large). They want to reinvent how assets are monetized.

If you want to learn more about PawnHero, Bloomberg Philippines did a whole 25 minute segment on the company that went into all the details, from the founding vision to inventory management. You should watch that video if you’re curious about the company.

In a nutshell, PawnHero is a real company with real users and customers today. They are not ‘just a whitepaper’ idea that has become so common in the ICO world today.

From PawnHero to the HERO Token

With the experience of asset-backed loans, i.e. collateralized loans, the company wants to move towards an uncollateralized loan model. This can be a very different ball game, since the loans are not backed by anything tangible, and therefore if a default happens, you’re pretty much left taking a loss. However, the company is building up user data like social media profiles, salary information, etc. and using machine learning to predict how likely people are to default, and charge appropriate interest rates.

This is definitely a technology play. The region lacks a standardized rigorous credit scoring systems like in the US.

I don’t need to tell the readers about the market potential of South East Asia as one of the fastest economically growing regions in the world.

The good thing with this token is that it is backed by a real company in the region that knows and understands local problems and has a history of working in the region creating a product and solving a local problem. This reduces implementation risk for their new project.

The Token

Remember this is a South East Asia company. The HERO token holders get up to 20% of income generated by the company, paid quarterly as dividends. This is going to be one of the few dividend paying cryptocurrency tokens that is backed by the real world economy as opposed to purely blockchain-based economies.

The team is going to ICO 80% of all tokens, with a cap of 250,000 ETH for the ICO. There are bonuses for early participation. Each ETH gets you 200 HERO tokens (before bonuses).

The company can use the profit percentage to buy back the Hero tokens from the open market or in the market exchange at the current market price, the higher the token value the market will be the better for this company and the better it will be for the token holder because the percentage of profit will be greater Every month. By using blockchain technology it will have a positive impact for those less satisfied in the regular service system will be able to easily access more affordable credit on this platform.
Each person is entitled to participate in this program and of course we as Southeast Asian citizens will greatly support his success because it will have a positive impact for the progress of the people around as well. More and more buy this token will be better for the investors themselves. Because the value of these tokens is indirectly a great opportunity will rise in the market.
1 ETH = 200 Hero Token. Bonuses will be offered to those who want to buy early.Purchases on the first day for the first three hours earn + 30% bonus tokens;Purchases on the first day of three hours and up get + 20% token bonus;Purchases on the second and third days earn + 10% bonus tokens;Purchases on the fourth to seventh day earn + 5% bonus tokens;Purchases on day eight to two weeks earn + 2.5% token bonus;Purchases over two weeks do not get any bonuses.
Surely they have a team of professional and trusted in their field :
For more information, please see the official Hero Token website :

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