Transit Cryptocurrency platform is the driving force for this constant project. This is because they facilitate trade and transfer cryptocurrency without which our tokens are worthless. This will be identical to having a cash deposit and not having goods or services to exchange it.

The platform that contains cryptocurrency comes in two main forms, they include;

Centralized Centralized Exchange


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+ Centralized Exchange: In a centralized exchange platform, there is usually a management body that runs the affairs of the entire ecosystem. They are often easy to use and have easy access to advanced trading features.

+ Decentralized Exchange: the transition platform does not have a central decision maker. This type of conversation embodies the real goal of blockchain technology which is “decentralization”. Free participants are entrusted with the security of their funds and a high level of data confidentiality is the main advantage.

The platform is equipped with its own weaknesses. This must be considered by traders to decide which losses they want to overcome. I want you to take the time to discuss the platform that addresses the best features of a centralized and decentralized platform that will benefit the cryptocurrency ecosystem in general.

Introducing ITEX

ITEX is a mobile hybrid that offers technological excellence from a decentralized platform while supporting centralized main advantages that provide adequate liquidity, security and active customer support.

Telegram okenomics from ITEX

ITEX that uses token-based ecosystems based on ethereum networks. ITEX will be a driving force in the ecosystem and will play an important role for users, including;

Select a new crypto currency.

The right to get a percentage of the total revenue platform.

The ITEX Token will help as a market in the ecosystem, facilitating it to be exchanged for other digital currencies.

Hodling ITEX gives you discounts on trade fees.

During the range of sales tokens, 200 million ITEX tokens will be prepared for sale

ITEX Token Allocation


After checking different features that feature a centralized and decentralized platform. Obviously not from those who really satisfy traders in all ways. Grounded cryptocurrency that wants the best features of both types of transportation platforms. By doing this, cryptocurrency traders are sure to get all the best features they want within the limits of a single platform.

For more information, you can visit one of the links listed below;

Official Website: Innovating Trading Exchange


Telegram: Itex Exchange Official

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