The main purpose of FORESTING developers is to create a social network with a maximum level of prote

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In recent years, social networks and the media have become widespread. To this day, around 3 billion people use social networks every day to post content, post, and get information. Social networking is very important in our lives, thanks to them, people can get timely news on one or another event, free to express their thoughts and more. Because social networks in countries where all media is controlled by the government, people can receive objective data rather than distorted information.
However, don’t forget that social networking has achieved high popularity especially because of the content generated by interesting users that attracts others. At the same time at this time, such users do not have the proper rewards to make advertisements and send news. Most of the profits from traffic are taken by social network owners.
Another problem of social networking is the vulnerability of criminals in cyberspace. A real example of this is the loss of social networks. Facebook’s personal customer data can be used by fraudsters to make a profit.
A new generation social network based on Blockchain-FORESTING technology will help overcome this situation.

Project objectives

The main purpose of FORESTING developers is to create a social network with a maximum level of protection from cyber criminals, which allows them to receive income from information management. Another goal is to exclude advertisements with suggested goods and services to maintain maximum content quality and social network convenience.

Principle of operation

FOREST social networks will have three main departments that carry out the following functions:
  • FORESTING – a service that rewards content placement;
  • FORESTING Bank is a provider of credit ratings and digital banking;
  • FORESTING Labs is a service that provides support to content developers and helps increase the placement of materials and posting videos.

    Unlike traditional social networks, content developers on the VIRAL social network can no longer rely on advertisers and customer support. They will be able to receive income from ordinary likes. Also, if they want, they can encourage the most active commentators by placing a “Like” sign near the comments you like. In other words, revenue from content placement will not depend on traffic, such as on ordinary social networks, but on a number of positive ratings. This, in turn, stimulates the manufacture of large amounts of high quality content and will not only attract the attention of video and text document makers, but also users through normally.
In this network, you can place video files, music tracks, and images and text.
FOREST social networks will lead to the convenience and protection of customers’ personal data. To complete this task, the developer plans to create a visual interface and several functions to protect comments and other personal data from the public display.
The main distinguishing feature of FORESTING is FORESTING Bank, which provides banking services for customers, users and content developers. With this service, bloggers and other content makers cannot borrow money from ordinary banks to buy the equipment they need because they do not have a formal job or a permanent source of income will be able to get a loan based on that. on their activity ranking.
The main financial means used in this network are PTON cards, which can be purchased at the ICO and make money by posting interesting content and comments.

ICO details

Project creators intend to produce 24 billion PTON, of which 9.6 billion PTON will be sold. The cost of the first PTON coin during the pre-sale period is 0.00002 ETH, and during public sales – 0.00003 ETH.
Only accept payments with ETH cards.
Information about the initial sale date and public temporary absence.

Delivery of tokens is as follows:


Creating social networks based on Blockchain technology is a good idea. This project can attract billions of users thanks to high level of protection and honest profit distribution. Accept FORESTING bloggers no longer have to distribute ads and annoying users again – to see it.
Social Networking FORESTING is an extraordinary and extraordinary investor project.

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