The new decentralized online gaming application-Truegame

1 Introduction

Truegame is an online casino that can operate in an automated, transparent and secure manner has the ability to earn instant credibility from the gambling community. Truegame is the only blockchain based gambling project that firstly developed a working product, collected feedback from professional community, improved the product, took care of gambling license, and prepared a marketing strategy to attract players. Truegame is the first project that went beyond the players of the crypto industry and is oriented on a huge audience of classical gambling and lottery players and will be the first blockchain project to accept fiat.

Unique content is one of the key factors for the success of online casinos, since most of them look the same and differ only in color. We have done a lot of work to develop our own architecture, unique content and design, make it adaptive for most of mobile devices. We do not use White Label solutions of others, instead we created a strong solutions development department of our own.

Another major driver is the blockchain technology implementation that can change the industry dramatically, mainly through delivering a new level of transparency to the online gaming.

Blockchain technologies and smart contracts play a vital role in determining the independence of number generation and ensure the rules are enforced and also boost customer’s confidence and interest in an online gaming.

Nowadays, many of new and existing casino organizations are concentrating their efforts on smart contract gambling. Truegame is now a completely finished and working iGaming platform. Unlike most of the projects that were before us, we developed and launched a fully ready platform based on our infrastructure. Our architecture allows us to develop and run games that no one else did before. Some of them have already been launched and are available for playing. Other games will be launched as we implement our Roadmap.


  • ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY OF PRIZE DRAWINGS: it is ensured by the use of a completely open blockchain technology. One can verify game results at any time in blockchain open registry. This information cannot be manipulated.
  • FAIR CHANCES TO EACH PLAYER: the game is based on totally random combinations received from blockchain. They are secured and cannot be manipulated. The winnings are dependent only on the fortune and mathematical probability.
  • FAIR DISTRIBUTION OF THE WINNINGS: the winnings are not distributed by the casino manager. Blockchain automatically sends the winning immediately it has determined the winner, strictly in accordance with the rules of the game.
  • FULLY INTEGRATED PLATFORM: we have developed a platform architecture which allows us to quickly implement any game on smart contracts, add a payment system, third-party service, etc. There are also other benefits as: advanced privacy, SSL security, instant withdrawals, etc.

We are continuously updating our games collection, and each game is based on secure and open sources. One of the advantages of our platform is its flexibility and mobility, as it allows us to quickly implement new games — in 2018 we plan to launch such games as Dice, Giftbox, Smart Roulette and many more. We understand the importance of ensuring a full transparency, so that any player can be aware of the reliability and honesty ofour algorithms. Therefore, we place the code of all smart contracts on Githb.


Problem: Player’s mistrust to the casino manager. In most cases with online casino, the player does not have a chance to check the randomness of determining the winner. Generating random numbers is not transparent, and even in case of certifi ed algorithms, a player can not be 100% sure of trustworthiness of a party that monitors the game.
Solution: Truegame solves this problem using blockchain and smart contracts technologies. Our algorithms for generating random numbers are available on GitHub [4] and can be checked by anyone. Generation of random numbers and distribution of winnings happens not on our servers, but in an autonomous environment of blockchain Therefore, neither side can intervene in this process.

Problem: Most of the websites of gambling industry can not provide suffi cient transparency to the user to ensure the player’s complete confi dence in the integrity of site managers. The player can not see how many people actually took part in particular game, which of them won and what is the amount of the winning.
Solution: Our platform presents a completely transparent system – all transactions are stored in blockchain. They can not be changed or deleted. Anyone can check and see the progress of all our drawings on an independent platform (for example Etherscan)  or on his computer on which the corresponding environment of blockchain is deployed.

Problem: The player can not check the paying capacity of casino operator. The user can not be sure whether the casino management has funds for payments, and whether the promised Jackpot can be actually provided.
Solution: Truegame provides full transparency – all the accumulated funds are consolidated on a smart contract. Anyone can look at the size of Jackpot on an independent platform, ensuring our ability to pay the winnings.

Problem: Security. An overwhelming number of online resources is subject to attacks by hackers. Whatever protection measures are taken by the owner’s site – the risk of hacking always remains. In case of traditional online casinos when their site is compromised, the attacker is able to fully manage the draws and access the Jackpot.
Solution: Truegame is a decentralized application (DAPP). If our website is compromised, the attacker will not be able to infl uence the process of the draws or gain access to the Jackpot. Our site is only an interface of the infrastructure that we created in the environment of blockchain.


Work through personal account. With this method, tokens on the player’s balance are controlled by our Ethereum node, and the player does not need to use special software and have any skills in working with blockchain;
The second way is direct interaction with smart contracts through the Ethereum wallet, for example, using the Metamask wallet. The player himself sends bets to the wallet and interacts with the methods of smart contracts. This option is still in Beta mode;


This version of instant lottery is unique among gambling games based on blockchain. This is an analogue of well-known scratchcards available online. This game helps bringing funds to the platform due to its dynamic nature and low ticket price. On the average, one participant plays 10–20 games per game session. We have already implemented the following scratchcards: 1st Crypto Scratch-off, Crypto Space Battle, Good Luck Meme, Old School Scratch-off, Code me Scratch-off, Crypto Legends, and we are constantly updating our collection.


We realized and launched traditional and widely known in European gambling market Lottery 6/49. We also developed two of our own lotteries called Crypto Millions and Blockchain Ball with a large Jackpot-they will be launched immediately after the end of the token sale and replenishment of Jackpot fund.

We also analyzed popular games, thoroughly studied the feedback and comments left by our users. Based on this analysis, we have drawn up a plan for launching games for 2018. The constant launch of new games will allow us to keep the player’s attention longer, and thereby to increase LTV index which will positively affect the overall financial turnover of the platform.


In spite of high growth, the global online gambling market is still facing some challenges. Some of the major challenges faced by the industry are: lack of suitable software handling, cyber security issues and stringent government regulations among with security issues and high tax rates


Truegame is a decentralized application (DAPP). If our website is compromised, the attacker will not be able to influence the process of the draws or gain access to the Jackpot. Our site is only an interface of the infrastructure that we created in the environment of blockchain. Drawings, storage and distribution of the Jackpot are managed by a smart contract that is executed in a decentralized environment.

We have already reached agreements with crypto-exchanges, since our team employs an experienced token listing professional, which allows us to quickly enter a large number of exchanges and ensure high liquidity of Truegame token.
We are continuously updating our games collection, and each game is based on secure and open sources.

TGAME is a utility token released on Ethereum platform according to ERC20 standard. Total number of tokens released is 300,000,000. More tokens beyond this number will not to be released. Tokens allocated for the team will be hold for 6 months with subsequent release of not more than 5% of the total number of team tokens per month.
Token name: TGAME
The number of tokens to be issued: 300,000,000 TGAME
Total for sale: 70% of the total issue of tokens or 210,000,000 TGAME
Cryptocurrencies accepted: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC)
Soft cap: 2,000,000 USDT
Hard cap: 9,000,000 USDT
Token sale will be carried out in three stages: Private-sale, Pre-Sale, Main Sale

Dates: 10.02.2018 — 04.03.2018
Hard cap in Private-Sale: 31,450,000 TGAME
Private-Sale price: 1 ETH = 18,500 TGAME (bonus included)
Bonus on Private Sale is up to 100% to a price on Main Sale (depending on the amount invested)
Minimum Buying Amount: 5 ETH

Dates: 05.03.2018 — 15.04.2018
Minimum Buying Amount: 0.2 ETH
Bonus on the fi rst week of Pre-Sale is 40% to a price on Main Sale, 1 ETH = 12,950 TGAME (bonus included)
Bonus on the second week of Pre-Sale is 30% to a price on Main Sale, 1 ETH = 12,025 TGAME (bonus included)
Bonus on the third week of Pre-Sale is 20% to a price on Main Sale, 1 ETH = 11,100 TGAME (bonus included)

Main Sale:
Dates: 16.04.2018 — 30.04.2018
Price: 1 ETH = 9,250 TGAME
Minimum Buying Amount: 0.1 ETH



For more information please visit the link below:;u=893090

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