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Bitenny Overview

The Bitenny-Bitenny idea was considered as a method for crossing over any barrier between the customary Fiat and its numerical cash and encodes the friends. Along these lines, computerized cash turns into a valuable resource on the Internet as a genuine world and joins convention and future as a focal idea in the installment procedure. This helped place Bitenny in an exceptional position in the monetary innovation showcase, concentrating on business and activities.

The principle focal point of the Bitenny venture is to turn into a fantastic device for the installment of products in the advanced space, benefits that are quick, subjective and secure utilizing cryptographic forms of money known to mankind. The point is to kill this objective as successfully as conceivable so as to wipe out every single existing issue and deterrents in various advances in a typical region and in our day-by-day lives. It additionally offers the full utilization of digital currency cash because of its top-notch mission stage.

How do the standards work?

The field of utilization of Bitenny will be extraordinary. This applies to individual needs, yet in addition substantial corporate clients. Different crypto trades and banks will be the perfect pictures together with the arrangement. Bitenny will have every one of the highlights required for high security and straightforwardness in all exchanges

This stage additionally incorporates man-made reasoning innovation to give security to all installments. All AI logical highlights are utilized for rapid dissects that are legitimate in the cryptographic money advertise and in various stores. He will settle on his decision by utilizing the best exchanging choice and looking at all these alternatives

Uniqueness of the Platform

Take care of issues for clients

Bitenny will help decrease the dangers and fears that put resources into crypto by offering free AI-empowered wallets. This framework enables clients to safely trade virtual monetary forms in full consistence. In contrast to comparable stages, reconciliation among virtual and physical monetary standards is tight, enabling clients to effectively catch, pay and convey cryptographic money and fake monetary standards.

Ongoing access to the crypto showcase implies that Prally, an intelligent aide, can advise clients about current exchanging openings and give them thoughts for exchanging. The principle include, this restrains the hazard that outcomes from absence of involvement in putting resources into crypto.

Investigating for sellers

To make the best involvement for organizations that need to get crypto installments, Bitenny accompanies a full-highlighted Bitenny API that can without much of a stretch be incorporated into online stores and is accessible for nothing.

Not from a simple to-utilize stage, shippers remain with different installment specialist co-ops (PSPs) and need combination. Bitenny, a complex stage that incorporates in excess of 50 installment techniques, including thorough crypto joining, tackles this issue.

Mechanical development

Bitenny is at the bleeding edge of innovation, consolidating future mechanical ideas, for example, man-made consciousness and utilizing them to tackle true issues.

Experienced group

The Bitenny group has over 20 years of involvement in growing elite answers for the AI and incorporates moves on from Deloitte and Ingenico.

Far reaching installment arrangement

The system bolsters in excess of 50 installment strategies, making life simpler and simpler for clients and retailers. Also, this rundown develops alongside the advancement of the system.

The objective

The objective of Bitenny is to disentangle the future and the market.

The system achieves this by utilizing straightforward and rich installment arrangements that influence the accompanying highlights:

Enlistment and login are exceptionally secure, extremely helpful, utilize the PIN and biometric recognizable proof

Simple and complete access to the whole speculation portfolio in the Bitenny wallet just as far reaching investigation apparatuses

Far reaching handbag for wallets and secure stockpiling of private keys from Bitenny Interactive Wallet

Approving KYC is the pioneer in speed and security, enabling clients to effortlessly switch between fiat and advanced monetary forms

Backing for credit and charge cards, support for physical installments at the purposes of closeout of the business

Utilization of man-made brainpower to help client speculation and the sky is the limit from there

Token information

Token BTNY

Plattform Ethereum

Enter ERC-20

Price in ICO 1 BTNY = 0.07 USD

Hardcap: 25.000.000 USD

Max Token: BTNY


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