The Numerous Advantages of Toqqn

What is toqqn?

Toqqn is a small step towards an important task: to offer users a centralized, social and non-advertising social experience. At the same time, users are rewarded every day with cryptography via a new business ecosystem.

The only thing about Toqqn is not hosting user data, it does not follow you and does not follow you everywhere through ads.

Toqqn Vision

Billions of people around the world have no cryptographic room or know how or where to get it. Toqqn is to change that. That’s why we will use this platform to put the code in the hands of our members.

Electronic money for people

We want to help bridge the gap between “crypto-and-yes-no”. Members receive passwords for their activities on this platform, every day.

Default security

Your personal data is still private. We do not store any user data on our servers or servers. We use blockchain technology to decentralize user data.

Goodbye to advertisers and followers

Toqqn is a 100% free advertising platform. You will never be interrupted by an ad or targeted by advertisers after visiting our platform.

Response and compatibility

Toqqn is based on a compatible platform compatible with mobiles. It displays perfectly on different browsers, on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Help students

Not familiar with encryption? Do not worry. We will help members throughout the process of exchanging, purchasing, sending and removing their tasks.


As the blockchain technology evolves, we will move to a more decentralized infrastructure, using a blockchain to secure user communications and messaging.

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