The ODEM Crowdsale Powering Higher Education in the Real World using the Blockchain

Kevin Carey, creator of The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere, envisions a world in which the unbending four-year-degree model of post-auxiliary tutoring and its related understudy obligation trouble blur into the past. He predicts a period when advanced education turns into a moderate, long lasting procedure of scholarly and viable enhancement molded by a person’s expert and individual desires.
Real universal distributions like Forbes magazine, The Washington Post and The Economist have regarded the $4.6 trillion-to-$6 trillion worldwide training market ready for innovative disturbance. Our investigation recommends advanced education is defenseless a result of heightening educational cost expenses and understudy obligation loads, the unjustified measure of time required to acquire a degree and a jumble between school preparing and work abilities requested by managers.
Subsequent to surveying higher learning’s shortcomings, our group closed an answer lies in an On-Demand Education Marketplace, or what we call ODEM. The stage is a solitary, available, and disseminated organize that enables understudies to consistently associate with teachers and their scholastic accomplices face to face, nearby, in both neighborhood and worldwide settings to raise the nature of open instruction at sensible cost.
ODEM Financial Ecosystem 
ODEM Token 
ODEM stage members will lead all exchanges utilizing the ODEMT. Installments will happen through the trading of tokens and will hold fast to the keen contract terms and conditions. The token itself will be based on the Ethereum Token Standard, otherwise called ERC 20.
The ODEM Payment Gateway 
As showed in Figure 1, ODEMT must be the medium of trade to buy program items and administrations on the ODEM stage.
The Digital Wallet 
An advanced wallet is an on the web or versatile record in which clients can store all installment data for ODEMT. Wallets will be incorporated on the ODEM stage for instructors, understudies and other specialist co-ops.
ODEM Token Sale 
Continues from the token appropriation occasion will be utilized to support the ODEM stage improvement, activities, legitimate foundation and promoting. The ODEMT will be the local cash utilized for working and working on the ODEM stage. To put it plainly, the fundamental and just reason for the token is for the utilization of the utility administrations accessible on ODEM stage. ODEM SA does not make any cases about the utilization of ODEMT for some other purposes. Mercifully take note of that any data said in this part may change without see before the dispatch of the primary crowdsale.
The ODEM token deal will occur in two stages 
1. Pre token sale — early adopter stage 
The Pre Crowdsale stage will begin on December tenth, 2017. In the Pre-token deal, 58,200,000 ODEMT will be issued at a marked down rate of €0.0375. These ODEMT will be issued at a 25 percent reward rate. Sympathetically take note of the extra tokens may be available after finishing of the primary token deal and token age occasion has happened. There is a base buy prerequisite of 200,000 ODEMT, per client, in the Pre-token deal stage.
2. Token Sale 
The fundamental token deal will initiate likely on February seventeenth, 2018 and will proceed until March nineteenth, 2018. A sum of 180 million ODEMT will be issued in this stage. The tokens will be issued at, or around €0.05. Considering the way that the ODEM stage can just perform ideally if the tokens are generally circulated, a client will be permitted to purchase a most extreme of 250,000 ODEMT amid the principal hour of the primary token deal. From that point forward, a most extreme top of 250,000 ODEMT will be lifted.
Points of interest of the Contributors 
Thinking about the worldwide Token Sale administration, ODEM SA is focused on following certain accepted procedures. The ODEM token deal will require KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-tax evasion) insurance measures to guarantee givers can lawfully take an interest in the token deal. ODEM has faith in being a pioneer in the usage of best practices. A KYC shape will be accessible on the, landing page.
The commitments raised by ODEM SA will be utilized for the innovative work of the ODEM stage and working out the commercial center. ODEM Rewards will be utilized to boost commercial center members and will be utilized at the organization’s watchfulness in view of monetary conditions.
Use of Funds Roadmap 
In this segment, we underline the business setup that we will develop from the commitments we get from the token deal. We propose the accompanying arrangement for the normal commitments which we may get in this ODEMT token deal
Level 1 — €1 up to €3 million 
  • Constrained usefulness for instructors to make profiles and substance
  • Convey on chain exchanges on Ethereum at restricted limit
  • ODEM Platform Beta Launch
  • 1 physical office (Switzerland)
  • 3 full time senior engineers
  • 1 full time blockchain engineer
  • 1 full time sysadmin/quality confirmation/bolster
  • 1 full time specialist/deals design
Level 2 — €3 million to €6 million 
  • All Level 1 benefits
  • Extra commercial center members will be included (tutors and mediators).
  • Enlistment of engineer group to relocate dominant part of off tie exchanges to on-chain environment
  • Extra branch office (China)
  • Grow course offerings for conveyed record innovation with social, political and mechanical effects
  • 4 full time senior designers
  • 2 full time blockchain designers
  • 2 full time sysadmins/quality affirmation/bolster
  • 2 full time deals engineers/experts
  • 1 UI and versatile master
  • 1 lawful counsel
  • 1 business advancement pro
  • 4 senior teachers from Ivy League/Swiss colleges
Level 3 — €6 million to €12 million 
  • All level 2 benefits
  • Extra commercial center members will be included (lodging and offices).
  • All exchanges happen on chain and over extra chose blockchains
  • Up to 5 physical workplaces in 5 target markets (Switzerland, Asia, India, S. America, Middle East)
  • Pilot credentialing of chose instruction courses
  • Pilot and testing of Video on Demand stage
  • Free customized instruction blockchain account following
  • Grant program for underprivileged understudies
  • 5 full time senior designers
  • 3 full time blockchain designers
  • 2 full time sysadmins/quality affirmation/bolster
  • 4 full time deals engineers/advisors
  • 2 UI and versatile master
  • 1 legitimate consultant
  • 4 business improvement expert
  • Worldwide promoting support
  • 4 senior educators from Ivy League/Swiss colleges
  • Training insight and accreditation board of trustees
  • 1 human asset director
VISION for Deliverables/Goals 
Live ODEM Platform completely utilitarian in view of particulars provided above including:
  • Intuitive solicitations, offering and satisfaction of instructive projects
  • Completely worked out taking an interest groups in all regions including:
           – Academia/Corporate/Speakers
           – End customers (both official and understudy)
           – Web access for understudies, understudy agents, instructors and specialist co-ops to set up                   and progress toward becoming ODEM people group individuals and partici-pate in                               purchasing and offering in the ODEM commercial center including:
           – Speakers
           – Corporate Engagement Managers
           – Facilities
           – Program makers, executives and facilitators
           – Service suppliers like providing food, transportation and outside exercises
  • Full capacity to look, select and make new instructive items
  • Brand Awareness
  • Totally dynamic and connected with showcasing effort and progressing advertising exertion
  • Completely practical help work area/bolster stage to oblige new client onboarding and progressing use.
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