PROB is an utility token at ProBit. Pay for fees(e.g., purchasing and moving expense, and so on.) on ProBit Exchange. 200,000,000 PROB will be issued through ProBit, not the slightest bit to increment.

Experience Advancement at Its Best – Attempt the new ProBit Exchange Trading Platform

ProBit is driving the route toward real development in the cryptocurrency space. Set to dispatch this coming October, ProBit will be a Coin-to-Coin (C2C) Exchange incorporating predominant financial markets universally.

ProBit separates itself from different exchanges by methods for building a propelled platform that is most worldwide, proficient and secured. Discover more prominent about ProBit’s uncommon features underneath:

Top Performance

Unrivaled Security

Trading Condition

Wide Exhibit of Coins & Trading Sets

Coverage & Support

ProBit Utility Token (PROB)

Bottomless Liquidity

Trading Expense Limits

Referral Rewards

Top Performance

The ProBit platform makes utilization of cutting edge innovation. The coordinating motor has a huge preparing capability of 1,500,000 exchanges for each second, one of the world’s snappiest among competitors. The ProBit platform is quick, solid and dependable, giving its customers the end advantage when trading.

Predominant Security

ProBit places extensive accentuation and exertion in making its platform the most secure on the planet. Probit shops 95% or more prominent of advanced resources in a bloodless wallet. Disconnected storage, furthermore recognized as cool storage, presents the top notch procedure contrary to security break or burglary. The most grounded encryption calculation is utilized to keep information. Protection data and wallets’ private keys are scrambled in excess of multiple times.

What’s more, ProBit helps FIDO U2F equipment security keys and Programming based 2FA like Google Authenticator. The equipment key presents best quality level security as it is incomprehensible for a programmer to break into the customer’s record if the customer sets an equipment key. two in the meantime, it is convenient to utilize. It works out-of-the-container empowering moment validation aside from codes or drivers to introduce.

The ProBit website page likewise receives incalculable security protocols to guarantee a secure trading condition. This comprises of whole session organization which video show units for dormancy and starts time out. Another is HTTPS(SSL) is utilized wherever on the platform. The ProBit platform is secured towards in excess of a couple of pernicious strikes, for example, SQL infusion, pass site internet scripting and DDoS.

Trading Condition

The ProBit platform manages customers with unparalleled trading background. Its comprehensive interface is incredible for expert vendors anyway advantageous to use for apprentices. The dashboard is secluded and the draw can be redesigned relying upon the craving of the merchant to stress the most material records to the dealer. This enables traders to effortlessly break down and decide the correct exchanges on the ProBit platform.

Wide Exhibit of Coins and Trading Sets

ProBit presents clients with a wide exhibit of the most confided in real money and tokens on the market and extensive purchasing and moving sets. In excess of a hundred and fifty cryptocurrencies and various hundred purchasing and moving sets will be available for trading at the ProBit platform. The accompanying 5 coins fill in as market monetary standards: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tie (USDT), (EOS) and ProBit token (PROB). The various monetary forms and purchasing and moving sets will outfit various subsidizing choices for traders.

Coverage and Support

The ProBit platform will remain energetic every minute of every day and multi-dialect customer help will be outfitted to suit shippers all inclusive. ProBit will also have protection on every real unit and platforms. This comprises of program based shoppers (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Edge), cell web customers, Android and iOS gadget.


PROB is ProBit’s utility token. The main utilization of the ProBit token is to pay for costs on the ProBit exchange. Besides, the PROB token bears customers with different points of interest together with however not constrained to: trading charge limits, balloting rights, extended referral reward & early inspire passage to new features.

After the dispatch of ProBit Exchange, PROB will enter the Exchange Mining period. Amid this period, for every single exchange at ProBit, PROB well worth 80% of the purchasing and moving charge dependent on the market expense of the PROB tokens will be mined and issued to the merchant as a reward.

Plenteous Liquidity

As its essential income source, ProBit expenses a 0.1% trading charge to takers & 0.05% trading rate to producers. Charging a low expense to producers (i.e. base charge of 0.050%) demonstrates ProBit’s devotion to making abundant liquidity through offering advantages to market making. This valuing as pleasantly as mining of PROB tokens will support liquidity in change and give points of interest to producers.

Trading Charge Markdown

Trading charge decreases can be benefited by means of endless supply of the trading rate utilizing the ProBit token. ProBit executes a layered membership gadget for clients. The levels comprise of “Standard” customers and in excess of one degrees of “Premium” clients depending on the PROB holding. Trading rate decreases will vary contingent upon the client’s part status. Standard members will get a 10% rebate rate while Premium contributors will get a 20-half markdown.

Referral Reward

The referral application is a non-obligatory programming expected to compensate customers who welcomed different clients to exchange at the ProBit platform. The referral reward will be outfitted as an expense to the referrer (i.e., inviter) on the exchanges by official (i.e., invitee). For standard individuals, the referral reward is 10% of the arbitrator’s purchasing and moving cost while for Premium individuals, the referral reward is 20% of ref’s purchasing and moving charge.

ProBit Security Features

Organizing Platform Security for a Straightforward Trading Knowledge

ProBit Exchange knows about how security is a vital thought for cryptocurrency shippers in choosing their platform of decision. Hence, ProBit areas need in ensuring that just a massively trustworthy Coin-to-Coin (C2C) interchange platform is offered to its clients. ProBit’s purchasing and moving surroundings is portrayed by solid insurance the utilization of key components and protocols that give its clients tranquility of thought in storing and trading a wide change of advanced resources on the exchange.

Chilly Wallet Storage

Over 95% of ProBit computerized resources are spared in chilly wallets. Cool wallets are a state of disconnected storage which makes them less inclined from security ruptures of on line robbery. Since these wallets are currently not connected to the web, they are at some point or another secured from programmers endeavoring to get to accounts through the web. What’s more, ProBit’s information, mainly close to home records and wallet keys, are encoded in excess of one occurrences the utilization of a solid encryption calculation.

While the greater part of individual effects are securely stored and safe from programmers exposed to the harsh elements wallet, they can continue with their customary purchasing and moving exchanges easily with exclusively a portion of their advanced property in the on-line wallet. Also, on the grounds that just a little part of advanced resources are spared on the web, it does now not speak to consideration from on line criminals as the hacking assets needed exceed the common additions.

Equipment Security Keys

ProBit helps two-factor equipment security keys as an additional layer of resistance contrary to programmers. Two-factor verification requires each login certifications, for example, username and secret key, and a substantial protest that just the purchaser has. For ProBit clients who select to attempt U2F, they will require the standard login information when marking in to the trading condition, in addition to the U2F USB equipment gadget.

The TOKEN SALES; Pre-sale and Private sales round of the ProBit token were very successful. ProBit Exchange has currently scheduled its one day Main Sale event for the ProBit Token (PROB) which will take place on the 11th of December, 2018. The ProBit Token would be sold to buyers at just 0.2$ per token during the main Sale period. Participants will not get any bonus as the Pre-Sale round has offered 10% to those who purchased Tokens. If you would like to make a purchase, kindly visit

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