The Reason behind FRED Energy and Its Projects

Electric is the future of energy in the world today. By 2040, the world’s energy usage would have grown by 30%. This growth is majorly a result of industrial and population growth in emerging markets. Electricity represents the most significant chunk of this consumer growth. Supply and demand for electricity would contribute several trillions of dollars to the energy sector. Unfortunately, this will also cause inflation in the price for consumers. This increase in price would become very active on everyone, especially low-income earners and elders who might slip into “Fuel poverty.” It is for the above reasons that FRED Energy came into bare on the ninth month of 2018. But what do FRED Energy and its projects really represent or what do they stand for.
Fund Research into Energy Devices (FRED) involves green energy projects that strive on the blockchain. These energy projects are not about traditional or conventional energy as FRED Energy promotes alternative energy usage. The project also places the function of energy generation in the hands of consumers. These projects would use funds raised from token sales to provide more business opportunities. The token is a custom asset on the stellar network (XLM). It funds specific niche segments with EV charging stations. The funds go into other sectors like Project Energise, Project Accelerate, marketing, online market place, and company incorporation fees. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have helped promote the values of FRED Energy within a short period. FRED Energy partners with big brands and organizations to help achieve stated goals and designated objectives. FRED promotes EV adoption across the world in Asia and Europe.
As the population and the level of industrialization in developing countries continue to increase, global energy demands will also increase. This rise will result in more energy consumption and more emissions, which will have unhealthy effects on the ecosystem. This narrative can be changed by reducing energy demands at the consumer level and promoting energy efficiency. This should not lead to reduced energy consumption as consumers should be encouraged to generate their own energy. Consumers are also advised to patronize alternative energy-using devices. All of these are precisely what FRED Energy stands for.

Here are some of the goals that FRED Energy project aims to achieve:

1.Recognition of FRED Energy as a significant stakeholder in green energy projects on the blockchain.

2.Satisfy consumer needs with green energy.

3.Break into the EV charging station to increase its market share.

4.Stimulate more use of alternative energy and its generation by the consumers.

5.Becoming the frontier in the crypto-based online platforms for the trade of alternative energy products.

6.Diversify the alternative energy market with more products.

7.Reduce the payback period of all the projects to 2 -3 years.

FRED Energy places the health of the environment in utmost priority and yet still maintains a robust business approach. These projects aim to initiate more participation in green energy investments for a better environment. There is a recent shift of attention to eco-friendly energy sources with china leading the campaign. The ecosystem will benefit genuinely from projects like this; hence should be encouraged.

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