Built from financial instruments of questionable quality, the world of financial pyramids does not stand up to constructive criticism. The current state of the global financial system can hardly be called healthy and effective and this is the main reason of global hype around the blockchain technology and tokenization. New technologies that emerging are now able to completely change the paradigm of the development of the world economy and the mechanisms of interaction of economic agents. Majority of socio-economicmodels depend on fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies and other precious metals.
Must.IO is the main Universal Standard of Transactions for value economy of micro, small and medium enterprises. The MUST ecosystem is the world’s very first blockchain platform that assumes the circulation of digital bonds within the scope of motor transport rentals, equipment, specialized equipment and construction. MUST platform provides the seamless transition of the world economy from the speculative towards value-based model. MUST targets the automotive market, as well as markets of freight, construction, special equipment and machinery.

The MUST system enables small and medium-sized enterprises to receive financing for the acquisition of assets needed to produce the final product of the market.

An entity may acquire an asset, the valuation of which will be made in units of the end product of the market, and financing will also be provided in units of the final product.

This approach allows the company to realize the final product, which will be produced in the future, and to obtain the resulting asset for the production of this product.
The MUST project has a target market volume of 520 billion USD and according to low estimates, the project team plan the next 5 years to take 7.5% of the market and show a turnover of 40 billion USD. All these things would be achieved through the following:

A unique model of the digital bond MUST Digital Bond and the system of its circulation on the exchange MUST Exchange.

The extremely favorable moment for entering the market, the institutional institu- tion with financial constraints on financing the IHR (AML, Basel II, Basel III).

Author’s developments and decisions in the field of digitization and automotive engineering and equipment.

The system of ensuring return on investment, built on the mechanisms of tokenization of kilometers and hours and asset monitoring.
Tokenization reveals the limitless potential of business opportunities enabling the creation of new markets, products and services. This is a tool for transferring goods and assets from material state to digital which allows to significantly reduce the number of intermediaries, increase the speed of transactions and, as a consequence, multiply the volume of the market. Indeed, This is the future!

The MUST platform is the first of a kind ecosystem of the value-based economy that involves the standards of tokenization based on industry standards, infrastructure and services for enterprises and investors. It also provides real economy with transparent ties between assets and capital, and empowers business community with a new system of metrics.

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