The role of eLYQD in the market

The role of eLYQD in the market

eLYQD is the gateway for alternative global economies, where users – suppliers and consumers – interact directly. The eLYQD-based eco-commerce block chain will provide the right tools and establish relevant rules for participants to benefit from instant and instant value exchange transactions, wallet eg sales or electronic services.


Some games eLYQD

1 Create LYQD token and launch the token to develop and expand the fund

2 Establish a decentralized, fair and safe model to fulfill orders

3 Develop smart contracts to run order payments and implementation process

4 Web site and client application release, application for distribution centers

5 Web interface for manufacturers and distribution center logistics

6 Create an effective incentive model to join the eLYQD e-commerce platform

7 Develop marketing campaigns to start traction

8 Developing ecological trade legal aspects

9 Business approval verification system



Consumers are individuals or companies who want to buy vaping products online at cheaper prices. Orders can be placed via the eLYQD website, eLYQD application or custom applications originated by manufacturers from implementing application references.

The role of consumers includes:

  • Search for products listed by manufacturers, place orders and pay them
  • Participate in feedback requests
  • Receive promotional rewards, loyalty, referrals and feedback


Deposit and Arbitration

Based on smart contracts, eLYQD has developed a new approach to escrow. A transaction on eLYQD consists of four parties:

Sellers, buyers, referees and escrow contracts. Sellers can choose referees when they list items. Arbitrators will set separate fees for their services, at a fixed price or a percentage of the sale price of the item. The referees also determine whether the charge is charged only in the case of a dispute or if it is due regardless of the use of the arbitration service:

  • The seller creates a list and chooses an arbitrator who has set a fee of $ 5 with an ether, only counted in the case of a dispute. At this time, the referee is not paid
  • Buyers buy an item. Money transferred from wallet to escrow contract
  • Sellers deliver goods to buyers and notify the escrow contract that they have completed part of the sale
  • Buyers receive the goods • At this time, the buyer can complete the sale or open the dispute. If the purchase is completed, the money will be transferred from the escrow contract to the seller. The

The transaction is settled, the referee is not paid

  • If the buyer opens a dispute, two things can happen:
  1. Seller agrees with disputes and remittances

from deposit contract back to buyer’s wallet. Arbitration

not paid

  1. The seller also wants to open a dispute. To do that,

The seller pays 5 dollars ether to the referee from the deposit

  • At this point, the arbitrator takes control of the deposit amount and they can only send money to the buyer or only to the seller or to both at the rate they choose
  • Arbitration is only paid if both parties dispute the transaction. In that case, the seller pays the referee of the escrow fund. If there is no dispute, the arbitrator is not paid and the arbitration selection is free for the seller. For buyers, opening disputes and arbitration are always free



Manufacturers are companies or individuals dealing in vaping products. They can range from startups in garages, entrepreneurs to large corporations.

Manufacturer roles include:

  • Publishing products
  • Provide products required by consumers to distribution centers
  • Promoting eco trade eLYQD by bringing traffic through promotions of derivative applications


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