The Secure Blockchain-Based Exchange for Personal Data

Pikciochain is a burdened system with the responsibility of storing, securing, verifying and certifying data to ensure that the data source has full control over their information at all times. Founded by Didier Collin De Casaubon, master of mathematics holder, with 5 years experience in the banking industry. His team members are Fabien Bucamp, security expert, Dr. Jorick Lardigau, PhD and a number of other professionals. As a result of the Credibility function of this new blockchain a number of mega businesses have looked up with it. Some of them are BNP PARIBAS, JOUVE, Telefonica, P2link, CARDIF and NTT Data.
By empowering individuals, Pikcio creates certainty for business. As the regulatory spotlight focuses on the data industry, companies need to find efficient ways to comply with new regulations such as EU GDPR directives, and they need to know that the data they buy is equally authentic and legally available.
PikcioChain is a secure and distributed permit-based platform that specializes in the collection, certification and exchange of personal data. PikcioChain allows businesses to trade and exchange personal data with full security and with confidence, while empowering individuals by giving them control over their own data and enabling them to realize their financial value.

The CCP is a token that keeps the entire Pikcio ecosystem working. The CCP can be used in a manner similar to the currency belonging to the Pikcio network. When used in this way, it could be a medium of exchange that facilitates the purchase and sale of data.

The CCP can also be used to provide incentives for data producers to constantly update their data and share data with the organization. Thus, the CCP will be a proxy for the value of personal data residing within the Pikco ecosystem. This value should increase as more users store, update and share the amount of data in Pikcio that increases.

The CCP is also used for the identification of individuals with data certificers who store the price of data so that when clients agree to share it with consumers of data services that are allowed to smoke on their own, the transaction is challenged, and smart contracts are executed.

Miners who do this work are valued at least 0001 Pikcio tokens per transaction to implement smart contracts. The volatility of Bitcoin and Eter makes them unsuitable for this task because structuring and evaluating project costs becomes almost impossible under such volatile conditions.

The Pikcio Token is designed to reduce transaction costs varying over time, to allow reliable and reliable services, regardless of fluctuations in value that affect the risks and dangers of cryptococcus.

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