The Token Sale will take place starting 8 February 2018 at 5pm CET (11am ET).

The hard cap, and the absolute greatest amount of funds we will raise is €10 MM.

Skara is a Free-to-Play competitive team-based melee combat game placed in a fantasy world influenced by its players.

SKARA is a combination of cross-platform videogames & novels. In SKARA’s world, every character and group of players face the same challenging apocalyptic environment from their own unique perspective.

Quick multiplayer matches focused on timing, accuracy and synergies between characters. Skara – The Blade Remains launched its Alpha in 2017 reaching +300k viral installs.

Skara’s novels feature the best players as the protagonists of an unfolding drama set in Skara’s Universe. Time of the Two Suns will be published in Jan 2018 by Planeta.

The first ever AAA free-to-play single player game will be released in Feb 2018. Skara’s single player is a revolutionary concept that will bring millions of players to the Skara Universe.


Imagine getting real value while playing your favorite video game. With SKARATs you can now do this legally.

Video games have experimented with purely digital currencies and digital assets for years, often with great success. However, until the advent of blockchain technology, these economies existed in official isolation to the real economy. It is time to change this.

SKARATs overcome this barrier by creating a new cryptocurrency in the form of an ERC-20 token based off the Ethereum blockchain which can be traded on the open market.

Through this new vehicle, participants in the SKARAT community will be able to buy, sell and trade in-game assets without having to go to shady black markets.

SKARA Token Sale | VIDEO

And be sure to watch the video from good friends of OZONE


Token Sale structure

SKARAT (SKT) is the token issued in the Token Sale.

II) SKARATs are ERC20 compliant Ethereum smart contract tokens.

III) Only ETH will be accepted as a contribution. You can use certain exchanges such as Evercoin, to contribute with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and other cryptocurrencies. Contributions coming from exchanges will not be accepted and the money will be lost.

IV) To contribute into our token pre-sale or to comply with our Whitelist procedure: · Visit · Provide your email, telegram username and amount expected. · A minimum of 5 ETH will be accepted for the pre-sale.

V) ETH/SKARAT price: We cannot determine the exact amount a token will cost in ETH until the token sale starts due to price fluctuations. We will update the price of ETH according to the market at 2PM (CET) each day af ter the token sale goes live in order to adjust for any price fluctuations. To see the current SKARAT value, go to

VI) Token release: The tokens will be issued within two weeks of the end of the token sale.

VII) Only purchased tokens will be minted.

Token distribution

We expect to issue a maximum of 20,000,000 SKARATs. When the token sale is completed, no more SKARA tokens will be issued. The tokens will be distributed as follows:

9% of the tokens will be distributed among co-founders and the team.

15% of the tokens will be held by the company to fund future marketing activities.

3% will be used for Bounty program and another

3% for advisers.

70% will be available to token sale contributors.

Intended use of Funds

50% of the proceeds will be used for R&D including the blockchain implementation, creating our tournaments and betting platform. We estimate this cost to vary between €1m to €5m.

35% will be used for Marketing to grow our already existing community.

10% of the proceeds will be used for Operations in order to continue the development of the SKARA Universe by adding a single player mode and a mobile companion app.

5% will be spent on Administrative & Legal costs

Token Sale

The Token Sale will take place starting 8 February 2018 at 5pm CET (11am ET).

The hard cap, and the absolute greatest amount of funds we will raise is €10 MM.






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