We are on the age of the developing cryptocurrency digital ecosystem. Now cryptocurrency is well known segment for all the people of all over the world. The cryptocurrency industry is making huge opportunity and significant benefit for the people of all over the world. The blockchain technology made huge change in the crypto industry of the online digital ecosystem. Now the blockchain technology based platform of different product and service making significant opportunity for the investors of the cryptocurrency and merchant. The blockchain technology making this platform decentralize and smart contract technology based platform. Most of them are creating smart contract based token as well as selling them in the token sale event of ICO program. The SPINDLE platform is investment management platform in the online digital ecosystem of the crypto world.


The SPINDLE is a decentralize investment and asset management platform of blockchain technology in the online digital ecosystem of the crypto economy. It is the first centralized removed investment as well as asset management platform where more people can enjoy investing or managing their assets on an equal footing. This platforms web site link is where we can visit any time form any place via internet for any kind of information about this platform. This platform is a decentralize platform and smart contract technology based platform. They have already released their white paper in significant information of this platform. Their white paper link is This white paper is informing us detail of this platforms activity with ICO program detail. This platform is enabling more people to enjoy enriched lives through investment as well as asset management. This platform is unalterable and highly transparent information based blockchain platform.

ZETA initiative in the SPINDLE platform:
The SPINDLE platform has created ZETA platform. ZETA is a series of implemented programs of SPANDLE platform which realize the creation of autonomous human beings advocated. This platform has developed ZETA program in four stages. These four stages are given below:


This platform has already released ZETA first stage which is a monitoring and reporting service platform that utilizes a blockchain technique. It is currently under development by the BLACK STAR & CO. it is offering premium services to cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto hedge funds as well as crypto currency investors. On the first stage this platform named ZETA – 1. The second stage is released by this platform which is called by ZETA – 2. This ZETA – 2 is a uniquely distributed exchange which is plays a significant role in the ecosystem of virtual currencies. This is a centralized service but this system should have predictable as well as controllable. The ZETA – 2 is an atomic high speed distributed exchange which is featuring layer technology. it is a trustless follow trading system and information provision in conjunction with ZETA – 1. On the third stage the SPINDLE platform will implement a dispersed credit scoring system based on the data that accumulated from ZETA – 1 and ZETA – 2. They have named it ZETA – 3. It is a dispersed credit scoring system which will be a fundamentally fair system. It is independent of specific individuals, companies as well as countries. The fourth stage is called by ZETA – 4. It is a future vision that the first three stages suggest. This system will be saving overwhelmingly accurate transaction information.


The ZETA programs specific goals are given below:
• This program is established a transparent, fair as well as free investment asset management platform.
• This program is established for the atomization of credit scoring.
• It is helping to establish post decentralized fundamentalism.


SPINDLE wallet:
The SPINDLE platform has a wallet which is technically different from ZETA. This wallet is initially offered as separated service. This platform will be integrated within one year. The usability for cryptocurrency and SPD holders will be enhanced as well as the literacy of users will be considerably improved. This wallet has various portfolio functions, SNS linkage as well as availability of information of virtual currencies and economic information.


The SPINDLE platforms wallets short specification is given below:
• This wallet is the Creation of BTC/ETH/ERC-20 Token wallets.
• This wallet will be use for Receiving and sending coins & tokens.
• Storing of private keys and containers on the user’s side.
• It has a Web-mobile version.

The SPINDLE token:
This is a blockchain technology based platform which is a tokenized cryptocurrency platform. They are using decentralize system and smart contract technology in the infrastructure of this platform. They have issued SPINDLE token for the token sale event and they will raise fund for the use of the platform different development and usage. We can know more about this platform ICO event of token sale from their website. Their web site link is This platforms token detail is given below:
The token name as well as ticker symbol is : SPD.
Used standard of SPD token : Ethereum ERC 20 blockchain
This token issuer’s name : SPINDLE FRACTAL ZONE LTD.
The registration address of the issuer : 4 Bedfort Row London, WC1R4TF, United Kingdom.
The total supply of tokens : 10, 00, 00, 00, 000 SPD.
The total supply for Sale and bounty for the private pre sale : 2, 50, 00, 00, 000 SPD
The total supply for Sale and bounty crowd sale : 4, 00, 00, 00, 000 SPD.
This platforms token distribution for crowd sale before listing : 1, 20, 00, 00, 000 SPD
This platforms token distribution for crowd sale after listing : 2, 50, 00, 00, 000 SPD.
The soft cap of this platform : 60, 000 ETH
The hard cap in the crowed sale before listing : 4, 56, 000 ETH
The hard cap in the crowed after listing : 11, 25, 000 ETH.
This platform is accepting : Bitcoin cash, Etherum.
There has no minimum investment for the investors. The crowd sale before listing will start in 9th May, 2018 before listing and 15TH May after listing. The SPD token distribution is given below:
• 5% for institutional investors
• 15% for team token
• 5% for legal and advisory
• 25% for private pre sale
• 40% for main sale
• 10% M & A buyback and options

At the end we can say, this platform is blockchain technology and decentralized and tokenized cryptocurrency platform which is created ZETA program for the platform working activities easiness. We can join their ICO and can purchase token.

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