The token IOUX is expected to be utilized in various ways, including:

  • Escrow Management
  • VIP Product owner Position
  • Client Acquisitions of IOU Business Offers you
  • Loyalty Token Grants
  • Promotional Offers

Retailers has to pay for 5% Gas cost in IOUX Tokens for each IOU offer issued for Buyers (found in addition to the 5% Cost on any buys made by other cryptocurrencies, even while buys made by IOUX Tokens would come to be exempt).

In return, to provide the incentives for the unique IOUX token owners, every single IOUX Token exchange would be given an additional 5% Price reduction to the Customers. More 10 Loyalty Tokens would be offered evenly each period to both Stores and Customers after amassing deals of 1,000 Tokens. Retailers would as well have got an option to Guarantee the Provider and issue refunds of repayments if product or program made available from their IOU presents was certainly not sufficient. Consequently, additional IOUX Tokens would become escrowed until the achievement of the term of the IOU Give. During issuance of IOU gives, Stores must recognize to the Symbol Low cost, Provider Warrant, and Gas Fee Conditions.
IOUX Tokens will be used based on the whitelisting-priority one. The pre-ICO whitelisting method will take 2 weeks after which Tokens will be offered for deal during 1 Day of Pre-ICO sales to signed up persons/entities which had been approved during the whitelisting procedure. IOUX Tokens will come to be given away based on the whitelisting-priority version. The ICO whitelisting method will have 6-8 weeks after which Tokens will end up being offered for deal during 1-3 Days of ICO sale to signed up people/entities which had been authorised during the whitelisting method. Bonuses will come to be honored established on the day time of the whitelisting registration, total tokens marketed and amount of expense.
IOUX Tokens will be distributed based on the whitelisting-priority model. The ICO whitelisting procedure will commence after the individual institutional sale.


Necessary to the excessive utilization objectives and the need for improvement capital, the Company will freeze the majority of the tokens (600,000,000) and sole launch up to 10% per year if necessary for enterprise expansion, Marketing and Loyalty Courses to maintain expression liquidity. Just about all profits from the sales will end up being allotted for Advertising and Extension functions and 20% of income will come to be designated to finished the evaluating and put out of Beta and near future versions of IOU technology. All ICO Crowdsale buyers will receive 1st invitations to the Sealed Beta put out prior to the Beta industry release.
IOU does not promise organization or perhaps financial results or and will not provide any speculative recommendations on the benefit of its tokens. You will be highly advised to cautiously determine the dangers involved before producing investment decisions.
IOU makes no representations or warranties whatsoever and disclaims all burden and responsibility to the optimum scope of the legislations for any affirmation or perhaps informative materials communicated. IOU staff possesses considered every acceptable stage to assure the reliability and accuracy of info communicated in this White colored Newspaper and other supplies.

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